Venta Belgarum Runners and Riders 23rd / 24th Feb 2019

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Venta Belgarum Runners and Riders 23rd / 24th Feb 2019

Post by LordNytram » Wed Feb 20, 2019 1:15 pm

1] Dave Morrison Yuan Chinese
2] David Fairhurst Seleucid
3] David Massie Early Successor
4] David Putt Late Plantagenet and Early Tudor (Britain)
5] Del Batlett Mayan
6] Grayham Briggs Late Republican Roman
7] Jon Akers Ptolemaic
8] John Patrick Late Republican Roman
9] Lynda Fairhurst Medieval Spanish and Portuguese
10] Martyn Simpson Sparticus Slave Revolt
11] Owain Simpson Dailami Dynasties
12] Pete Dalby Late Republican Roman
13] Phil Jelly Medieval Spanish and Portuguese
14] Paul Bartlett Late Plantagenet and Early Tudor (Continental)
15] Renfrey Pearson Early Successor
16] Micky Woods Late Republican Roman
17] Steve Brown Seleucid
18] Steve Murton Medieval German
19] David Banister Late Heian to Muromachi Japanese
20] Alan McFarlane Late Republican Roman

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