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FOGE's last update and Units

Posted: Fri May 22, 2020 10:56 am
by FrenchDude
As I understand it, when I look at the DATA files after the new DLC update, new units were added to the UNITS.CSV and i can't find a "UNITS.CSV" file that is specifiquely tied to the new DLC 550BCE campagin.
So if there is only one UNITS.CSV for both time periods, it means that the units roster is shared between the main Grand Campagn and the 550 BCE DLC Campaign. So that means that all units are shared between both time periods. Is this how it works ? I'm not sure because it looks like some units (Roman republican legions, etc...) that are present in the 310BC Grand Campaign aren't present at start in the 550BC Campaign, so that might mean that there is a way to separate the units list from both period that I do not understand yet

My question is : Is there currently in the new files a file that I didn't see that explains how some units could only be existing in the 550BC campaign and not the 310BC campaign (and vice versa) ?

I'm asking this question because I think that the previous units (before the update) suited the 310BC campaign better than in the new UNITS.CSV. For example, I prefer the fact that the Hellenic Regular infantry was exported as a Thureophoroi unit in FOG2 (now it is exported as "Citizen Hoplites"), and the Hellenic Heavy Infantry was exported as "Citizen Hoplites" before the update (now it is exported as Armored Hoplites). These changes suit the new DLC Campaign very well on a historical point of view, but I think that it is a bit anachronistic in the regular 310BC Campaign

So appart from making a custom modified scenario for both campaigns, is there any way to assign some units to a specific time frame ? (The new Hellenic Infantry to the new DLC, and the old one to the regular Grand Campaign for example)

Re: FOGE's last update and Units

Posted: Fri May 22, 2020 11:20 am
by FrenchDude
Alright, after looking at the files a bit more, I can see that the new DLC Campaign has different unit rosters assigned to the factions inside the FACTIONS.CSV file ! I should have looked more carefully.
So if I want to keep the new Hellenic Inf for the new DLC and revert to the old Hellenic Inf for the 310 BC Grand campaign, I'll have to make a custom scenario !

Re: FOGE's last update and Units

Posted: Tue May 26, 2020 5:15 am
by Pocus
Or you can add different units to the factions.csv, there is one such file for the base campaign and another for the DLC campaign.