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Afghanistan '11 PC Update v1.1.8

Posted: Wed Nov 29, 2017 12:44 pm
by Muso
We're releasing a new patch for Afghanistan '11 with some fixes for the game, bringing the game to the version 1.1.8!
You can download it from the Member's Area or directly clicking on this link

Here's the change log:
• Fixed intermittent crash after tweens
• Fixed a crash when hidden enemies move under certain conditions.
• Fixed missing tent from field hospital
• Fixed the unit details icon click-through bug
• Improved Enemy AI model
• Improved tooltip placement around the Action Query buttons
• Fixed tooltip corruption
• Fixed occasional crash when multiple mines are detonated by husky
• Fixed occasional crash when enemy infantry become visible for the first time
• Fixed Sniper Crash
• Fixed long delays when attacking Taliban SUVs
• Fixed helicopter occupancy crashes
• Various bug fixes