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Field of Glory: Empires - Ask Us Anything

Post by Daniele » Mon May 20, 2019 3:41 pm

Field of Glory: Empires is definitely an ambitious project. Set in the Ancient World roughly from the fall of Alexander the Great’s empire,Its aim is to deliver strategic empire management carved in turn-based gameplay with a high level of historical detail.

On May 23rd in an exclusive event on Reddit, game designer Philippe Malacher will answer all questions for 24 hours in a live AMA!

Have all your questions answered by visiting on May 23rd , starting at 11 AM EDT / 8AM PDT / 5PM CEST


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2nd Lieutenant - Elite Panzer IVF/2
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Re: Field of Glory: Empires - Ask Us Anything

Post by uneducated » Mon May 20, 2019 5:13 pm

Hi, Daniele!

Thanks for that notification. I would have been unaware of this event otherwise.

1) Are you sure that the actual AMA will be in /r/games? iirc, the AMA might be announced in /r/games, but the actual event would be in /r/AMA

2) I think that is a great idea and way of promoting the game. Would could you also consider doing an AMA at Voat? It is quite a large community and is similar in functioning to Reddit but a largely different bunch of users.

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