Change is good

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Change is good

Post by Piuemme » Thu Aug 07, 2008 8:26 am

<p align="center">"To improve is to change" - Winston Churchill</p>
<p>And here's my first entry into the blog. It's Merlin here and I'm charge of Marketing and Sales here at Slitherine.</p>
<p>As Iain said, we've got a lot happening at the moment. The really cool thing in all this is change.

We've changed basically everything on how we run our business in the last 18 months and we've also changed the way we see the company competing in the videogames industry. We've changed our way of approaching development and we've now changed to publishing as well, which represents the ultimate level of being totally responsible of what we do and how we do it. Which is challenging, but exciting.</p>
<p>We've also changed, or realligned our corporate mission. Which is basically a nice 'marketing' way to say that we have set our goals and encapsulated them in phrase or in an idea. And this is 'create entertainment through history'. This might sound easy and simple, but I swear it's not. With every single game we've made in the past we've always tried to take the interesting bits of history and transform them in entertaining elements for our games. Of course we've done this creating strategy games for strategy gamers and we've learned how to do it quite well over the years.</p>
<p>Now the next step is to bring that same level of thrill and excitement to other genres and other platforms as well, which is the real challenge for us. There's a lot to do and a lot to learn, but the good thing is that, although we changed a lot, we still have the same great people to work with and we start from a fantastic community of fans from which we like to hear positive AND negative comments so that we're able to improve every day.

Look forward to seeing your comments and suggestions.</p>

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Staff Sergeant - Kavallerie
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Post by scarfacetarraff » Fri Aug 08, 2008 2:37 am

Merlin, I like the phrase, especially since I'm a history teacher.
"Hasta la victoria siempre!"
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Post by godzila » Wed Nov 11, 2009 10:18 am

Change is always good for everyone... but sometime our mind and body does not accept it and we have to remain before the change... nowadays people has other concept like changing for good.... even i think to change the things after few days... our mind and body always need some changes in lifestyle & environment wise as well.... thats why people needs holidays... its the best example of it...

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Post by seobts » Thu Dec 01, 2011 10:53 am

Yes, change is always good! Always try to change!

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Post by MrsWargamer » Thu Dec 01, 2011 5:00 pm

I personally hate Apple, but I don't hate that Slitherine has made games made to be played on the iPad.

Because it means Slitherine has boldly decided that the tablet is an acceptable device to make military games for.

Every time I see someone insisting a wargame just isn't good enough if it isn't as big as War in the East, and made only for a PC I seriously want to give then a foot to the jewels sufficient to remove their ability to procreate.

I own War in the East. Fine accomplishment that program. I also really never play it. Too cumbersome, too damned tedious to get anything out of the experience. In the end, I wasted my funds buying it, I succumbed to an addiction which I am as we speak trying to cure.

I also bought War in the Pacific, but thankfully I was able to refrain from thinking I actually HAD to get it replaced by Admiral's Edition. Again fine programs, just utterly lacking in reasonably playability.

Now on the other hand Battle Academy is how you make a wargame playable, fun and easy to play. Your multiplayer server is a thing of beauty.
I have enjoyed buying both expansions for it. I likely won't hesitate to buy any others.

Looking forward to you releasing the Team Assault game. That one looks like it has fun written all over it.

I will be in possession of an Asus Transformer Prime as soon as my local retail scene can put it in my hands.
I have EVERY intention of spending MORE time using that than my laptop, and my desktop is already being treated like an unwanted guest.

I can only say this to people making wargames for the market that think you can't make it for anything other than a desktop. Fine, don't expect me to be a customer though. This wargamer has aged. I can't sit comfortably in an office chair for hour after hour playing ploddingly slow archaic tedious wargames any more. I need to be either in my lazyboy or occasionally walking around to keep the joints happy. I walk to the coffee shop, not to get a coffee, but to get the walk.

I want to see Slitherine supporting developers that can comprehend that their demographic is aging, and will continue to age, because the younguns just ain't joining us. They're busy playing Battlefield 3 and calling that wargaming. I want you to embrace tablets that allow us to have more freedom, and maybe, just maybe, also break out of the rut that I consider desktop wargaming to be.

But you don't need to listen to me of course. Just remember, I have already essentially left PC desktop gaming behind. So it means you are already in need of catching up.

Wanna buy some used PC wargames I simply don't use any more?

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