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Escaping the Pocket Mission #10 - AAR

Posted: Wed Jul 10, 2013 10:57 pm
by Old_Warrior
Very easy mission. All ACHs were easy to get.

Did not see any errors in the mission. UI was correct. No oddities in the game.

Tiger 2 (and some of the PzKW IVs cannot exit the map but no surprise there. I used them as rearguard.

I would add in more units on the flanks. More of a running the gauntlet mission. I also would reduce the mission by at least 5 turns.

I am not sure of the philosophy of an ACH over a Victory Condition but for me the Vic Cond should be to exit 30 units and the ACH should be to not lose 10 units.

End of the campaign - very much enjoyed testing this module and I really hope that my comments have been of help.