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[GJS_BA] Invasion

Posted: Sun Aug 19, 2012 4:13 pm
by Granfali


Gold - British attack
Sword - British attack
Courseulles - British attack
Pegasus - British attack
Merville - British attack


German side General Commander - Granfali
British side General Commander - Gottalove88

711 D. (Granfali division's commander *)
II/744/711 -> Ladilla *
716 D. (Granfali division's commander)
Ost411/716 -> Granfali
II/726/716 -> Granfali
II/736/716 -> joselillo *
I/736/716 -> Lannister *
Ost 642/716 -> Granfali
352 D. (Granfali division's commander)
915/352 -> Granfali
914/352 -> Granfali
Pz 21 (joselillo division's commander)
I/22/21 -> joselillo
II/22/21 -> Lannister
192/21 -> Lannister
125/21 -> joselillo
Pz Lehr (Granfali division's commander*)
II/130/L -> Granfali *
12SS(Granfali division's commander*)
26/12SS -> Granfali *

50 Div (division's commander morge4)
69/50 -> morge4
231/50 -> morge4
3 DIV (division's commander GL88)
8/3 -> GL88
185/3 -> GL88
3 Can Div (division's commander Gortwillsaveus)
7/3C -> Gortwillsaveus
8/3C -> Gortwillsaveus
6 Airborne (division's commander random27)
3/6 -> random27
5/6 -> k9mike*
6AL / 6 -> jcb989*

* temporary assignment, no definitive


The General Commander's functions are
-to assign bombing chits to BGs
-give orders to BGs that not have received them

Division's commander must consider
-decide when a BG in their division receives replacements (only British side)
-give orders to BGs in their division that not have received them

BGs chiefs are responsible for
-giving orders to his BG every turn
-Play battles with BA

When assigning a BG player is responsible for its unit's orders, although his assignment be only temporary. If, for whatever reason, the player could not give orders, to do so would be responsible for the division's commander. If division's commander could do neither, would be the general side commander the responsible for giving orders to units that do not have it.


German side

British side


1-Download the GJS_XX.rar file from , where XX refers to the current day turn (Campaign in june 8 PM turn produces a file name GJS_8PM.rar). [both players]

2-Unzip it in Documents\My Games\BBCBA\MULTIPLAYER overwritting previous GJS folder version [both players]

3-Go to multiplayer server and creates a new challenge according to your battle (if your BG fight on Caen choose GJS_Caen8PM file). Choose your side (allied or axis) and don't forget to write a password. [attacker player, or germans in case of ME]

4-Email your opponent and pass him the password. (English/Spanish) [attacker player or germans in case of ME ]

Code: Select all

Subjet/Asunto: GJS for BA Campaign / Campaña GJS para BA

Hi, I have just created a new challenge in the multiplayer server, the password is "xxxxx" (without quotes)
Hola, acabo de crear un nuevo desafío en el servidor, la constraseña es "xxxxx" (sin las comillas)

Un saludo

5-Player receives email and accepts the challenge. Battle starts. [defending player or british in case of ME ]

6-Once battle ends, player sends results to GM (Granfali) (casualities from two sides and flag points) [both players]

*to avoid to have a big list of incomplete challenges in the multiplayer server remember surrender the battle once results is clear.

**when participating in combat an isolated BG the procedure will vary. GM will have to create an additional folder due to squads.csv files do not match. In that case, GM will mail all the necessary instructions to both players.

Re: [GJS_BA] Invasion

Posted: Sun Aug 19, 2012 4:58 pm
by Granfali
British side has 6 artillery, 6 typhoon and 3 naval chits for day 6 (AM and PM). For the moment GL88 have to allocate them among BGs.

Restrictions: Para BGs can not receive support. It is supposed fight during night and it is important to achive surprise ("coup de mains" in Merville and Pegasus). Can not allocate artillery chits (25pdr) until british side owns an area.

Germans can not use artillery chits because initial surprise.

Re: [GJS_BA] Invasion

Posted: Sun Aug 19, 2012 5:14 pm
by GottaLove88s
Granfali, Just replied your email. I believe jcb989 and morge4 are two different players. Can we fit them both in? Looks like 15 German BGs defend against 9 Brit/Canadian BGs on the first day... :-)

Re: [GJS_BA] Invasion

Posted: Sun Aug 19, 2012 5:27 pm
by Granfali
Arggg, morge4 did not tell his nick and jcb989 did not email me.... and I matched both. Well, then morge4 take command of 5/6 and jcb989 goes to 6AL/6. Thanks GL88.

