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Private First Class - Opel Blitz
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New Faction's

Post by SheepJust » Wed Jun 25, 2014 9:13 pm

I wanted to add a new faction as i see it's possible, and attempts in the past trying to create copy paste fractions literally the same factions just renamed and then i was gonna change the bonuses haven't gone well, I was wondering if any one else has done this successfully as I want to add a new race and later build on that to make an alien race to play as that builds all the pre-invasion aliens, i can get existing factions to spawn the aliens but i can't seem to make a new faction and i don't want to overwrite the old ones but copy paste them and change it.

thanks for reading

Private First Class - Opel Blitz
Private First Class - Opel Blitz
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Re: New Faction's

Post by Temphix » Wed Jun 25, 2014 9:44 pm

Hi, you can find a mod which has 6 new factions:
viewtopic.php?f=279&t=48504&sid=3655296 ... a5274548f1

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Private First Class - Opel Blitz
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Re: New Faction's

Post by SheepJust » Thu Jun 26, 2014 9:58 am

Thanks i found that one, but its from the old version so i'm updating it before i add more factions, problem is it doesn't like spectators and this is the data/core/languages/factions file with the 6 new factions and spectators, however without the spectators it launches fine, i think the spectators count's as another player and I have a limit somewhere of 12 players instead of 13. Anyone with me? xD

