Fantasy General II: Onslaught is out!

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Fantasy General II: Onslaught is out!

Post by AlbertoC » Thu Mar 12, 2020 5:17 pm

A new campaign, new units, infinite battlefields.

Fantasy General II returns with its first DLC, Onslaught!

This new expansion brings the brand new Onslaught branching campaign, a dynamic campaign in which you will fight on procedural maps and hunt for the Book of Krell, an ancient and mysterious relic. Choose the hero you'd like, then carry over your army in the 30 scenarios campaign. No playthrough will ever be the same.

Furthermore, Onslaught introduces thirteen new aerial units for both the Empire and the Barbarians and allowing for daring new tactics.

Find more information on Onslaught on its product page.

Onslaught is being released alongside the new patch, Patch 7, a massive free update for everyone who owns the base game. It is a rather big update, containing, among other things, plenty new units! Check it out here.

To celebrate the release of Onslaught we are running a week-long discount on Fantasy General II.

Starting today and ending on Friday 20 March, we will be discounting Fantasy General II: Invasion at 35% off, the Hero Edition at 35% off and the General Edition at 20% off.

Both the Hero and General Edition contain exclusive content unavailable in the base game, but the General Edition also includes the first two DLCs: Onslaught and the future expansion Empire Aflame.

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