Re: [GJS_BA] Invasion

Posted: Sun Aug 19, 2012 7:25 pm
by GottaLove88s
ALLIED GENERALS, I've PMed you directly. Any special requests for bonuses? Random & jcb be alert that although June 6th AM looks easy, you'll probably be fighting fresh panzers by June 6th PM... and I/22/21Pz is kitted with mostly PzIVs...

Re: [GJS_BA] Invasion

Posted: Sun Aug 19, 2012 8:26 pm
by GottaLove88s
Hey Granfali, Still no rar file showing in your dropbox link above? Sorry to chase :-)

Re: [GJS_BA] Invasion

Posted: Sun Aug 19, 2012 9:19 pm
by GottaLove88s
Granfali, Just double checking exactly what happens for the first game:

1. Can we give you movement orders for any of the Brit/Canadian battle groups (BGs) for June 6th AM? Or do they all have to stand and fight in the zones marked "Brit Attack"?
2. If any of the Brit/Canadian BGs lose their first action, where do they withdraw to? For example, if 69/50 loses in Gold, they would withdraw to an adjacent square, eg. Port-en-Bessin, Creully, Tailleville and Juno... Do they have any choice where they would withdraw? Or is that random?
3. What happens if two Allied BGs target the same square? For example, if 5/6 chooses to stand and fight the "AT Brit" battle in Merville, and 6AL/6 orders a move to Merville, who fights II/744/711? Is there any advantage for two BGs targeting the same opponent?
4. Allies have 6 arty, 6 typhoon and 3 naval bonuses for June 6th... If I allocate 1 naval and 1 typhoon to 7/3C, for example, do they get these for June 6th AM and June 6th PM, or are they one time use only? So if 7/3C use the naval bombardment June 6th AM, will it be available June 6th PM also? Are these like normal bonuses in BA games, meaning do they refresh during a game? So if I use a naval bombardment, will I get another one once it has recovered several turns later?

Re: [GJS_BA] Invasion

Posted: Sun Aug 19, 2012 9:25 pm
by GottaLove88s
Granfali, I guess, since I have to tell you (the enemy ;-)) our bonuses, there's no disadvantage in telling everyone:

6AL/6 - 2 typhoon, 2 arty
3/6 - 2 typhoon, 2 arty
69/50 -1 naval, 1 typhoon
7/3C - 1 naval, 1 arty
8/3 - 1 naval
5/6 - 1 typhoon, 1 arty

To be fair, can you let us (Allies) know your bonus allocations too? :-)

Re: [GJS_BA] Invasion

Posted: Sun Aug 19, 2012 10:59 pm
by Granfali
GottaLove88s wrote:Granfali, I guess, since I have to tell you (the enemy ;-)) our bonuses, there's no disadvantage in telling everyone:

6AL/6 - 2 typhoon, 2 arty
3/6 - 2 typhoon, 2 arty
69/50 -1 naval, 1 typhoon
7/3C - 1 naval, 1 arty
8/3 - 1 naval
5/6 - 1 typhoon, 1 arty

To be fair, can you let us (Allies) know your bonus allocations too? :-)
Paras don't recibe bonuses (chits) as I wrote above. Remeber allocation is only for June 6 AM turn. Remaining chits will be saved to June 6 PM turn.

Could be this the asignation?
69/50 -1 naval, 1 typhoon
7/3C - 1 naval, 1 typhoon
8/3 - 1 naval, 1 typhoon

No artillery (25 pdr) bonus because you need to take an area to "deploy" the guns.

Germans have not bonuses and don't give orders (don't move) because initial surprise. :D But you have to take Merville becuse every turn it is German owned, gives Germans two extra artillery bonuses over beach areas.

Re: [GJS_BA] Invasion

Posted: Sun Aug 19, 2012 11:05 pm
by GottaLove88s
Thanks G, no bonuses for airborne is tough.
Yes, lets go with 1 naval, 1 typhoon for each non airborne bg, and win those beaches.
We're counting on the paras to take Merville

Re: [GJS_BA] Invasion

Posted: Sun Aug 19, 2012 11:10 pm
by Granfali

Tomorrow I will try to have all five battles ready.

Stay tunned.

Re: [GJS_BA] Invasion

Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2012 6:13 am
by GottaLove88s
Great work, Granfali!

I think I'm slowly (my small brain ;-)) beginning to understand the process.