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<entry name="Aspidochs" value="Aspidochs"/>
<entry name="Bugs" value="Bugs"/>
<entry name="Ecologic" value="Terra Salvum"/>
<entry name="EcologicDescription" value="The Earth-founded organization that became Terra Salvum started out as an array of pressure-groups, scattered over the planet, in the late 20th century. As the 21st century progressed and the climate collapsed, they won more supporters to their cause, especially in the areas where natural resources were being over-exploited -- Africa, South America and parts of Asia -- as well as in liberal parts of the west.<br/><br/>Gradually, the organizations realized that the only way to talk to governments was to match their size. In the 2040s, following a decade of terrorism and warfare that scarred Earth, these pressure groups merged into Terra Salvum, using their combined influence and financial power to make their opinions count just as much as the corporations. Their more-militant arm became especially feared in international waters.<br/><br/>When Pandora was discovered, Terra Salvum didn't have the finances to buy one of Noxium's terrifyingly-expensive cruise-colonizers. Thankfully with the aid of developing world hackers, the organization managed to 'acquire' the blueprints for the ships. Friendly scientists donated their lives to rapidly decode these and the resources of a small nation were poured into building a single colony ship. However, the organization simply couldn't afford the extra cost of building enough hibernation units and radiation shielding before launch -- so they didn't.<br/><br/>Given their exposure to hard radiation during the transit to Pandora, most of the adult ecologists sickened and died, leaving a crew of young, fervent green warriors growing up on the ship, most of whom had never seen an Earth flower. On landing, the young Vivian Gardinier, daughter of the former leader Elora, was appointed as her mother's replacement. Her peaceful followers -- after more than two decades of imprisonment on a radiation-riddled spaceship -- long for a living world and are determined that the war for natural resources which bled old Earth white will never happen on Pandora. "/>
<entry name="EcologicLeaderPrename" value="Vivian"/>
<entry name="EcologicLeaderSurname" value="Gardinier"/>
<entry name="EcologicLeaderTitle" value="Advocate"/>
<entry name="EcologicProperties" value="<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Ecologic: +1 <icon texture='Resources/Minerals'/> minerals from forests and fungus<br/><icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Frugal: +25% <icon texture='Resources/Habitat'/> habitat<br/><icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Sympathetic: -50% <icon texture='Factions/NativeIcon' width='16'/> alien aggression<br/><icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Peaceful: -25% <icon texture='Attributes/Power'/> power when attacking"/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Technologies: Modular Housing
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Extra Units: Colonizer, Trooper"/>
<entry name="EcologicQuote" value="<style name='Italic'/>"Our ancestors knew how much Earth was suffering, but they kept their ways, and we paid the price. Now that we have found this untouched new world, have we learned from our ancestors' mistakes? If not, how will the alien ecosystem react to our intrusion?"<br/> -- %1%, Alien Ecosystems<style name='Default'/>"/>
<entry name="EcologicTheme" value="Ecologic"/>
<entry name="EcologicWelcome" value="You are %1%, leader of the ecologic %2%. Reckless industries and the war for natural resources have bled out old Earth, our once rich and abundant homeworld is nothing but a shadow of its former self. While other factions might be on a path to repeat the same mistakes again, you and your followers have respect for the environment and humanity, treating the planet and its children with the respect they deserve."/>
<entry name="Economic" value="Noxium Corporation"/>
<entry name="EconomicDescription" value="No one would have believed in the last years of the nineteenth century that Earth was being controlled keenly and closely by intelligences more subtle than most men's. The Noxium Corporation didn't exist then, of course. But the handful of greedy men who valued their own happiness more highly than that of a thousand others had existed since the 17th century.<br/><br/>The slow cartelization of most economic markets really took off in the 19th century, but advanced marvelously in the 20th century, and in the USA in particular. By the end of 2000, the poorest 80% of people in the USA owned just 15% of the country's wealth -- and that fell to 10% in the next five years.<br/><br/>By the 21st century, these financiers had reached an almost perfect capitalist state. They did nothing. They produced nothing. They gambled huge amounts of money on stock markets like roulette wheels, but hid it carefully when the tax-man came to call. When the countries of the world, driven to desperation by their collapsing incomes, eliminated tax havens, these financiers just bought up the nascent space industry and moved into orbit.