FoG 1.8 for FoG Unity Players.

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FoG 1.8 for FoG Unity Players.

Post by Blackbirdx61 » Fri Jun 23, 2017 7:53 pm

If like me you have down loaded and Purchased FoG Unity, only to find most people seem to be playing FoG 1.8
I thought I would post this to make your life simpler.

Your going to Need your Key from when you bought FOG

Now go to
Past in the Key for FOG Unity and any modules you may own. You will now have access to a link that Says core.
Follow that link to the down loads page. You will need to Down Load the FoG 1.5.0 installer and FoG 1.8.1 Patch, and install them in that order.
As FOG Unity occupies my Program x86/Slithertine/FOG folder, I placed these in a FoG 1d8 folder. They seems to work fine there.

Boom you now have access to 1.8 with its better interface, troop control options, and Scenario Editor.

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