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General Comments - Rommel Module

Post by Old_Warrior » Mon Jul 08, 2013 8:22 pm

Here is a list of comments that applies to most of the missions (but not all):

1. When the German is on the defense it would be nice if "Deployment Mode" would be turned on if possible.

2. Please let the players know if they get reinforcements and where they come on. If they are variable then tell them.

3. The turn counter is of the old style. Please update it to be "Turn X of Y" or something like that. For those ACH that have a time limit "Kill 5 tanks in 5 turns" for example this makes it easier to keep track of the turns.

4. Please avoid "Turn 0" near the end of the missions. The last turn should be "Turn 20 of 20" for example or 1 Turn Remaining if some form of alternate UI turn status is not used.

5. Add in halftracks or trucks (and really WAGONS were more likely used for the German infantry - wagons were used throughout the entire Eastern and Western Front and I am sure down in Italy too) for the missions where infantry is open for purchase and the mission is an attack situation for the Germans.

6. Vary the location of the AT guns for the Allies (on defense of course) by putting them in their own group and then only allow the AI to purchase a certain amount of them (3 out of 5 for instance). This varies the locations where they will show up. (if I am incorrect on this I would appreciate hearing from Andrew or Pip but I do think that the AT gun locations should be variable)

7. Add more mortars for both sides. The Germans do not get much Indirect Fire at all. An extra mortar will not hurt.

8. Missions should be more a race for time than a grind out assault where luck plays too much a part in the outcome. Reduce the amount of turns in many of the missions.

Really enjoying the ability to play the Germans. Module is well done and just needs a bit of tuning up before it goes out. Probably should be testing out the easier play levels to see how that affects the outcome.

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