New bonuses for Acropolis, Oracle and Colossus

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New bonuses for Acropolis, Oracle and Colossus

Post by Mazeppa » Tue Apr 21, 2015 6:59 am

Simply getting the same old "productivity and happiness much increases" effect from 3 different unique buildings is just lame for me now - especially after having played this game for 10 years. So I kinda wanted to give something different for these buildings.

For instance:
The Acropolis may give the city a re-inforced city wall straight away along with increased morale for the troops visiting the city, or possibly applied to all troops. The city that has it will also have 2 or 4 elite heavy infantry troops as garrison. Productivity for bricks will increase too along with the same ol' happiness increase.

The Oracle might be able to either remove or reduce the risk for activities being executed on the diplomatic stage, along with a bonus attack for archers/skirmishers or something, and possibly decrease or remove the chances of negative messages from appearing (e.g. lumber yard fires, or gold theft from caravans etc) and double the chances of positive messages occurring like.. a thracian gold expert visiting the area, or rich family donates jewellery etc. Perhaps even your neighbours may be more friendly towards you too. Productivity for marble will increase too along with the same ol' happiness increase.

The Colossus might give an armor bonus and possibly a weapons bonus or something. And also makes your navy do more damage to enemy vessels, and increase copper production. Maybe increase trade too by 50% or something..

And then make it such that building one of those buildings means you don't get to build the other two and achieve their benefits. Possibly more than one of the same buildings can be implemented.

I think I have an idea that if I visit the buildings.txt file, I could possibly implement these changes. But are some of those changes possible?

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