Pointing fantasy abilities

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Private First Class - Opel Blitz
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Pointing fantasy abilities

Post by StuUK » Sun Jun 15, 2014 1:27 pm

Hello all, I'm new here and have been writing some fantasy mods for FoG v2 for some time.

I have a few 'abilities' which I issue out to various troop types and wondered if anyone had advice on pointing them?
The easier ones:

Terror Applies -1 to enemy cohesion tests against – adds to the ‘any one of’ modifiers. Doesn’t apply if the enemy causes terror
Fear Applies -1 to enemy cohesion tests against – adds to the ‘any one of’ modifiers. Doesn’t apply if the enemy causes fear or terror
so the question really is how much should a -1 on cohesion tests cost in points? I'm thinking probably 2-3 points per base.

Tough +1 on death rolls
Very Tough +2 on death rolls
Ext. Tough +3 on death rolls
Again, how much should an extra 'death roll' minus cost? Probably this needs to scale something like 2/3/5 points?

Then the more difficult stuff. The ability to fly.
I know several people have issued out rules about flying over other troops and so on, but I haven't tried this out yet. I worry it would give the flyers a huge and unpredictable outcome on the game, such that they might become super weapons. The way to prevent that would be to say that no charge by a flyer has a morale impact since they are 'swirling around' etc. But they could still pervent rear support and have various other nasty implications.
I may yet go with that but I'd be keen to hear thoughts.

Currently, they just move fast.
Fly (skirmisher) Fly 9" per turn +1pt
Fly (line troop) Fly 8" per turn +2pt

This is what I have in my notes. I feel looking at it that it's actually too low.
Probably should be something like +4 points or more.

Then there are the more variable abilities.
Lizardmen move faster through woods, river and marsh for example.
Currently I have this as +1 point per base, counting the level of terrain as one better (difficult to rough).
Again this could be too cheap but you also may get no advantage for it so it's a very variable cost. If there's no forest on the table, that's maybe 50+ points for nothing.

Please feel free to post your thoughts. Thanks :)

Private First Class - Opel Blitz
Private First Class - Opel Blitz
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Re: Pointing fantasy abilities

Post by lawnranger » Wed Aug 27, 2014 4:32 pm

Hi stu
Its nice to see your thread am new to the site as well :D
I have played a few games at are local club and fellow members have put in a few ideals to help us along the way when we play it ,we use the elephant class a lot for troll and orgers ect.. and I like the fear/terror factor and the points look good to me what would you class as terror/fear units ? .

As for tough + on the dice I don't think you need it in my eyes . We just class them as very hvy armoured If they are big hard buggers :D if you had a toughness of +2 that would mean you would have to give the unit 3 hits just for a death roll of a 1 which seams very hard to take a base off in combat and I would have added a lot more than 2/3/5pts per base I would double that or even more ! put that's the great thing

We have not played with any flyers yet :) we are still working on the basics , I would at least double the base total a the base unit at least you get a lot of advantages flying in my eyes :D

only 2 weeks ago me and a friend played a game where he had Lizards He classed them as Med foot which means they move fast and not dis ordered in some terrain and he classed them as armoured as well the game worked well. He said that they where shock and impact units which had to charge on sight .! and eat me :lol:

what scale do you game in we have pick 15mm a lot cheaper and it looks great to have 30+figs units on board ..
we are trying to work out magic at the mo. :?
what do you think ?
happy gaming and good luck with the rules .. LR.

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