Another stunning review for Egypt !

iPad/PC/PSP/iPhone : Fast paced empire building strategy game, with city management, armies, battles, diplomacy and more.

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Another stunning review for Egypt !

Post by admin » Thu May 12, 2011 4:00 am

<p>It's time for another great review for <strong><a target="_blank" href="">HISTORY Egypt Engineering an Empire HD</a></strong> for iPad !</p>
<p>MobileTechReview gave it a great and detailed score:</p>
<p><strong>Graphics</strong>: -4- The graphics look nice and detailed, on par with a couple year old computer game.

<strong>Sound</strong>: -4- Nice background music with good sound effects, only thing missing is custom music.

<strong>Controls</strong>: -5- Controls work well and make this game feel like a top quality game.

<strong>Gameplay</strong>: -4- Gameplay is fun and enjoyable but is missing some of the depth of the big name games like Civilization.</p>
<p>And here are a few quotes:</p>
<p>Overall History Egypt is a fun game that should appeal to most simulation/strategy game fans especially those that enjoy the Civilization game titles.</p>
<p>History Egypt is well worth the asking price</p>
<p>The touch controls work perfectly and are very intuitive for this type of game. The interface allows you to easily see all the useful information and access any part of your development without going through lots of menus.</p>
<p>To read the full review, just follow the <strong><a target="_blank" href=" ... ong>...</p>

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