Astra Exodus - The Talos Arena Update is out

Astra Exodus is a single player turn based Sci-fi 4X strategy game inspired by the classics, with a multiple choice narrative driven epic campaign, top down real time tactical battles and an extensive semi-randomized research grid.
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Astra Exodus - The Talos Arena Update is out

Post by AlbertoC » Tue Jun 30, 2020 1:07 pm

We are releasing the biggest update ever for Astra Exodus.

It is truly a massive one, and we call it the Talos Arena Update.

Talos Arena Update Highlights

- Battle Simulator: Play battles right from the main menu. Select the your ships, the ones for your enemy and just start a battle. You can also adjust how large the battle is and even randomize it. Plus you can change the color of your ships.
- Quick Designer: In order to make it practical, you can access a full featured ship editor right from the main menu, with all the modules in the game enabled. So you can quickly create any ship design you want. These designs will show up later in the game, as well as those in the game show up in the battle simulator.
- Hotseat Multiplayer: Basically the ability of several people to play in the same computer, as different factions. You pick the ones that are human controlled and then manually switch players each turn.
- New Heroes: 8 new heroes were added to the game, to add more variety in large games specially.
- Larger Maps: Two new galaxy size settings were added, which increase the max map size significantly, with over 200 starsystems.
- New Galaxy Content: Two new peculiarities, one new menace, one new exploration event. The Astra Exodus universe has never been more rich.

All this new content and the new features are absolutely free and it was made possible thanks to Atomic Kaiser's dedication to improving Astra Exodus. We're looking forward to hearing what you think, so don't refrain from giving us your feedback in the comments section or on the forum.

Live Stream

If you'd like to see the new features in action, we are going to stream the game tomorrow July 1st at 6 pm BST on our Twitch channel. It'll be a special stream completely focused on the new features - don't miss it.


Last but not least: Astra Exodus is currently on sale, at 30% off, for two days. If you'd like to give it a try this is the perfect chance to acquire it. You can find the discount here.

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Re: Astra Exodus - The Talos Arena Update is out

