Warhammer Fantasy Gamesworkshop

This is a forum for discussing the use of the Field of Glory gaming system to play fantasy battles. This is not an official product! yet ;)

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Warhammer Fantasy Gamesworkshop

Post by baldrick52 » Fri Mar 08, 2019 9:36 am

Hello all

I think a games workshop collaborative would be great here basing it on warhammer 8th edition or even slightly on age of sigmar? I think this fun be very fun to play also i think it would easily linked with the units in the Warhammer Fantasy realm. I think there would be a big market but also competing with total war : Warhammer. I feel FOG would bring a more tactical feel to this game.

Orcs and Golblins
Dark elves
High elves

I think this would make a great mod.

Something i might try and mod if i get the time!

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