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PC : Battle Academy is a turn based tactical WWII game with almost limitless modding opportnuities.

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Post by Acererak » Tue Aug 31, 2010 3:35 pm

pipfromslitherine wrote:Not sure what you mean by "the wrong button"?


I believe he means that when you give some order by mistake (move to the wrong spot for example) a "Return" option should be given to undo the order.

Although i have seen this in other games, i think it goes against playability as you can keep making "testing" moves to see where the enemy units are and twist the scouting part of the game completely. I think it´s a dangerous thing to implement...

The most urgent changes i think are the MP issues pointed out in some other posts...and of course, BBCBA2 with Pacific and Eastern Front Theaters is a MUST after this amazing game you guys delivered to us! :wink:

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Staff Sergeant - Kavallerie
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Post by PirateJock_Wargamer » Tue Aug 31, 2010 4:50 pm

Undo button .... BAD idea :twisted:

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Various suggestions - some may already have been put in

Post by Terrement » Thu Sep 16, 2010 12:45 am

I like the second floor / roof or steeple sniper idea.

Units in buildings should not be sightable by the opposition unless they fire or the enemy moves next to the building.

The AI should not be committing suicide. By this I mean actions like when the Afrian advanced unit trying to hold a building ka Corps is attacking the dug in Brits, a unit that has been repeatedly hit and reduced to one guy keeps coming back to beat his head against a stone wall. Seems like at some point, after taking sufficient casualties, a unit will become unbroken but only defend or will move back to safety.

I've routinely seen Brit tanks bog down in the sand but never saw a German or Italian tank do the same thing.

Units in cover such as buildings shoul be able to be set for something other than hold fire or open fire as soon as a target becomes available.

Target priority should be settable. If I'm an advanced / picket type unit in a building or cover, I think I'd shoot at the squad that just unloaded from the truck and is a threat to me rather than the truck that is no threat at all. Especially if my reward for firing on the truck is getting lit up by a number of enemy units close by.

It isn't clear how many rounds I get to fire defensively at enemy units and whether it is affected by the number of rounds I fired in my offensive phase.

It isn't clear when and whether I'll get to shoot first. Example is the video about the importance of the Sherman hitting the Tiger from behind. I've tried similar tactics and have gotten greased by the enemy as soon as I come around the corner.

A single infantryman who may be broken but blocking a single row of movement should be able to either panic move or be voluntarily lost. A single routed man should not block the advance of his own forces armored column.

I have a few more but I'll have to check my notes


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Post by ssouthrey » Mon Sep 20, 2010 5:09 am

I understand not having an undo button but i think maybe the gamer should have the option to turn it on/off in the settings. I've had a few instances where I was trying to move somebody and they went to the square adjacent to the one I wanted. I personally would not use it to exploit the game so leave it up to me to decide. Heck, I can always save the game prior to every move if I wanted to exploit it.

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Post by davelogan69 » Mon Sep 20, 2010 7:18 am

The most needed addition to this game by far is a skirmish mode.

I am all for an undo button too.

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