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Wars of Succession on Steam on June, 14th

Posted: Wed May 30, 2018 8:46 am
by Daniele
We are proud to announce that Wars of Succession will be finally available on Steam on June 14th!

Check out the Steam page here.

In Wars of Succession you will coordinate the movements of several armies across all major European countries, take care of supplies, fatigue and seek the most favourable conditions to engage in combat, hold sieges or retreat to recover.

From the product page:

• Setting: the game covers all of Europe, from the Western seaboard to the Volga.

• Historical leaders: more than 200 historical leaders each rated on their abilities with over 200 different types of units from Grenadiers and Musketeers to Winged Hussars and Cossacks, as well as a dozen types of different warships

• Battlefield Tactics: allow the player to make decisions that can turn the tide of battle with a detailed selection of each historical unit involved in the conflict