<br/><br/>Noxium wasn't the first company to make money from space habitats -- in fact its main focus was on asteroid mining -- but its establishment of the so-called Ceres Cartel with the Empire Management mercenary group in the 2030s meant that it was quite soon the only business in town. Habitats that weren't launched with the cartel's approval had a horrible habit of being struck by micrometeorites, exploding on launch or directing themselves into a burn-up orbit while the occupants slept. The commercial war was bloody but understandably short-lived.<br/><br/>The Ceres Cartel held together for the best part of forty years, until 2075 when the first interstellar probes reported back from the superterran exoplanet Tau Ceti e. Though the planet was uninhabitable, the prospect of space colonization suddenly reawakened Noxium's dozing commercial instincts and plans for interstellar ships were put into effect. Unfortunately, Noxium foolishly neglected to take their military allies Imperium into their new venture, instead allying with the production facilities of the Solar Dynasty and the design geniuses of Togra University.<br/><br/>Imperium's vengeful raid on the Callisto headquarters of Noxium's mining operation killed off the Ceres Cartel totally. The Imperium vacuum troopers took the prototype ship -- intended for Noxium's own use -- which Imperium then used to head to Pandora. It's worth noting that though the Noxium board was angry at the Imperium for this, it was mainly that they hadn't realised space-piracy would be such a lucrative business model. Instead, they focused their ire on Noxium's own security section, who soon found that, whilst accountants might be boring people, it doesn't take much imagination to cancel your bonus and/or throw you out of an airlock.<br/><br/>Retrenching and belatedly establishing their own security force, Noxium built itself a new colony ship, and hastened for the new markets of Pandora, ripe for the exploitation of its physical, human and financial capital."/>
<entry name="EconomicLeaderPrename" value="Eric"/>
<entry name="EconomicLeaderSurname" value="Preston"/>
<entry name="EconomicLeaderTitle" value="Director"/>
<entry name="EconomicProperties" value"
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Economic: +25% <icon texture='Resources/Credits'/> credits from taxes<br/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Bargainers: 25% <icon texture='Resources/Credits'/> better prices<br/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Wealthy: +120 <icon texture='Resources/Credits'/> starting credits<br/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Extravagant: -25% <icon texture='Resources/Habitat'/> habitat
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Technologies: Stock Exchange
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Extra Units: Colonizer, Trooper"/>
<entry name="EconomicQuote" value="<style name='Italic'/>"In this day and age, supply and demand is the driving force behind society. I made several fortunes by understanding the market, by buying and selling at the right times, and to the right people. In this world, provided you have the liquidity, nothing is impossible."<br/> -- %1%, Planetary Markets<style name='Default'/>"/>
<entry name="EconomicTheme" value="Economic"/>
<entry name="EconomicWelcome" value="You are %1%, leader of the economic %2%. Your people value riches above everything and have elevated trade and haggling to art forms. While they are highly skilled in all forms of commerce, their extravagant style and pretentious architecture result in a waste of living space noticeably felt by the less fortunate individuals of your society."/>
<entry name="Fanatic" value="Divine Ascension"/>
<entry name="FanaticDescription" value="The Divine Ascension is a theocratic monarchy and the colorfully-named Lady Lilith Vermillion is its absolute monarch. Born as simple Lily Maroon in 2010s rural America, Lily's wild early years hardly gave signs that she would one day be regarded as next-to-god by billions; drinking, gambling, blackmail and more sordid sins all came naturally to her.<br/><br/>Her first steps on the path to godhood came, though, when a nerdy drinking buddy signed her up to a major social network as a prank. Never having used these, Lily saw, where few had before, the potential for social networks as a natural outgrowth of evangelical organizations -- and as a tool for blackmail.<br/><br/>Taking elements of major modern cults, and using her underworld connections, Lily founded the world's first entirely online religion in 2038. Then the second. And third. Intrigued by the success and experiencing a taste for power, she changed her name to Lilith Vermillion and with the help of Togra's off-shelf AI designers founded hundreds of new religions. Some riffing on old favorites like The Greek Autodocs Church, some entirely new, like Blessed Abduction, but all plugged deeply into user's online lives. Each one was subtly different, but all had Divine Ascension and the unity of all religions as their heart, their eventual revealed truth.<br/><br/>That wasn't Divine Ascension's biggest secret though. The precepts of the church were extremely hierarchical and to reach the next level of salvation, believers had to put their trust in their higher-ups -- revealing their darkest secrets as part of ascension rituals, projected live on the social network. Essentially, every step up the hierarchy knew the dirty secrets of every person below them. And Lady Vermillion, aided by data-mining AIs, sits at the top.