Astra Exodus Updated to 1.01.06!

Astra Exodus is a single player turn based Sci-fi 4X strategy game inspired by the classics, with a multiple choice narrative driven epic campaign, top down real time tactical battles and an extensive semi-randomized research grid.
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Astra Exodus Updated to 1.01.06!

Post by Surtur » Mon Aug 10, 2020 12:25 pm

Hi all,

We just made a new update available for Astra Exodus. This one contains a whole range of fixes, changes and tweaks, all based on community feedback. The full changelog can be found below. Be sure to try it out and let us know what you think.

Thanks for your feedback and support

- Surtur

Version 1.01.06 Changes
+ Reduced the game difficulty bonuses on higher difficulty levels by an average of 30%
+ Fixed a bug that was preventing missions with turn limits(like 8A) to complete, if the player had older filesaves on disk
+ Fixed a bug with mission 7 in the campaign, in which the optional objective was not being fired, as the game required both of them to win
+ Disabled the ability to move population to/from colonies that were not settled by the player
+ Increased combat area on space battles and also slightlly increased the max number of ships in battle
+ Added a planets in range filter to the planets main panel
+ Fixed text issues on the starsystem types and inertial rail assist specialization
+ Added more choices with higher might limits to the blattle simulator
+ Made sure the GravityGenerator description mentions only construction, as it doesn't affect anything else
+ Fixed a bug in the campaign mission 6, which was looping back to 4A always somehow and improved the readability of the objective indicators
+ Improved orbital defenses range, damage and rate of fire to be more formidable
+ Fixed a bug during large battles with strikecraft, in which the gameobject is destroyed, before being destroyed; if that makes sense. It is related to the serialization of scenes.
+ Made sure the planet bombardment animations show correctly on the surface of the planet, regardless of its size
+ Fixed a bug in which when bombing an enemy colony and destroying it, even if you had another recently conquered in assimilation, the system ownership went to null
+ Made sure that the ETC for techs shown visually match the actual one, because visually it was not taking into account the left over research from last turn, while mechanically it did.
+ Added the number of credits you want to gift to the audience interface
+ Made sure that when researching level 6 techs do not give any specialization picks
+ Added troop and pop indicator to the starsystem fleet ui object
+ Fixed an issue in which the colony conquered message had the faction adjectives switched
+ Made sure pop only fleets icon are not stretched and that X.Yk might values show ok in the fleet composition panel
+ Added the health of a troop to the tooltip in the fleet composition, just like it is for starships
+ Made sure ground combat starts paused, when the corresponding option is turned on
+ Significantly increased experience gain for both troop and starships
+ Added the experience to the stats of the troop
+ Added the experience to the stats of the ship
+ Fixed a bug in which in the first turn after load, the detected enemy fleets were not being shown
+ Added a hastroops and haspopulation graphic indicators to the FleetListItem in the Fleets panel and in the starmap object as well
+ Added the population count to the stats of a fleet in a tooltip
+ Made sure that the troop attack modifiers are correctly applied and shown, as reported by matt
+ Made sure that the order of the composition of the fleet doesn't change, when clicking on the toggle all button
+ Made sure pop and troop only fleets do not face their icons to the destination
+ Added a button to the selected fleet panel to deselect all ships, troops and population
+ Made sure that when you cancel an order, only the selected ships do so
+ Fixed the Cleanbot Network description text

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Re: Astra Exodus Updated to 1.01.06!

Post by Carlo One » Mon Aug 31, 2020 3:02 pm

Firstly, want to thank everyone for the continued updates. It's very important and also heartening to see the game bugs being squashed.

When is this coming out on Steam? This looks like a full release, but the Steam library shows only 1.01.05

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Private First Class - Opel Blitz
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Re: Astra Exodus Updated to 1.01.06!

Post by geforth » Wed Sep 09, 2020 7:05 pm

Hello, I want to buy this game and I'm a little bit confused. :D Can anybody confirm, that the steam version is the same Version as the Slitherine/Matrix Version? :) Because the steam Forum says it is 1.01.06 ^^ ... 949554481/

Thanks for help :)

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Re: Astra Exodus Updated to 1.01.06!

Post by zakblood » Thu Oct 15, 2020 6:38 pm

games updated to 1.01.07


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