Horrible Histories on TV!

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Horrible Histories on TV!

Post by IainMcNeil » Mon Apr 20, 2009 10:37 am

If you didn't catch the first episode then here is your chance!

The very first episode of HORRIBLE HISTORIES was broadcast on Thursday 16th April, and was met with rapturous reviews and plentiful praise. The complete first episode can be viewed on BBC iPlayer at the link below: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0 ... rc=a_syn31

Here is what the press is saying about it!

* Terry Deary’s hit series of children’s history books revel in a combination of gruesome black humour and weird and wonderful moments from the past. This winning formula is transferred to TV for this amusingly instructive sketch show… for once, parents can’t complain that their kids are watching rubbish.’ The Mail on Sunday
* ‘Excellent… this is absorbing and grossly amusing stuff.’ The Sunday Times
* ‘Here’s the best way to bring the past to life – find out what’s rotten, gory and terrible about it and get top comedy talents to tell the stories. That’s how this series will entice kids to take a journey from the Stone Age to the Second World War. Hist-erical.’ Daily Mirror
* ‘Here’s a history lesson you won’t forget! The comedy time team will take you from Vicious Vikings to Terrible Tudors, bringing to life rotten rulers, gory batters, and a host of weird and wonderful facts.’ The Sun
* ‘Based on the bestselling books by Terry Deary, this live-action series of comedy sketches takes the lid off all the dirtiest, darkest and most disgusting aspects of several key ages in history. Just like the books, this is as entertaining as it is educational, with host Rattus Rattus filling us in on the facts that the sketches play for laughs, and its use of parody is clever and instantly appealing.’ Daily Mail
* ‘The best-selling series of children’s history books by Terry Deary and Martin Brown are brought to life in a gruesomely funny new series.’ Daily Telegraph
* ‘History isn’t all murder, mayhem and maggots, but those are the good bits – and Terry Deary’s gloriously gruesome books certainly grabs kids’ attention. Brought to the screen and packed with sketches quizzes and TV take-offs, HH is nothing like the traditional procession of kings battles and dates – and miles better than the touchy-feely rubbish they teach today.’ Sunday Express
* ‘Banking on the time-tested fact that kids love gore, violence and jokes about poo, Terry Deary’s Horrible Histories have proved a huge hit. Now the format is taken into a TV comedy sketch show and it works very well. Burning witches after blaming them for slugs eating your crops is presented as a no-win-no-fee claims ad, and a joyless Puritan couple interchange with a party-mad Restoration couple in a recreation of Wife Swap.’ Guardian
* ‘Most children’s comedy programmes offer wackiness instead of genuine wit and invention. But this new kids’ skit show, based on Terry Deary’s joyously gory books, is a glorious exception to the rule. Taking a Pythonesque view of history it’s a trawl through the centuries with a darkly droll emphasis on the more grotesque and absurd habits of our ancestors. The end result is both silly enough for adults and sharp enough for weans.’ Scotland on Sunday
* ‘This series of comedy sketches lifts the lid off all the darkest and most disgusting aspects of the key ages in history. Just like the books, this is as entertaining as it is educational.’ Irish Daily Mail
* ‘Kids will love this new series, but adults might enjoy seeing History brought to life in such entertaining fashion.’ Birmingham Sunday Mercury
* ‘Some of the coolest and goriest tales from history are brought to life in this brilliant new comedy series.’ First News

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