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IWF World Championships - FOG PC

Post by jdm » Sat Apr 03, 2010 8:06 am

International Wargames Federation World Championships (13th year)
ATHENS 8th – 13th April 2010
Field of Glory PC Championships.

Slitherine in collaboration with the International Wargames Federation are pleased to announce the first event of its kind. Tabletop Wargaming comes to your PC! Full details of the entire event can be found at http://www.strategikon.com/iwf2010.htm
The event venue is the Apollo Exhibition Centre, Ermoupoleos & Piliou 1 Streets. http://www.nomarhiapeiraia.gr/Templates/polihoros/2.htm The venue is situated next to Peiraios Av. which runs along the Athenian Long Walls and connects Athens to the port of Peiraias.
The tournament will be played using the Field of Glory Digital PC game, linked to the Slitherine multiplayer server. The tournament is free to enter and open to everyone. A limited number of computers will be provided at the event, but players are welcome to bring their own laptops and we will do all we can to include them in the competition. In addition we will allow a limited number of players to join in the event from anywhere in the World via the Slitherine Servers.
Please note that the tournament will be run in local time i.e. Eastern European Summer Time, GMT +3 hours (Note that this is 2 hours ahead of current British Summer Time i.e. if its 10am in Athens its 8am in the UK) and players who enter from home must observe the tournament timetable.
You must have a Slitherine Username to play in the tournament. If you do not already have one you must sign up on the Slitherine Forum/Website, prior to the event.
As this is the first time something like this has been attempted we are expecting some minor teething problems but we will work through these as best we can to make sure that everyone enjoys the event.
Registration: Will take place for those attending the venue from 10am till 11am on Saturday 10th April, or they may register in advance by e-mail. In addition we will allow a limited number of players to register for the event and play from home. Note Entry to the Digital Tournament is free.
To make an advanced booking download the application form from http://www.slitherine.com/files/fog/iwf_athens.doc complete the form and then send by e-mail to to iwf@slitherine.co.uk. Entries will be allowed on a first come basis. If you wish to participate from home you must enter by the 7th April. We will advise the lucky participants as soon as possible after this deadline.
1. Scoring will be done on the Swiss Chess Scoring System
2. Players must be at least 12 years of age to enter.
3. All matches will be played as pairs of games which will be played simultaneously. So players will be constantly engaged throughout each match. The players will command a different side in each paired game to make it completely fair.
4. All games will be historical scenarios from the basic FoG game. Scenarios will be specified. There will be no DAG armies involved, so you do not need the expansion to participate.
5. In each match there will be a player 1 and a player 2. Player 1 must issue challenges, one as side A, and one as side B.
6. Player 1 must set up a password protected game using their opponents Username (Supplied by Slitherine at the event or already know to players with their own laptop or playing from home), their opponent uses their Username to access the game and ensure that nobody else can accept the challenge. The draw will specify the username of your opponent.
7. Whatever happens in the game counts. If there is a bug or result you did not expect that causes some advantage or disadvantage, you must accept this. Any issues encountered will be investigated and we will attempt to resolve these for the future. However this will not affect the results of the game.
8. As this is a digital tournament it is essential that all those who enter do so with a willingness to play all their games expeditiously and in the proper spirit. Therefore in order to keep the tournament moving and to minimise frustrations for those taking part, we will administer the following;
a. Players must sign in 30 minutes before the commencement of each round of the tournament by e-mail if playing from home or in person if attending the event. Anyone failing to do so will be removed from the draw.
b. Any player not responding to another players turn promptly may forfeit the match. In practice as you are playing a paired set of games you should find that you are always active. So, if playing from home, do not expect to be doing something else while you are playing in the competition. There will of course be break times when you will be able to step away for lunch etc.
c. Tampering with script or core files is absolutely forbidden in the version used to play the tournament. The organisers will be monitoring this and anyone found to have done so will be disqualified immediately.
9. In the event of any disagreements the Umpires decision is final and irrevocable.
10. All Results will be publicised on the Slitherine and other websites.
Saturday 10th April
Round 1 Commences 10am Local Time (GMT+3) & Ends 1pm Round 2 Commences 2.30pm Local Time (GMT+3) & Ends 5.30pm
Sunday 11th April
Round 3 Commences 10am Local Time (GMT+3) & Ends 1pm Round 4 Commences 2.30pm Local Time (GMT+3) & Ends 5.30pm

1. Players must be present and ready to start their matches at the appointed time. Where a player has a reasonable excuse for arriving late the match start will be delayed by up to 15 minutes. After which time the effected player will be awarded a bye and 4 points for the purpose of calculating the draw. This will be adjusted at the end of the tournament by inserting the average of the player’s actual results to calculate his final score.
2. If a player resigns from a game at any stage after the game has started their opponents will be awarded maximum points, and they will be awarded 0 points.
3. Time will be called after 3.0 hours and the game will end such that both players have had an equal number of turns. Players may always commence games earlier than the stated time by mutual consent.
4. Admission to the tournament is at the sole discretion of the organisers. Slitherine’s decision on all matters relating to the digital tournament is final. Entry to the tournament denotes acceptance of the rules.
When a game is complete BOTH players must communicate the result to the Umpire as per the score sheet.
The score sheet can be downloaded from http://www.slitherine.com/files/fog/iwf_scoresheet.doc
1. Each pair of matches is scored using the Break Points indicated in game.
2. The game is won if one side’s army has broken. The game is a draw if neither army is broken, or both armies are broken.
3. The winner of each game will score 3 points so a maximum of 6 points for a paired set of matches is available. A draw earns each player 1 point.
4. For purposes of any tie breaks, break points difference will count.
PRIZES: The winner of the competition will win a $40 coupon to spend on any Slitherine digital download game, valid for 3 months after the event together with a commemorative plaque. There will also be a prize for second and third places.

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