General wargaming tactics

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General wargaming tactics

Post by Malty666 » Fri Jun 22, 2012 7:49 am

Hi all,

Been away for a long time due to work. But you can't keep a wargaming addict down for long :D

I have been thinking a lot about wargaming tactics (as opposed to specifically real life tactics). I was browsing through Sun Tzu the other day, thinking how I could bring some of it to life in wargames (where you can see the whole battlefield and know how to predict what is going to happen - as opposed to real life where you hope for the best).

Something he wrote sparked my tactical mind and I came up with a blog post entitled "Sun Tzu Says: Grab Your Opponent By The Nuts"

Yep, not quite the Confucius style wisdom we came to expect from the great man, but useful just the same - especially for those that often play the same opponents.

You can check it out here if you are interested. ... -nuts.html

And I'd appreciate any feedback you can offer.

Many thanks and game on!
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