<br/><br/>Now imagine trying to leave such a network. You're all being automatically blackmailed, your income siphoned, your friends and family incentivized to betray doubters so they can be 'healed' at the special reformation camps in Siberia. There's no way out, save to disappear entirely.<br/><br/>By the 2040s, Divine Ascension was one of the largest religions on earth. Some of the followers truly believed; those who didn't kept their mouths firmly shut. But now the really strange part started. Lilith, a grasping materialist since birth, finally found herself with the luxury to rest, think; and found that she genuinely had faith, in herself, as a god. Now this might have been a result of the brain trauma she received after an assassination attempt, and it didn’t change anything about the cruelty and authoritarianism of her organization – but it changed the religion’s aims. She was a god; now she wanted a planet of her own.<br/><br/>Using the fabulous wealth of a tithe drawn from a billion people, Lilith had Noxium build her a fabulous space cathedral, a Gothic rotational habitat that was decorated as a prayer wheel, turning the sun's rays into rotational force, and hence prayer, and incidentally gravity. With her faithful few, she retreated into meditative cryo-pods in the hub of the habitat. Here they lay, aging only slowly, waiting for the discovery of a world she could call her own -- and the science to get there.<br/><br/>In the 2080s, the Pandora announcement invigorated her religions. Vermillion's instructions were clear -- her cryo-pod and those of the faithful were loaded straight into her custom-built Noxium colonization ship and sent to the stars, while her fearful faithful prayed for her deliverance (and many secretly hoped she never came back).<br/><br/>On Pandora, Lady Vermillion sits at the top of a social pyramid that combines the worst parts of Facebook, Scientology and North Korea. Her zealous followers worship her for being god's instrument to express his will among men. She believes it's her destiny to show her people the right path, and lead them to a prosperous future in a promised land. Pandora is that promised land. Woe betide any heathens who get in her way."/>
<entry name="FanaticLeaderPrename" value="Lilith"/>
<entry name="FanaticLeaderSurname" value="Vermillion"/>
<entry name="FanaticLeaderTitle" value="Lady"/>
<entry name="FanaticProperties" value="
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Fanatic: -25% <icon texture='Attributes/Production'/> unit cost<br/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Aggressive: +25% <icon texture='Attributes/Power'/> power when attacking<br/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Zealous: +2 <icon texture='Resources/Morale'/> morale<br/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Conservative: -33% <icon texture='Resources/Research'/> research from scientists
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Technologies: Holographic Projections
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Extra Units: Colonizer, Trooper"/>
<entry name="FanaticQuote" value="<style name='Italic'/>"God has finally shown us the path to a new paradise, so do not fear my brothers and sisters -- for I am destined to be the shepherd leading you to salvation."<br/> -- %1%, The Path to Salvation<style name='Default'/>"/>
<entry name="FanaticTheme" value="Fanatic"/>
<entry name="FanaticWelcome" value="You are %1% of the fanatic %2%. You are the head of a theocratic monarchy, and your zealous followers worship you for being god's instrument to express his will among men. It is your destiny to show your people the right path, and lead them to a prosperous future in a promised land."/>
<entry name="Flyers" value="Flyers"/>
<entry name="Giants" value="Giants"/>
<entry name="Industrious" value="Solar Dynasty"/>
<entry name="IndustriousDescription" value="The prevailing theme of the short twentieth century (1914-1991) was the clash of authoritarian ideologies. Communism, fascism and capitalism fought throughout the century, with none of them emerging with its reputation intact. Indeed, the only 'isms' that did emerge successfully were authoritarianism and pragmatism -- both as practiced effectively by the Chinese Communist party from the late 1930s. By always acting in the interest of the majority over the interest of any single individual, the Chinese state emerged with a brutally effective economy by the late 20th century.<br/><br/>But, as Plato observed, regimes always decay towards tyranny. Chinese communism was no exception, though the efforts of the National People's Congress to execute and subjugate overweening leaders to their authority until the early 2060s were impressively effective. It was only with the appointment of Sheng Xi as Chairman of the Central Guidance Commission for Building Spiritual Civilization that they made a misstep.<br/><br/>Like Caesar and Napoleon before him, Sheng Xi made carefully-brutal steps towards the suppression of resistance. The early steps are of little interest -- his birth in Xiamen, his rapid rise through the party and accession to the Politburo. However, his own business is of note -- a firm specializing in genetic manipulation (essential for progress in the ranks) used by the elite to guarantee children and sons (whispered to involve cloning technology for the more infertile cases). By the time of the final National Congress in 2062, Sheng was General Secretary and powerful -- too powerful in fact, so that rumors rumbled in the state media that the Congress would take him down a peg.