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Mod Kit

Post by IainMcNeil » Tue Apr 05, 2005 9:15 am

Hi guys,

some good news for all your modders out there - we've made it much easier for you to make your own mods & send them around. Spartan now supports multiple versions of teh same file, so you can keep the original version of Spartan & put all your mod files in a new directory. This means its possible to run the game with no mods, or choose from a list of mods you have on your machine. To send your mod to someone else all you need to do is zip up the dir with your mod files in & send that round & they can drop it into their mod folder without running the risk of breaking anything else. We've also released an updated mod pack to go with the V1.017 patch which can be downloaded from

Once you've got the updated data, here is how to set up your mods

1) Make a "Mod" folder/directory inside the Spartan directory, so it will appear alongside the data & save games directories.

2) Inside this dir live all your mods. Each mod must have its own directory. E.g. If I wanted to create a mod called "RomanMod" then I would create a directory called "Spartan\Mod\RomanMod".

3) Inside the RomanMod dir place any files you have changed and want to be included in the mod. Do not place them in the normal game directory. You must replicate the games directory structure in your mod file, so if you wanted to have a mod that replaced teh squads.txt file in teh games data directory you would need to create a file at "Spartan\Mod\RomanMod\data\squads.txt". If you want to replace a file in a sub directory you must also mirror that sub directory in your mod. Hopefully this makes sense but ask questions if not!

4) If you have a mod directory on your machine, when you run the game you will see a new window appear in the bottom left of the main menu screen. This will list all mods installed on your machine. If you want to play the normal game without modifications choose the first option which says "None". If you want to use one of the mods then choose it from the list. You will see the screen flicker as it updates the game with the new information.

5) Now just play the game as normal!

6) To pass your mod on to someone else just send them the whole "Spartan\Mod\RomanMod" directory. No need to worry about overwriting files & working out which bits you need to send to make it work - it shoudl all be easy peasy

This should let you get started. We think this it will make it much easier for you guys to create mods & much more incentive for others to try them out as it will not intefere with your standard game installation. As always - let us know if there is anything you think we can do to improve the game!


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