FoG on iPad

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FoG on iPad

Post by jonno » Tue Mar 27, 2012 1:44 pm


I have been playing FoG on my iPad using VNC to run it remotely from a PC.
I have been using TIgerVNC on the PC and VNC viewer on the iPad.

While it has been adequate if I forget to close other running apps on the PC it fairly regularly crashes. If I close everything first it is adequate. I hadn't worried about reporting this it happens pretty much when the game has loaded and so while I became aware of that it was possible to restart and replay a turn, the PC would hang usually on turn 1 or 2 so I wasn't in the position of being tempted to try any alternate moves.

As this seems to have become an issue I will give-up playing this way - unless someone has used a different VNC server successfully.

I have a Windows 7 laptop which works okay with tiger VNC - but it is my work laptop and I don't usually play FoG on that.
The old xp pc is the one I use to play FoG and is the one that causes problems.

So two questions.....
Anyone playing FoG using VNC or some other remote control software - and if so what software are you using?
Are we likely to see FoG on iPad anytime soon?

Cheers, Jon
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