88's vs. fighter bombers, light AA vs Bombers

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88's vs. fighter bombers, light AA vs Bombers

Post by OldAirVet » Fri May 01, 2015 2:10 am

The heavy AA in the game is wrong when it comes to fighter bombers

1: Heavy AA taking out fighter bombers on low level attack runs, the gun traverse and shell fusing of a heavy AA gun just can't keep up with a strafing attack, granted that one in thousand luck shot will eliminate the plane even if the shell doesn't explode. But in Battle Academy you can't let you P47's anywhere near an 88

Low level attackers are the job of the rapid fire guns 50 mm and below and I wish the game would reflect that but in might alter the balance on a few maps, I would also like to see armor with the proper mg mounts join in the fight

The light caliber AA should not be able to hit bombers that stick to high altitude but high altitude runs have a lot bomb scatter

By late in the war some 88's where placed on anti tank mounts, easier to to hide and the crew would be less exposed but no AA function
That is another point 88's on 360 degree AA mount are big targets, without a dug in position, trees or something the gun is going to be easy to see, of course with German training and optics it will probably see you first. Still an 88 should easier to spot than 75 mm anti tank gun.

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Re: 88's vs. fighter bombers, light AA vs Bombers

Post by TankerOne » Tue Mar 12, 2019 3:02 pm

if it has Greman training and optics, it probably is half blind and crewed by kids
(I had to say that)

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