Crash error before initiative determination

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Sergeant First Class - Elite Panzer IIIL
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Crash error before initiative determination

Post by davouthojo » Tue May 08, 2012 3:35 am

1.7.2 2012 02 23 win
uiplayer.s.armygenerator.RandomMapPack.pairData o Pair o uiplayer.s.armygenerator.RandomMapPack i4
uiplayer.s.armygenerator.RandomMapChoice.Constructor o uiplayer.s.armygenerator.RandomMapChoice o uiplayer.s.armygenerator.RandomMapPack o XmlDocument i4
uiplayer.s.armygenerator.InitiativeStep.Constructor o uiplayer.s.armygenerator.InitiativeStep o XmlDocument o XmlDocument o uiplayer.s.armygenerator.InitiativeStep.InitiativeCompleteDelegate o uiplayer.htk.GraphicsArea i4bi4 o o b o o uiplayer.Command
uiplayer.htk.GraphicsArea.blnHandleCommand b o uiplayer.htk.GraphicsArea o uiplayer.Command
uiplayer.Command. Dispatch o uiplayer.Command
uiplayer.Command. Enqueue o uiplayer.Command
uiplayer.Command. ParseAndEnqueue s
uiplayer.htk.TButtonImp.MouseUp o uiplayer.htk.TButtonImp i4i4
uiplayer.htk.TWindowImp.MouseUp o uiplayer.htk.TWindowImp i4i4
uiplayer.htk.GraphicsArea.Event MouseUp o uiplayer.htk.GraphicsArea i4i4
Application. CallFunctionWithExceptionHandling o Application p
REALbasic. RuntimeRun

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Re: Crash error before initiative determination

Post by keithmartinsmith » Tue May 15, 2012 2:23 pm

Looking at this issue for the 1.7.5 update but a fix may not be found and included.


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