Rulers of Xth century Levant

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Re: Rulers of Xth century Levant

Post by Ironclad » Sat Sep 24, 2016 1:32 pm

Ironclad (Fatimids) 60/74 v Lysimachos (Byzantines) 55/55

The Fatimids advancing with their left supported by the infantry centre were taken aback when the Byzantines decided to give them a full runaround. This clever move left the main Fatimid cavalry force rapidly behind and exposed their infantry formations and weak right cavalry to the encircling massed mounted Byzantines which were moving rapidly towards the Fatimid camp.

In good Brexit fashion :) the Fatimids marched to deny their enemy freedom of movement, risky as the infantry in the vanguard and core broke into clusters that the Byzantines were hoping to pick off. The Fatimids, now in a central position, were able to send sufficient cavalry from left to right to bolster their weakened flank. As both armies closed up, the battle lines were drawn up north to south, producing constant ructions from routing formations. The Fatimids in greater numbers and with probably more superior close order cavalry supporting their resisting heavy infantry eventually gained mastery helped by enemy anarchy charges.

Yet another exciting and unusual battle. Thanks Lysimachos for a fun, tough game which saw both C In Cs killed/routed and the Byzantine camp stormed.

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