Astra Exodus - v1.00.05 Update

Astra Exodus is a single player turn based Sci-fi 4X strategy game inspired by the classics, with a multiple choice narrative driven epic campaign, top down real time tactical battles and an extensive semi-randomized research grid.
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Astra Exodus - v1.00.05 Update

Post by AlbertoC » Mon Mar 09, 2020 2:29 pm

Hi all.

Today is another important day for Astra Exodus!

We are releasing the biggest Astra Exodus update so far. The changelog is quite massive, and you can find the full changelog below. Unfortunately, some of the changes were structural, and as such this new update doesn't have savegame compatibility.

Let us know what you think of the update: as usual your feedback is essential to us, so that we can keep improving Astra Exodus and making it better and better. And yes, we have some ambitious plans for the game, but we're not quite ready to reveal them...

Version 1.00.05 Changes
+ Improved datanet UI items so they are highlighted when they have art to show when activated
+ Improved item selection graphics, specially in the fleet composition panel, but also in other areas
+ Made sure that you can set normal speed with space, when the start battles paused option is active, plus make it possible to toggle extreme speed that way also
+ Fixed a bug in which backing out from a tactical battle end panel, with right click or back button, messed up the camera zoom
+ Fixed a bug that fired when loading a file save from the game itself, in which the scale of the fleet icons was messed up, if you are zoomed out when it happens
+ Fixed a bug in which a save file couldn't be load due to a null starsystem owner player
+ Fixed a visual bug in which core modules were not showing production costs or upkeep
+ Exposed base upkeep and core cost modifiers for starship roles in the Globals.lua file, plus rebalanced them to make ships cost less
+ Exposed the minimum materials efficiency value to the Globals.lua file
+ Added the ability to the AI to use the new retrofit feature and improve its ships
+ Made sure to disable starmap scouting via population only fleets
+ Added a way for renaming individual starships from the fleets screen
+ Added a retrofit button to the Fleets main menu, which takes you to the corresponding colony screen
+ Applied the starship build item colony filter for retrofit projects as well
+ Incorporated the feature of starship retrofits, via projects which show up on colonies that can retrofit ships.
+ The AI now moves fleets to closer owner Starsystems, before going into enemy starsystems
+ Added a way for the AI to insta move population on higher difficulty levels
+ Added the ability for the AI to move population around
+ Made sure the planet visual indicators show up immediately on the starsystem view, when stuff is built and sold on colonies
+ Added the ability for the renaming of outposts
+ Added the ability of renaming an owned starsystem(this is done in the starsystem view) and also the homeworld.
+ Allow for sandbox games without victory conditions
+ Increased weapon fire evasion of smaller ships to encourage their use
+ Increased upkeep of large starships to encourage the use of smaller ships
+ Fixed the default designs, taking into account power/ordnance/capacitor requirements, which some had wrong
+ Now advises are immediately updated whenever a diplomatic exchange is successful or war is desclared
+ Fixed a bug that skipped the turn, whenever a space was introduced when renaming fleets/colonies
+ Made sure modded designs don't mess up the new design persistence file system
+ Added a datanet notification for when a colony is destroyed vía bombardment
+ Moved custom starship designs to MyGames folder and enable Steam cloud for the files so they are synchronized between machines
+ Added the feature of colonist transport into the game. You can now launch any colonist(5 freighters required), move them as any fleet and land them on one of your colonies
+ Fixed a bug with redirecting a fleet in hyperspace, in which the movement line remained

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