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Empire campaign

Post by george123 » Sun Oct 05, 2014 2:28 pm

Turn Summary

1. Treasury Allocation
2. Treasury Actions
3. Moves on Map
4. Battles
5. Random Event
6. Turn report

1. Treasury Allocation
Treasury points will be awarded based on provinces held; some provinces are richer in resources and provide more points than others.

Standard province 200pts
Resource province 300pts (grain symbol)
Capital Viden 400pts

Unused resource points can be carried forward.

2. Treasury Actions
Raising an Army
Armies will cost the required number of army build/resource points. An army can only be raised in a province controlled by your House. The maximum army size will be 500pts. The army must be raised by one of your generals.

Maintaining an army
It will cost 25% of the army total value of resource points to keep the army in the field. An army stationed in a province with a major city costs 10%.

Major Cities
• Viden
• Pleven
• Hust
• Regen
• Vallan
• Bran
• Turnu
• Ocna

A general can chose to release troops at the end of each season to reduce the cost of maintaining an army.

Resource points can be used to build improvements to your provinces.

Fortify 400pts reduces maintenance cost to 10%.
+50 free build points for an army attacked whilst in that province
Temple 300pts +1 stability point per turn
Suburbs 300pts Adds 100pts to treasury allocation each turn

There is 33% chance of each building being destroyed if there is a battle in that province, irrespective of the outcome.

Grain distribution
Stability level can be increased +1 level if 400 resources points are allocated in that turn.

3. Movement
Each army may move 1 province

Where two armies attack the same province, they will be given the option to withdraw. If both continue to attack they will fight each other. The province will remain unconquered.

The following provinces contain large Navy docks. Any armies in those provinces can be transported to any other coastal province. The army will miss the next turn whilst in transport.
• Pleven
• Bran
• Ocna

4. Battles
A maximum of 2 battles may be initiated each turn.
Superior/Elite troops will be limited to 1 unit per 100pts.

Post Battle
• If a troop/field general wins a battle by greater than 15pts there is a 50% chance he will be upgraded after the battle to the next level.
• If a win of greater than 15pts is achieved there is a 50% chance that a further single superior/elite unit will be available to that army only
• Any general losing by more than 15pts will have a 25% chance of being demoted.
• Should a general be killed he can be replaced with a general promoted from the ranks, he will have a random Troop/Field status.

5. Random Events
Each turn there will be a roll on a random events table for each house, some events will benefit the House some less so…

6. Turn Report


• Stability
Every House has its own stability level ranging from 1 – 10 (max). The starting level will be 7.

The stability level will vary each turn depending on

Killing an enemy house leader +2
Grain distribution +1
Land battle victory +1
Control of Varna +1

Death of a leader -2
Land Battle defeat -1
Break peace treaty -1

Once the stability level reaches 0 the House disintegrates and will be removed from the game.

• Garrison
On taking a province there is a chance that the province will revolt in the following turns

Turn 1 33%
Turn 2 20%
Turn 3 10%

For every 100pts of troops remaining the province the chance is reduced by 10%.

• Alliances
Players can enter in to any non-aggression alliance or unite against another House. It’s up to you to PM another House

• Peace Treaty
This is an official declaration and will hold in force for a turn. Any House breaking a treaty will lose a stability level.

• Mountains
Won’t affect this game.

• Minor Houses
These are the grey regions and will be played by me. To start with I will randomly assign an army/points/general to the province. These Houses have their own ambitions and may seek to take advantage of a weakened House.

• The winner
The winner will be determined by the total of stability and provinces held. There will be one point for each stability level and 2 per province. Viden counts as 3.

Starting the Game
1. Pick an army from Immortal Fire and name your House and generals. Pick two armies of 400pts and allocate each to one of your provinces. PM me with the information.
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Starting Positions and Resources

Post by george123 » Sat Oct 25, 2014 8:54 pm

House: Pilites
Leader (Inspired): Agabreadoven
General (Field): Pheroshus
Army : Graeco-Bactrian, mounted
Starting provinces: Viden, Tolna
Starting Resources: 1160

House: Harkonen
Leader (Inspired): Demetrious
General (Field): Anitpater
Army: Ipsos Alliance
Starting provinces: Shen, Vallan
Starting Resources 960

Greetings 44
House: Barca
Leader (Inspired): Derek
General (Field): Clive
Army: Carthaginians
Starting provinces: Hust, Borsod
Starting Resources: 660

House: Zenobia
Leader (Inspired): Epiphanes
General (Field): Cleopatra
Army: Seleucid Successor
Starting provinces: Temes, Turnu
Starting Resources: 1040

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Re: Empire campaign

Post by Asterix_von_TWC » Tue Dec 02, 2014 12:38 pm

Would love to join another if there was a chance!

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Re: Empire campaign

Post by GrudgeBringer » Thu Apr 23, 2015 12:37 pm

I also would be very interested if a slot would open up

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Re: Empire campaign

Post by klayeckles » Sun Oct 02, 2016 5:18 pm

ME too!!

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