[BLD] deprecated build - v1.8.16.927 bRC8

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[BLD] deprecated build - v1.8.16.927 bRC8

Post by cothyso » Wed Nov 20, 2013 9:15 pm

by cothyso » 12 November 2013 00:02

The FoG(U) v1.8.16.927 bRC8 (beta Release Candidate 8 )

bRC8: fixes, features (new replay system, new sound system, new async MP client-server communication protocol, new package system, new random adaptive generator system, new GUI additions) and optimizations (Unity v4.2 engine upgrade, uWebKit v1.5b plugin upgrade, iOS compatibility, LoS computation, FoW computer & display, MP game flow, etc)
bRC7: fixes, features (new rendering system, GUI polishing, new MP PBEM2 server, new MP communication compression protocol, new SP DAG game flow, new MP game flow, new MP games info, new SP/MP games options, scenario/map preview, SP/MP DAG themed armies, the FoW and many others), WFS and OOF (OFE and OFL) army lists fixes and modifications, WFS and OOF (OFE) starter army lists
bRC6u04: fixes, features (new minimap BGs colors, new gameplay rules modifications), OOF (OFE and OFL) final army lists
bRC6u03: fixes, features (action undo, anarchy charge and compulsory anarchy charge phase, new gameplay rules modifications), asset bundles format modifications, OOF (OFE and OFL) preliminary army lists
bRC6u02: fixes, FOG(RB) manual corrections, gameplay modifications (army leaders can not command allied BG's anymore, and allied leaders main army BGs, rear rank support taken into consideration in ranged combat POAs computation, modified DAG rear rank support additional costs, full movement points pursuit), features (map auto-rotation) and WFS final army lists
bRC6u01: fixes
bRC6: fixes, modifications, new additions (DAG exclusive unit groups, game pause, take screenshots), new formations, new units, WFS preliminary army lists

Welcome to the FoG(U) beta pre-view!

Please remember that this is a beta pre-view, and all the information regarding it (data to access to FTP, the build itself, or any other info about it) falls under the beta NDA (which is considered accepted by you at the moment you're accessing the FTP), and you can not share it with anyone else except Slitherine and Newrosoft staff.


(full version)
http://www.x-2.info/FoG/beta/FoG(U)_201 ... 7_bRC8.rar
http://www.x-2.info/FoG/beta/FoG(U)_201 ... 7_bRC8.exe
http://www.x-2.info/FoG/beta/FoG(U)_201 ... 7_bRC8.sfv

(small version)
http://www.x-2.info/FoG/beta/FoG(U)_201 ... 7_bRC8.rar
http://www.x-2.info/FoG/beta/FoG(U)_201 ... 7_bRC8.exe
http://www.x-2.info/FoG/beta/FoG(U)_201 ... 7_bRC8.sfv

(not uploaded in here yet)
FTP: ftp://devel.matrixgames.com
user: FOGBetaTester
no password

You can use any FTP client you would want to (trying to use the FTP directly via your browser might not always work). You can use Total Commander's internal FTP (http://www.ghisler.com/download.htm), which is free (shareware).

The build's .rar archive contains the build itself and its readme files. There is also a .exe self-extracting archive containing both the build and its readme files. The .sfv file is a Total Commander checksum file which can be used to verify the integrity of your downloaded .rar or .exe build archives.

The build is contained into the a .rar archive. It should be unpacked using any rachive un-packer which knows the .rar archive format. You should best use WinRar itself (http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm), which is also free (shareware). We're also providing the build as a self-extracting (rar) archive.

The content of the archive should be put a folder with full write rights, best directly into a folder on your Desktop (you can also use My Docs or on any drive other than the system's C one).

To start the build up, you just need to execute the FoG .exe file. At the first run, you will be asked to provide your FoG(RB) (currently FoG released game) serial numbers. The build would not run without at least providing the FoG base game serial number.

While in Unity's launcher, you can also set the build to run in full-screen or windowed mode, and select the general graphics (Unity renderer's output) quality.

