Heroes -some possible ideas for consideration

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Heroes -some possible ideas for consideration

Post by Terrement » Sun Jan 15, 2012 3:35 am

I am new to FoG, and haven't a clue about modding, but would offer as consideration some of the following possibilities. Could heroes be done so that they are associated with a unit, like a commander, and have a radius of effect, a type of effect, and a magnitude of effect? It would seem that this would allow for "fine tuning" for balance and costing purposes.

So one hero might have a stronger effect over the units directly adjacent, while another has a lesser effect over a larger radius.

Abilities could be effect on unit basis, such as
leadership - some percentage off chance of disruption or fragmentation. Perhaps even rout prevention, although attrition could still destroy the unit and loss of the hero would trigger a morale type check for all within the radius

attack - percentage addition to attacks

defense - percentage addition to defense

firepower - percentage addition to damage, or same damage at longer range, or same damage and range but larger arc

rally - increased chance of routed units recovering

disruption - decreased combat ability of opponents within radius

discord - greater chance of disruption, fragmentation or rout of opponents within radius

movement - increase in movement hexes

earthcraft - movement with no penalty in bad going terrain

depending on the magic used in the game, hero might either convey a decrease in effect if hit with spell, decrease of a chance of being hit with a spell, or immunity form a certain type of spell

depending on the types of monsters / armies, might have greater effect on / protection from certain types - clerical hero vs undead, ranger hero vs beastmen, etc.


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Re: Heroes -some possible ideas for consideration

Post by MatthewB » Thu Nov 08, 2012 4:59 am

Most of these are things we have considered, and have implemented as "Mods" to the unit or Troop Types.

The Mods are listed in the Files Section of the Yahoo group.

Matthew Bailey

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