Some suggestions (note: possible spoilers)

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Some suggestions (note: possible spoilers)

Post by Aeaea » Mon Aug 27, 2012 4:12 am

I really enjoy Conquest! Medieval Realms, and I thought I'd pass on some thoughts.

1. Calvary units are not particularly useful because they are too simple to kill. They come in handy in a game predominated by archers, but even then, they just beg to be picked off by easy-to-build infantry. I typically only build them when needed and hold them in safe areas away from the front lines. One thing that could make them much more interesting is after doing a normal move/attack (including taking out rebels), to allow them as an option to immediately move into an adjacent friendly or unprotected enemy space. This makes some sense because the units are mounted and should have additional movement. I would restrict them to only attack one other unit per turn however. Obviously their cost and maintenance should increase to balance the new ability but this would add a new level of strategy to the game by allowing such a unit to potentially move through two spaces to better slice up an opponent's area, or attack a space and perhaps move back out of harm's way.

2. Castle defenses are too cheap. Building castles in the early game to protect the surrounding spaces (that you mostly fill with economy) is almost unbeatable by the current AI. It may be a slower game, but stringing together chains of castles is usually a straightforward win. Adding maintenance costs to castles, however, should make this tactic less decisive.

3. Going first seems a tremendous advantage. An option to go last would be much more challenging -- or is this possible and I missed it?

4. Loot captured cities! If there is any gold left over from the previous turn, that gold (or part of it) should go to the conqueror.

5. Allow towers to be upgraded to Castles (and castles can be downgraded to towers if the maintenance fee --see above -- isn't paid).

6. The AI would be much more formidable if it would concentrate on building large protected areas instead of long snake-like areas that are easy to chop up and force his top troops into rebellion.

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Re: Some suggestions (note: possible spoilers)

Post by Skanvak » Sun May 12, 2013 12:05 am

Though I don't think the solution fit the game I strongly share your feeling on point 1,2,3 and 6. I think it would interesting to have some point of view of people playing again other player, because the AI is just too bad.

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