chariots - polish version patch compatibility

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chariots - polish version patch compatibility

Post by Oiciec » Tue Apr 09, 2013 10:44 pm

hi there

according to what i have learned recently You are the prowd owner of w40k rights and about to make a good use of it :)
good for you and good for us :)

but to the point: i ve made some research on my shelf and i ve found chariots of war copy but in polish. i bought it long time ago as a part of polish game bundle but its stated as 1.0.5 version of a game.
and as i ve found 1.1.14 map pack + patch i ve decided to update it

it looks horrible /laptop with native 1360 resolution.../ but was fully functional before patch - after i implemented it /tbh i cant check what kind of patch it was - both mirrors sugested by your download site seems to be not available atm/ loader asks for cd rom insertion even when cd is in drive...
i thought that mentioned in one post above .exe /1.2.1/ might solve a problem but it didnt /install crc error - it says/.

polish editor stated that they are not responsible for translating recent patches and such

any ideas what i can do to be able to play it with all "latest" changes?

when i bought it i havent internet connection but game was a step forward after legion /i ve change exp ratio, % of world to win scenario and few similiar things - good old days :)/ and as i m unemployed for a while i ve decided to bring back some of those memories...

of course i can remove all of it and install old version but if there is a slight chance to recive slightly improved product why not to try it out?

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Re: chariots - polish version patch compatibility

Post by pipfromslitherine » Wed Apr 10, 2013 3:01 pm

I'm not sure of what, if any, changes there were to the polish version. If the publisher dealt with any copy protection themselves, but did not create a patch version, then they will be incompatible with any downloaded updates.

If the original install is working for you then I would suggest sticking with that.



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