FORTRESS EUROPA - Game gamme stopped (RC9)

After action reports for Commander Europe at War.

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Re: FORTRESS EUROPA - Game gamme stopped (RC9)

Post by zechi » Wed Apr 04, 2012 1:37 pm

Diplomaticus wrote:I think you misunderstood my post. I never said the Red Army was 100% powerless in 1942. What I meant was that they start out with a whole series of weaknesses that it takes time to sort out: 10% morale penalty, all at-start units having 1939 tech levels, units scattered all over the USSR, etc. And at the same time they're facing an enemy with superb tech levels, Efficiency approaching 100%, etc., etc. The lesson I tried to learn from reading the original 'Fortress Europa' AAR was about the Red Army over-reaching by sticking their necks out too early. For example, Max made you pay a terrible price for the conquest of Finland. And later, he was able to create lopsided air battle exchanges of something like 4:1 Russian:German casualties. Even with their deep pockets, the Soviets can't sustain those kinds of losses for long.
Air losses were high in our game on the Soviet side (which is quite normal), but not as devastating as you may think. Especially the price for Finland was not so high as you assume. In 1942 I was able to buy all LABs and the maximum number of all oil consuming units and conquer Finland. The air losses were high, but I had the PPs to do all I wanted and got Finland out of the war early.

Later in 1943 Supermax got the Dog Fight maxed out very quickly, especially the +2 on air combat was a killer for the air battles in 1943. Nevertheless, despite the losses in 1943 (I lost even some FTR units to Luftwaffe counterattacks) I could constantly built enough new units as the Soviet income is rather high. The problem was more or less that you need at least three or four ground attacks plus two air strikes with two air interceptions to kill one German unit. This is very slow progess if you face a good player as Supermax and I doubt that I would have been in time in Berlin.

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