LMB = left mouse button
RMB = right mouse button
LALT = left ALT
RALT = right ALT
RCTRL = right CTRL

The minimum controls you need to know about:
  • a) in game
    • - no picked-up BG + LMB on a moveable BG => picking the BG up
      - picked-up BG + LMB on a deployment area free hex => places the BG
      - (no picked-up BG + LMB on a moveable BG + hold & drag + LMB release => places the BG)
      - no selected BG + LMB on a selectable BG => selects a BG
      - selected BG + LMB on a MArea hex => moves a BG to the desired MArea hex
      - selected BG + mouse hoovering over a MArea hex => automatic movement path
      - selected BG + LALT + mouse hoovering over a EBG => changes impact hex selection
      - selected BG + LALT + mouse hoovering over an impact hex => changes charged EBG selection
      - selected BG + LCTRL + mouse hoovering over a MArea hex => manual movement path
      - selected BG + RMB + hold & drag => rotates the BG
      - no selected BG + Z + RMB => switches BG's evade behavior (always evade(default)/auto/no evade)
      - no selected BG + X + RMB => switches BG's alternative version (mounted/dismounted)
      - M => switches the minimap on/off (default on)
      - C => switches the combat prediction panel info on/off
      - G => switches the map hex grid info on/off
      - R => rotates the map
      - P => pauses the game
      - Y => switches the MP Chat on/off
      - ` (the key to the left of the 1 key, upper left part of the keyboard for most of the keyboards) switches the Debug Console on/off (default off)
      - no selected BG + RCTRL + LMB => forces a cohesion rise on the clicked BG
      - no selected BG + RCTRL + RMB => forces a cohesion drop on the clicked BG
      - no selected BG + RALT + LMB/RMB & drag => free placement/rotation of BGs (to allow set up test positions fast)
      - F1 switches the help on/off
      - F11 takes a screenshot
      - F12 switches the Debug Menu on/off. You can use it to modify console's output (first column), to force the output of various game methods (second column, the names should be self explanatory), or turn various panels on/off and also modify their output
    b) editor:
    • - BG tool:
      • - LMB + no BG on hex -> place BG
        - LMB + no BG on hex + RCTRL -> force place a DS BG (double-sized battle-group)
        - LMB + a BG on hex + hold & drag -> move BG
        - RMB + a BG on hex + hold & drag -> BG change facing
        - RMB + a BG on hex + LCTRL -> edit BG properties
        - RMB + a BG on hex + RCTRL -> delete BG
      - Elevation tool:
      • - LMB -> place (cascaded) elevation
        - LMB + LALT -> group set same elevation (all hexes with the same elevation as the edited hex, and "touching" it will be forced to the new elevation)
        - RMB + elevated hex -> elevation hillsided/steep switch
        - RMB + elevated hex + LCTRL -> group elevation hillsided/steep switch (for all hexes "touching" the edited hex)
      - Hex tool
      • - LMB + non-paired terrain type -> set terrain type
        - LMB + non-paired terrain type + drag -> group set terrain type
        - LMB + paired terrain type + drag -> set paired terrain type (roads, streams)
        - RMB -> resets any terrain type to Open, no elevation, no pairs, no special terrain (and updates all neighbor hexes)
        - RMB + RALT -> marks the hex (a "m" will apear in front of Hex[]'ex info from the Hexes primary info area)
        - RMB + RCTRL -> switches hex'es force-edge property true/false (default is true): used to force the map edge hexes material index from auto to manual)
      - General
      • - H -> switches on/off an over-hex tooltip window
There are various other controls, especially for the editor, but you should be fine with the above short list.

  • - the build contains no active AI yet, and therefore you can only play single-player hotseat, or multi-player
The console log is your BEST friend. To have a better and more detailed look at the in-game console output, open the console log into the in-game help, or keep the console_log.txt file (from game's root folder) open into any text editor (Notepad should do just fine).

When sending a beta report over beta boards/email, please make sure that:
  • - the beta board thread starts with a [BUG] (<build's version number>) <text> when you're reporting a bug. Try to look for thread sand post in other threads about the same problem (if any available)
    - the post/email must contain at least the console_log.txt and output_log.txt files as attachments, and any other relevant screenshots and/or information
    - the beta board thread starts with a [FDB] (<build's version number>) <text> when sending general feedback
    - the beta board thread starts with a [REQ] (<build's version number>) <text> when asking for new features
    - the email's subject is FoG(U) BETA - BUG REPORT (<build's version number>) <text> when you're reporting a bug
    - the email's subject is FoG(U) BETA - FEEDBACK (<build's version number>) <text> when sending general feedback
Get used (for now) to use the in-game Quick Save button as often as you can. Having a saved game to provide when as close as possible to a reported a gameplay problem would greatly help us reproduce and locate it. When providing bug reports, please attach any available saved game(s) & screenshots, the console_log.txt and output_log.txt files and a (detailed) description about the encountered problem and necessary steps to reproduce it.

Have a look at the whole game, and let us know what do you think about.. everything you'll find important to mention, please :)

Please use the beat boards if you have any problems related with this build.

You can also directly contact me via email (dan . antonescu @ newrosoft . com), Yahoo Messenger (adonys13), Steam (adonys) or Skype (antonescu.dan).


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