Irregular/Conscipt units lead by Brigade commanders and CMTs

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Irregular/Conscipt units lead by Brigade commanders and CMTs

Post by pugsville » Fri Jun 23, 2017 5:54 am

CMTS outside 6MU of the enemy cost 2 cps in v2 for irregular and conscripts. if they are out side of command range it would be 3.

But if the case where they have their own brigade commander (thus 1cp) does the additional cp need to be in command range ? or does cost overall 2 or 3?

Just thinking about giving a unit of coaaskcs it's own leader, when with 6MU of the enemy they can have enough cps to test a CMT regardless of command range, but when just moving around they need 2cp, but outside of command range they would need 3cp.

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Re: Irregular/Conscipt units lead by Brigade commanders and

Post by BrettPT » Fri Jun 23, 2017 6:28 am

Nice question.
My view is that you need 2cps to do a complex move for irregs/conscripts. A bc can provide 1 of these but the other must come from a dc. If that dc is out of range, it will be +1 needed, for a total of 3. This is in line with the general principal of 2 gets you 1 if outside of range.

I'll make a note to clarify the bottom line of p27 to read "+1 CP when DC allocating from outside command range"

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