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Iain 12th August

Posted: Tue Aug 12, 2008 4:38 pm
by IainMcNeil
<p>One of the problems if becoming a publisher is the amount of documentation. It's a nightmare! Every game we do on a Sony or Microsoft Platform has to get concept approval. This means preparing a design documents, mockups, button layouts etc. You have to get concept approval before you can even announce a title is in development. Then for Sony you get to stage 2, proof of concept, which requires more documentation and a playable version of the game. We've just submitted one of our unannounced games on Monday this week. We think the game is looking great so don't expect any issues but you can never tell with these things! Then, when you've finished the games you have to do all sorts of documents for the final approval process. You also need to submit the manuals and packaging in all languages for approval and every game we make is in at least 5 languages. If a game is coming out on 3 platforms, that 15 manuals you need to create, and 15 box designs. Lets say you want to release 4 games a year, thats more than 1 manual a week. How I hate writing manuals....</p>
<p>In addition to all the material for approvals there are all the internal design docs, because all of the projects we're working on now require at least some level of out sourced work, be it music, sounds, scenario design, art, code or the whole shebang. Then add in the management time to coordinate all these sub contractors and you don't end up with much time left to put in to internal development. As things gear up my direct involvement in each game is reducing and Richard is leading the design on the next project. It's a shame as I really like being involved in detail on the games, but there are just not enough hours in the day so I'm having to hand over a lot of this work to other people. I guess it's just growing pains and things will calm down once we get the publishing system in place. </p>
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