1. Game starts June 6th AM. We don't get to give you any move/defend orders for this first turn, because we are where we are (courtesy of the RAF or the Royal Navy)

2. We've given you our bonus allocations for all of June 6th, AM and PM (airborne can't get any because they fight at night, and Allies can't assign arty until they take at least one beach)

3. You'll create the scenario maps for each of the individual battles and then put a link to that day's campaign on your Dropbox... the first one will be called, then next turn it will be, then, etc...

4. We download and unzip it into our \Multiplayer folder, in the usual way, deleting the previous period's GJS campaign

5. Then we start BA, choose Multiplayer, and create a new challenge for the sector we are fighting in... So I would go for the GJS_Sword6AM scenario, Mike would go for the GJS_Merville6AM scenario, etc...

6. Email or PM the password to our opponent. I guess it doesn't matter who creates the challenge, so long as one of us does

7. Fight our map, but stop at Turn 2. Then note down the VP flags and KIAs (taking screenshots if possible)

8. Email or PM you the VP flag owners and KIAs. You'll decide winners and losers, where the loser withdraws to, or if it's eliminated

9. Then we start again for June 6th PM. You'll put up a new strategic map.

10. Repeat from Step 1. We give you our new move or defend orders...

This is truly amazing... I begin to realise the enormity of the work that you're putting in to create and run this Granfali, WOW!! Thanks man, it's a privilege to play...


Re: [GJS_BA] Invasion

Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2012 8:38 am
by Granfali
You understood perfectly... :wink:

Re: [GJS_BA] Invasion

Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2012 11:41 am
by gortwillsaveus
I'll be printing this all out, and also downloading the files. I'm in New Jersey, USA, I'll try to get started on this tonight,...and of course work has to come first. :(

Re: [GJS_BA] Invasion

Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2012 12:41 pm
by GottaLove88s
Hey Gort, Totally understood and Good Morning America! ;-)

It takes about half an hour to read Granfali's stuff, and then another half hour to figure out what's going on. Clock this for a highly simplistic summary of what happens now -> viewtopic.php?f=87&t=36734#p345473

It's actually much simpler than it looks at first scary glance...

Essentially you just have to download the first day's campaign, called (might be .rar) from Granfali's dropbox -> (it won't get uploaded until tonight earliest), unzip and install that into your \Multiplayer folder.

Then run BA and set up an MP challenge for your sector. Yours will be called GJS_Courseulles6AM. Fight the battle over the next few days, to take and hold at least three flags, which must include your home flag (it's worth the most points). Then you'll kick the German volksgrenadiers off your beach.

Rinse and repeat :-)

NB. When I write simpler than it sounds, I mean for us... Granfali's got a shedload of work to do... If we ever meet him, he's getting as much huge glasses of ice cold beer as he feels he can drink!!

Re: [GJS_BA] Invasion

Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2012 6:18 pm
by k9mike
Jonathan....Do you want me to participate?? Or, wait for the later units that come into play at later date??? Just going by what you stated in PM...Its ok with me either way...Like you...I am starting to get the gist of this. I will await your response. Good Luck you guys... :D

Re: [GJS_BA] Invasion

Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2012 6:31 pm
by GottaLove88s
Mike, Right click the map at the top of this thread and open in a new tab. You command 5/6 (5th brigade of 6th airborne division) in the bottom right corner, town called Merville. Ignore that it's labelled Morge4... That means you're attacking versus II/744/711 volksgrenadiers... Because you're attacking you'll get 26 units versus only 20 for defending Ladilla... It will make more sense once Granfali's uploaded the campaign and you can see your first battle map... Try to take and hold 3 of the 5 flags... If you can do that, you'll kick Ladilla back and keep the town for us... Absolutely we want you to participate. Your Primary Objective is Merville :-)

Re: [GJS_BA] Invasion

Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2012 6:49 pm
by k9mike
Ok...No Prob Jon. I just saw abit of conflicting answers in your PM...saw that you said something along the lines that you were going to have Random take over and have me join prob...I will do my best to take it and hold. Since I will be attacking...I make the map and send Ladilla the password...right?

Re: [GJS_BA] Invasion

Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2012 7:22 pm
by GottaLove88s
Yep you've got it right... You're attacking, so you create the GJS_Merville6AM challenge and email Ladilla your password... Granfali's got all of our assignments correct at the top of this thread... I've asked Pip if we can have an "Allied only" thread too, so we can keep D-Day team chatter off PMs and regular forum...

Re: [GJS_BA] Invasion

Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2012 7:32 pm
by k9mike
Awesome...sounds good Jon. Did Granfali(whats his first name?lol) give you any ETA on when stuff would be ready??