Field of Glory II - What are they saying?

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Field of Glory II - What are they saying?

Post by Daniele » Mon Oct 30, 2017 2:19 pm

Field of Glory II has released a few days ago and it has been received in an incredible way by many!

With dozens of YouTube videos and online articles, and almost a hundred reviews on Steam (88% very positive) we hope this would help people who are still on the fence to try what appears to be one of the most thrilling wargames released so far!

We gathered some of these videos and a few articles! Spread the word!

Game Watcher (8.5)
“Turn-based strategy wargame experience that brings the best features of its previous tabletop and PC gaming outings together in a deep and enjoyable tactical experience”

“The games I played nearly always saw a slugfest until one side broke en masse and the slaughter began. This is what the tabletop game tended to portray and I am told, how it was for most of the ancient military era. When this sort of realism is fused with all of the above, this makes FOG2 a must buy”

IGN Italia
"Field of Glory 2 is for PC wargames what Destiny 2 is for online FPS."

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