Airstrike gets 90% on Armchair General !

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Airstrike gets 90% on Armchair General !

Post by admin » Thu Aug 12, 2010 4:00 am

<p>An exceptional review for <a target="_self" href=" ... >Airstrike Eagles of World War II</strong></a> has been published on Armchair General with a final score of <strong>90%</strong> !</p>
<p>Here are a few quotes from the article:</p>
<li><em>The background graphics of the game are stunning<br type="_moz" />
<li><em>Airstrike Eagles of World War 2 is wonderfully fun</em></li>
<li><em>Tons of replay value.</em></li>
<p>Check out the <a target="_blank" href=" ... .htm">full article</a> and download the <a target="_self" href="">demo</a> to test it yourself !</p>

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