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Aggressors: Ancient Rome - Release date & Preview stream announced!

Posted: Fri Jul 27, 2018 1:23 pm
by AlbertoC
Aggressors is the upcoming 4X strategy game developed by Kubat Software and published by Slitherine. It is an incredibly deep game set in the ancient Mediterranean and it gives players complete freedom to manage their faction as they see fit.

Well, guys, we now have a release date! Aggressors: Ancient Rome will be out on August 30th!

We will keep publishing our Dev Diaries as we have lots to show still, but in case this is the first time you hear of Aggressors don’t forget to check out the old dev diaries.

But there is more: If you would like to watch Aggressors live for the first time ever then tune in next week on August 2nd at 7 pm BST on our Twitch channel – the game’s producer Surtur will be playing the game live while the developers will be in the chat to answer all your questions. Don’t miss it!