Conquest PC patched to v1.8

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Conquest PC patched to v1.8

Post by IainMcNeil » Thu Sep 24, 2009 11:11 am

We're pleased to announce that Illustrious have been working hard on a new patch for Conquest! Medieval Realms. This patch fixes a couple of bugs but adds new features, the biggest of which is the eagerly anticipated HotSeat multiplayer mode!

Download the patch from ... h_v1.8.exe

This patch includes all previous fixes so is the only patch you need.

Change History V1.8

* Added hotseat multiplayer mode
* Added new setting to track AI moves
* Added new setting to control speed of AI moves
* Fixed thread issues causing "Error during rendering" crashes
* Prevented AI from crashing when it fails to combine units
* Fixed possible crashes caused by minimap
* Fixed crashes which can occur when ending turn
* Fixed crashes which can occur when clicking on the map
* Fixed crash which can occur when a territory can not be found
* Fixed audio bug which was causing CTDs

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