Post by AlbertoC » Tue Jun 30, 2020 1:09 pm

Version 1.01.04 Changes

+ Increased level 2 and upwards installations costs, as they were way too cheap
+ Made sure to clear selected profile when opening the profiles panel, so no ghost selection happens
+ Added alphabetical sorting to planets
+ Added the homeworld of allies/enemies to the known starsystems at mission start in the campaign
+ Rebalance planet fraquency so more inorganic planets are generated instead of organic across all settings
+ Redesigned options panel so it doesn't look so tall, now that we have tons of options
+ Tweaked the IluminaStarnation and VeloranHorde colors so they are more distinguishable
+ Made sure autosaves with the same settings don't overwrite each other
+ Fixed a bug in which autosaves wouldn't be deleted because they were being searched in the wrong folder
+ Made sure to clear factions after loading a game with a custom faction and going back to the main menu
+ Improved speed at which save files are generated
+ Increase Ancient trait cost by one and remove xenophiliac trait from Freudalim Hold
+ Parametrized and Increase/Decrease the values for max heroes traits individualists/collectivists
+ Increase/Decrease values for colony assimilation in xenophiliac/xenophobic traits
+ Added preventive measures for memory leaks in the late game, after hours of play. This should not happen anymore.
+ Added a way to dismiss for heroes available for hire(dismiss button next to hire)
+ Added an option to show the game's grid visually
+ Made sure that when moving pop from planet to planet within the same system, the lossing planet immediately shows one less.
+ Made sure rankings and score reflect the true state of the galaxy, instead the one corresponding to the past turn.
+ Added alphabetical sorting to colonies
+ Made sure that factions with the ancient trait do not agree to or try to share starcharts
+ Made sure the tool tip for possible planet/colony sort options lists the final option to the right (Corruption).
+ Made sure the resources/materials are shown correctly when they have extremely big numbers and format them in ks
+ Increased the number of possible labor icons on the colony screen to make sure each labourer has an icon, even if the colony has a ton of them in a categoy
+ Added the corrected datavid for ColonyManagement, with the clarification of non persistant resources
+ Made sure that when creating new designs, the new one shows up immediately for retrofits in colonies, without having to wait a turn
+ Fixed fleet eta times, which were not reflecting correctly the true hyperspace rating of the fleet, even if the actual speed was correct
+ Fixed a bug that happened when a new fleet was created, after the construction of a ship in a system without a stationed fleet, as the fleet list was not updated automatically
+ Changed the color of the sliders to make them pop up more, specially on the Fleets and Colonies panel
+ Made sure that Probability Engine event that generates a peculiarity skips Jovian/Asteroid planets
+ Fixed a bug related to the foreign diplomatic relations of eliminated players when loading a file save
+ Improved the battle/objective map indicator, so it is more correctly shown when zooming in and out
+ Improved fleet detection code and incoming enemy fleets datanet notifications
+ Increased battle time to 1000 seconds
+ Make sure to show population and troop transports in fleet battles if present
+ Increased base detection range and bonus detection range from techs, while reducing a bit the ones that give range
+ Improved fleet/colony detection code for the AI, since AI players were not correctly detecting each other fleets
+ Fixed a bug in which campaign missions, failed to check faction elimination VCs correctly
+ Improved text readability on filesaves UI, specially on autosaves
+ Made sure autosaves in a session, end up on top on the list, while on the same game session
+ Fixed a bug in the second campaign mission, which was screwing up the end condition
+ Made sure the AI can declare war, even when colonizable planets are known to it
+ Clicks on a planet within the planets screen, now keeps the screen location over the starsystem
+ Made sure that when 2 fleets are merged, both with admirals assigned, the higher skill one ends up in command of the resulting fleet
+ Fixed a bung in which fleets were moving in one turn from colonies with astra portal to systems without one
+ Fixed a bug in which the Astraportal was not working for more than one turn in some instances
+ Fixed a bug in which victory conditions were not being correctly visually updated
+ Increased planetary shipyard bonus to 25%
+ Fixed a bug in which the Evolutionary Ascenscion VC progress was not being saved
+ Fixed a bug in which rebelled colonies were not being saved
+ Now colony lost messages are correctly set when dealing with rebels
+ Fixed a bug in which if a colony got a rebellion, via a succesful operative mission, while constructing a starship; this would generate a problem that disabled the end turn button
+ Boost dockyards and shipyards bonus to make them more attractive
+ Reduced tax income a bit
+ Decreased base pop growth for a bit and parametrize it through the globals.lua file
+ Made sure new savefiles are ordered by time, when in the same game session
+ Massively increased the ability for the AI to expand in the early game
+ Improved AI capability to compare itself in terms of research, credits and construction
+ Now AI properly retreats when facing each other in battle if it thinks it can't win. Specially against the environment.
+ Made the AI more likely to construct ships it can't afford to upkeep but needs, now it will just try to balance the budget later
+ Now the AI does not move population to new colonies as much, specially in the early game
+ Now the AI evaluates only known players when making choices in the early game
+ Now the AI is more daring when facing a battle and evaluate planets better
+ The AI will now prioritize expansion over extermination for as long as it can
+ Improved timer control and move order lines visuals in space battles
+ Added time management controls like in space battles
+ Made the save file list faster, specially useful when you have tons of them, and be better presented to the player
+ Made sure the space battle and mission objetive indicators do not look bad when zooming out
+ Fixed a bug in which admirals ETA when assigned or dismissed to fleets, was not being updated in the hero list each turn
+ For the human player, now when splitting a fleet, the hero stays in the same fleet by default
+ Added a mechanism to disable a tech for the grid, if a required tech is not already available. Used it for Shielded/Armoured Fighter/Bombers and troop techs.
+ Fixed a bug in which the battle simulator didn't respect the might limit set, after the player manually added ships to the battle
+ Increase fixed ammount resources installations generate, to balance them with the increased per pop base resource generation in planets
+ Music now changes to the appropriate mood when loading a file save
+ Made sure that datanet notififcations for battles are marked as important
+ Parametrize in the globals.lua file and increased the maximum tactical space battle duration to 600 seconds
+ Fixed a bug that happened when a fleet was deployed whe you were zoomed out, the icon became smaller than it should
+ Improved AI to focus more in colonizationin the early game, even if it found targets and it is aggresive
+ Improved AI use of constructors, outposts and its valoration of planets
+ Made sure the AI uses the new industrial conversion projects correctly
+ Fixed a bug that happened when an invading army lost a tactical ground battle, in which after in the result panel it showed the invading troops as being in the defending fleet
