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Re: PC2 AO:1939 - 1st Scenario Objectives

Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2020 1:56 am
by jmiller23
Kerensky wrote:
Sat Aug 29, 2020 9:04 pm
brettwjohnson wrote:
Sat Aug 29, 2020 2:46 pm
I'm playing the first scenario and honestly I'm very irritated...

I don't know who on the design team thought "Kill ZERO enemy units" was a good idea, but it's AWFUL. Not killing too many units is a good bonus objective, but zero is simply unrealistic and incredibly frustrating. After 5 attempts or so, I'm ready to punt on the whole DLC.

1) There is no "be peaceful" or "Fire only X of Y" setting for attacks (i.e., try for suppression not kills). Only artillery and Strat Bombers (which are unavailable) do more suppression than kills. So a lot of the time, you can't even attack - especially weak units.
2) There isn't even an exception for when the enemy attacks you (and you can do NOTHING). This is simply bad design choice as it's not under the player's control.
4) Instead of getting a "BONUS" if you achieve the result, you actually get a PENALTY (-5 commendation) for failing it.
5) Thinking I was being clever, I set up for a "surrender" result - but this also counted as "killing a unit". So another tool, the player doesn't have...
6) AI issue - when the AI units become weak, instead of retreating (which would be a more realistic behavior), they advance. This is problematic, since you don't have the ability to kill them.

I would strongly urge a change to this objective and how it works.
1) Set a more realistic # than zero (e.g., >=3)
2) Do NOT count any kills for when the AI initiates the attack.
3) Either change the text from "Bonus" to "Penalty" or change when you get the 5 commendation points to getting award at end of scenario for achieving the objective, not -5 for failing it.
As a bonus objective, you can ignore it and just play like normal if it's giving you that much grief. :)

We anticipated at least a few players would struggle here, so we even made a step by step guide if you really, REALLY need to go after that bonus objective. ... 2333048168
i thought it was pretty easy. go like hell and grab cities just hold them with like one unit mabye artillery or AT backing them up. but the key move fast lead with some recon and just capture cities. you can hit units and get them to back up, soften them up with artillery and they will move with not to many kills on them. hope this helps. and that was on level 4.

Re: Panzer Corps 2 - Axis Operations: 1939 is out

Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2020 9:26 pm
by Casaubon
When does the next batch of DLC come out? I ended the second with 20k prestige on field marshal difficulty and want to spend them 8)