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Staff Sergeant - Kavallerie
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Error message

Post by nyczar » Tue Aug 28, 2012 6:07 pm

I got your automated email inviting me to email you with the error message i am gettiing.

Here you go. I was impressed that your service invited me to share with you the problem.


1.8.1 2012 07 10 win
{not well formed invalid token }
XmlReader.Parse o XmlReader s
gameinstance.CombinedSaveFile.FixedDataParse o gameinstance.CombinedSaveFile o XmlReader
gameinstance.GameModule.SAXParse o gameinstance.GameModule o XmlReader
gamefixed.s.AncientsFixedFactory.fGameCreate o gamefixed.FGame o gamefixed.s.AncientsFixedFactory o util.SAXSource
gameinstance.Program.LoadScenario o gameinstance.Program
gameinstance.Program.blnLoadGame b o gameinstance.Program o gameinstance.InstancePlaceholder i4 gameinstance.PlayMode o net.GamesListItem
uiplayer.UIImp.blnAttemptToLoadGame b o uiplayer.UIImp o gameinstance.InstancePlaceholder i4 gameinstance.PlayMode o net.GamesListItem o i4o XmlDocument o gameinstance.CombinedSaveFile s
net.ClientHandlerImp.ParsedMessage o net.ClientHandlerImp i4 net.ClientHandlerImp.Command i4ss
net.ClientHandlerImp.ParseMessage o net.ClientHandlerImp sb
net.ClientHandlerImp.Message o net.ClientHandlerImp s
net.IPCMessageSocket.ForwardMessages o net.IPCMessageSocket
Delegate.IM Invoke
util.DelegateTimer.Event Action o util.DelegateTimer
Application. CallFunctionWithExceptionHandling o Application p

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