+ Fixed a bug in which troops sounds were disabled after file load in ground invasions, which causes tactical battles to be bugged
+ Fixed a bug in which some sutoresolved battles, generated a retreat and the assasination of an admiral(as in a defeat), when they should be a victory; since the enemy fleet was totally destroyed
+ Improved the datanet notifications list, to make sure they are more easily seen and managged by the player
+ Fixed a bug that was causign the homeworld or other colony to change name, after the player conquered an enemy colony
+ Changed industry conversion projects so they convert industry each turn, instead of every X turns
+ Improved the AI so is able to better move population around, specially in the early game
+ Added info to the tooltip for all non persistant resources, on their nature versus others like the credits in the treasury
+ Added to the ColonyManagemet DataVid script info about the resources not being persistent
+ Fixed a rare bug on file save load, in which the first tech on the queue received extra research somehow
+ Fixed a bug in which the research queue order was changed, when the game was loaded after an inmediate order change
+ Fixed a bug for the natural aphrodisiacs peculiarity, which was giving one pop per turn as growth rate
+ Improved the AI in all difficulties to expand faster and better take into accounts rivals score
+ Fixed a bug in which population installations were indicating they increase pop growth when they don't
+ Now when a planet is terraformed, the planet list will be updated immediately
+ Adjusted victory conditions required turns to make them fire earlier if possible
+ Fixed a bug in filesaves after you meet other races and load, their small portraits did not show in the diplomacy screen
+ Modified score calculation to take colonists more into account and better reflect materials extraction
+ Added a highlighted warning that an asset will be scrapped next turn and added a visual warning in the government screen about the credits imbalance, within the upkeep section
+ Added the ancient cruiser menace to the game
+ Added a new event that grants a pecualiarity to a world
+ Fixed a bug related to optional fleet objectives in the campaign mode and autosaves. Basically once they were destroyed, the game still atempted to save them.
+ Increased the max zoom out value for huge and gigantic galaxies
+ Increased the total number of wormholes in huge and gigantic galaxies
+ Fixed a bug with campaign missions that started the player at war, which caused the whole mission to be bugged
+ Fixed a bug in which loading an auto save file from the caused a crash, due to the highlighting of the text incredibly
+ Made sure the player can only load valid file saves, meaning from the installed version, by disabling the load button on older file saves
+ Fixed a bug in which autosaves were not being loaded into the filesave list, from the auto subfolder
+ Parametriziced in the globals lua file and increased duration + frequency of galactic crises
+ Parametriziced in the globals lua file and increased base system event chance
+ Parametriziced in the globals.lua file and increased peculiarities base chance
+ Added the Extreme Bacteria (pollution reduction) peculiarity
+ Added the Natural Aphrodisiac (pop growth) peculiarity
+ Add the ability to replay an engagement from the after action report panel
+ Revised the update info on the lower left side of the screen
+ Added random tip to the loading screen, after a simulated battle is executed from the main menu
+ Added a basic after action report panel for the simulated space battles
+ Fixed a bug in which the player couldn't fight tactical battles against galactic menaces
+ Fixed first time game start problem with strange resolutions and aspect ratios, which defaulted the resolution to the minimum available resolution
+ Improved support for rare resolutions and aspect rations
+ Gravity generator now can not be constructed on normal gravity planets
+ Fixed a bug that made imposible to remove the same module installed on an existing design from the quick designer
+ Fixed a bug in which optimized shields specialization was not lowering power consumption value
+ Enable specializations in the quick designer, which were disabled somehow
+ Modified the trading holds special support module so it has half the space, power and costs, while giving double the credits
+ Changed the Might function to make sure the value is more relfective of the effectiveness use of the ship and is balanced between roles/cost
+ Disable tactical battles in ground and space when fighting other human forces, as it was unfair to fight them under the AI control
+ Fixeda a bug when doing 1v1 hotseat games with the audience screen at the first meeting
+ Significantly increased max pop and materials production in all planet types except terran. Increased trade a bit in terran and taxes for all planets.
+ Made sure the AI is more strict when giving into player demands like techs, tribute and starsystems
+ Increased and extended diplomatic penalty for bombing enemy colonies
+ Fixed a problem in which bombard a planet to extinction might sometimes rename the player's homeworld
+ Fixed an issue with the homeworld icon, after one is destroyed via bombing, since it remained over the planet
+ Improved the datanet area, by increasing it's size and making it not overlap with the VC box
+ Fixed a bug in which conquering an enemy colony would sometimes change the player's homeworld name
+ Fixed a bug in which the AI would not retreat fleet correctly from a tactical space battle
+ Added a visual indicator of the Battle Simulator update in game
+ Made sure the right click to close asks for confirmation when loosing changes to an existin design
+ Made sure research tab buttons remaing highlighted when selecting a tech, removing it from queue and changing the queue's order
+ Made sure the galaxy tooltips do not display over the file system name modal panel
+ Made sure not to open or close a main panel, when the corresponding button is highlighted and the player presses the space bar
+ Fixed a bug in which, when scuttling a fleet with only one ship, the fleet list was not immediately updated
+ Added 8 entirely new heroes to the game
+ Made sure that autosaves go in a different folder and made sure to highlight them in magenta
+ Fixed a bug in which file saves were not being removed from the list when deleted
+ Improved AI picking of build projects, specially combat starships. Now it weights more heavily performance vs default preference, which is better in easier difficulty levels specialy.
+ Madesure the designs advisor suggests the most efficient design might/cost instead of the most powerful
+ Enabled custom factions for the hotseat game mode
+ Madesure save files loaded from hotseat games work alright
+ Added a new full featured system to the game called Hotseat Multiplayer, where the player can set the human players in the sandbox settings, to play against
+ Added bigger galaxy sizes, like Huge and Gigantic to the game, with up to 200 starsystems
+ Improved zoom, fleet starting positions and allowed for more ships to participate in battle
+ Fixed battle zoom bugs, when you zoom out to the max, while hovering or after pressing one of the side buttons
+ Improved battle simulator fleet UI panels and added environment to the randomization
+ Improved initial load performance of the Battle Simulator and Quick Designer
+ Added a new full featured system to the game called Battle Simulator, which allows the player to setup battles, selecting ships and the setting; right from the main menu
+ Added a new full featured system to the game called Quick Designer, which allows the player to design ships from the main menu

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