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Caster of Magic - Update 6.05

Posted: Wed Sep 09, 2020 12:53 pm
by Surtur
We have just updated Caster of Magic to version 6.05. This patch comes with a whole bunch of fixes and balance changes. The full list can be found below.

In order to download the patch, please use the check for updates button from the launcher or by downloading the patch installer from the members area.
Please let us know what you think.

- Surtur

-Fixed bug : Fortress Lighting strength cap wasn't applied.
-Fixed bug : Single tile Mountains add 10% production instead of 7%.
-Fixed bug : Clicking on farmers in a city that has too much unrest to have enough minimalfarmers available sets an impossible amount of farmers, resulting in production turns displaying the wrong number.
-Raise Dead now revives units with 50% hp left, even if the unit is multi-figure, instead of half the number of figures rounded down.
-Increased AI trade value for Fire Elemental (3->4)
-Increased AI trade value for Warp Wood (1->3)
-Reduced AI trade value for Armageddon (54->53)
-Increased AI trade value for Efreet (30->32)
-Reduced AI trade value for Stream of Life (29->23)
-Reduced AI trade value for Blizzard (24->22)
-Increased AI trade value for Fire Storm (22->25)
-Increased AI trade value for Invisibility (26->30)
-Reduced AI trade value for Survival Instinct (36->35)
-Fire Elemental casting cost is now 16 instead of 20.
-Removed Web Spell from Huntress hero (as it prevented using item charges), added +1 random ability.
-Efreet resistance reduced by 1, Doom Bat resistance increased by 1.
-Fixed bug : Clicking on heroes on the army screen sometimes freezes the game.
-The -4 unit production priority modifier of Perfectionist AI cannot drop the unit production priority below the baseline anymore. (What this effectively means, the AI cannot have 0% chance to build units below having 7 units in the garrison, instead of this treshold dropping down to 3 units which made Perfectionst wizard cities extremely undergarrisoned for a fairly significant period of time at the beginning of the game.This change has no effect on how much fewer units the AI builds later on when military buildings raise the priority above the default, it only affects cities that have no military buildings or special ores to boost unit production priority.)
-Darkness now costs 20 MP.
-Fixed bug : Units casting a spell does not set the “used up both melee attacks” flag on the unit, resulting in the unit gaining additional movement when affected by a movement modifying effect (Logistics, Haste, etc)
-Added “Encounter Zones and Treasure” section to the documentation
-Changed the number of easy lairs generated from 17+(2*land size) to 20+(4*land size)
-Changed the number of hard lairs generated from 6+(5*land size) to 3+(3*land size)
-Changed monster budget of easy lairs on Arcanus from 130-700 to 130-1300.
-Changed monster budget of easy lairs on Myrror from 130-1000 to 130-1600.
-Changed hard arcanus lair monster budget from 300-3250 to 900-3250.
-Changed hard myrror lair monster budget from 300-3750 to 900-4350.
-Colossus monster budget cost changes from 1100 to 1200.
-Demon Lord monster budget cost changes from 1500 to 1200.
-Great Lizard monster budget cost changes from 333 to 290. (This enables Great Lizard to appear in lairs with budgets between 1000 and 1500)
-Unicorns monster budget cost changes from 200 to 240.
-Angel monster budget cost changes from 375 to 450.
-Great Wyrm monster budget cost changes from 900 to 1000.
-Nagas monster budget cost changes from 170 to 140.
-Ghouls, Sprites monster budget cost changes from 80 to 90.
-Skeletons monster budget cost changes from 20 to 30.
-Phantom Warriors monster budget cost changes from 40 to 30.
-Gargoyles monster budget cost changes from 140 to 160.
-Changed Tower of Wizardry budgets from 2300-4700 to 1800-4700.
-Towers of Wizardry are required to have at least one monster that has over 300 budget.
-Fixed bug : Surveyor shows 50% bonus production instead of 100% on cities that have Inspirations.
-Fixed bug : Dispelling Wave dispels own Guardian Spirit effect in combat for AI players.
-Changed treasure generation order : Uncommon and Common spells are now generated after medium and high value items instead of before. This makes sure the higher value items will see the full available budget of locations so placing a spell first will not block a location from having a high quality item by spending some budget on a cheap spell.
-Myrror no longer gets a 25% treasure budget bonus. The larger monster budgets on the plane increase the treasure budgets as well, which raises the probability of Myrran locations getting selected for higher value treasures meaning that Myrran treasure is noticeably better even without the bonus, making the bonus obsolete and contraproductive. (as it both results in fewer quality items being placed on Arcanus as well as more gold/mana being placed overall while the total amount of useful treasure is predetermined globally for the whole game in the current system.)
-Fixed bug : Blood Lust granted by Mystic Surge in combat does not double attack power.
-Fixed 6.04 bug : When targeting direct damage spells, the AI only adds 1/10 additional priority for killshots than intended often resulting in targeting other units that survive the hit instead.
-AI combat spellcasting, C group buffs (Heroism, Lionheart,Invulnerability, Iron Skin) gain extra priority to match B group buffs in the combat situation when B group would outprioritize C group. (this was why the AI casts True Sight before Lion Heart and Invulnerability in many cases)
-Fixed bug : AI never casts spells using heroes that have over 127 MP.
-Fixed bug : A rampaging monster stack that contains a windwalking and a walking unit on an ocean tile cannot move.