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Playing FOG Napoleon using Travel Battle figures and Terrain

Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 10:26 pm
by TrajanSPQR
Im a big fan of historical gaming, but space is limited and Ive become very attached to the Perry Brothers Travel Battle for when I have to visit relatives and yet still get my games in. I havent played Field of Glory Napoleon yet but was trying to figure out if you could still play with single base or possible two base units. I have multiple travel battle sets so the 8 infantry bases and 2 cannons, and 4 cavalry I can expand out and I can make a larger board. There are also the 1 inch squares for measurement purposes. as terrain. The bases are one inch wide and about a half inch deep. Do people think one could play FOG with one base units, possibly two based units for large units. I dont want to end up buying tons of more bases as I think a massive frontage when you have the two boards and they are each roughly 10 x 10 inches...Trying to see though if I wanted to expand beyond the simple rules of Travel Battle into something more complicated if it could work this way. So each unit would be 1 inch facing by either a half inch or 1 inch deep depending on type or if its a large infantry possibly. Any thoughts on this Id love to hear from someone with more experience. I can field three full travel Battle sets plus some added skirmish/light infantry representing bases. Roughly 3.5 sets per side. Roughly a 2 x3' board.

Re: Playing FOG Napoleon using Travel Battle figures and Ter

Posted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 7:57 pm
by hazelbark
It would absolutely work. The only reason for base removal is to make spent units which rally only needs some other note.

Since a unit is functionally 3" wide normally. You are playing 1/3 scale. So your table space is actually less if you drop to 1".