<br/><br/>What happened at the final National Congress, no-one really knows. The state media blames the detonation of poison gas bombs on Uighur and Nepalese separatists, but we do know that after the event, Sheng's authority was unchallenged. He changed his title from General Secretary to Prime Minister and, to prevent further attacks on the new Congress, had them all shipped up to a new Noxium-built habitat in orbit about Saturn.<br/><br/>This habitat was, in fact, his pleasure palace, where complicit members lived a life of bliss. (No-one knows what happened to any dissidents, but there was always a large supply of shipboard protein.) With the consent of his Congress-slaves, Sheng changed the name of the country to the Solar Dynasty, and died in bliss, while his people suffered.<br/><br/>His clone-son, Yun Xi, became Prime Minister after him and it was he who took the Solar Dynasty to Pandora. Yun's people slaved in the shipyards of the asteroid belt for Noxium, turning the rare ores into the refined metals needed. His people also built every last interstellar transport, working long hours in leaky spacesuits, until they dropped. Togra had the designs, Noxium the resources, and Yun had the manpower.<br/><br/>Yun Xi, like his father, is concerned with the greatness of his people. They only know him as father of the country, the spiritual and physical successor to his father. But he seeks to remake the state in his image. His clones are seeded throughout the state, in positions of authority; indeed, the majority of the colonists taken to Pandora are Yun's clones too, with the other passengers just there as make-weights, in case genetic diversity is needed.<br/><br/>Yun's aim on Pandora is to build a perfect state, in his image -- strong, resolute and clear in purpose. He has already sold his state and his people to reach Pandora -- if every other living thing has to suffer for the greater goal too, so be it."/>
<entry name="IndustriousLeaderPrename" value="Yun"/>
<entry name="IndustriousLeaderSurname" value="Xi"/>
<entry name="IndustriousLeaderTitle" value="Prime Minister"/>
<entry name="IndustriousProperties" value="
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Industrious: +50% <icon texture='Resources/Production'/> production from workers<br/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Exploitive: free <icon texture='Units/FormerIcon' height='16'/> former<br/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Reckless: +50% <icon texture='Resources/Pollution'/> pollution<br/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Unhappy: 0 (needs work) <icon texture='Resources/Morale'/> morale<br/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Technologies: Mineral Refining<br/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Fertile: +25% <icon texture='Resources/PositiveGrowth'/> growth
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Extra Units: Colonizer, Trooper"/>
<entry name="IndustriousQuote" value="<style name='Italic'/>"People need guidance. Without control and authority there is anarchy, and the masses would simply consume themselves. It is the duty of the enlightened few to lead, to give them a purpose, to channel their strength. Unified they are privileged to serve in a dynasty that will shake the very foundations of this new world."<br/> -- %1%, Leadership of the State<style name='Default'/>"/>
<entry name="IndustriousTheme" value="Industrious"/>
<entry name="IndustriousWelcome" value="You are %1% of the industrious %2%. Your followers are large in numbers, and you control them with absolute authority by suppression and censorship. It is your doctrine that planetary sovereignty is achieved on the back of a strong industry, and if people or planet have to suffer for the greater goal, so be it."/>
<entry name="Invaders" value="Harbingers"/>
<entry name="Leviathans" value="Leviathans"/>
<entry name="Militaristic" value="Imperium"/>
<entry name="MilitaristicDescription" value="At the end of the 20th century, war got expensive, fast. When a single-shot dumb missile costs more than a small town, you can't just fire them at anyone -- but the Western powers did, fearful of losing even a single soldier. Most first-world soldiers never got within a mile of a living enemy, and their autonomous drones fought their wars for them.<br/><br/>Meanwhile their developing-world opponents cobbled together countertech from video game consoles, how-to guides on 4chan and sheer bile. It was asymmetric warfare to the nth degree, one side using money, the other lives.<br/><br/>For the West it got to the point, where a single soldier's death was a tragedy -- so it was simpler to hire veterans, mercenaries and the insurgents themselves. The corporation that fronted all this -- that provided a one-click military solution anywhere in the world, dropping bombs like ordering pizzas -- was Empire Management, originally an internet logistics firm run by Chad Harrigan and Buck Smith, a pair of Muscle Marys from Venice Beach, California.<br/><br/>Empire's rise to dominance was fast, thanks to the terrorism scares of the 2030s. It was often rumored that Empire's boys supplied the terrorists too -- indeed, that they instigated minor insurgencies in key mineral territories when the global warfare levels dropped. Empire's troops, raised in private camps to work in squads called 'legions', were recognized as the best on the planet. Soon, warring factions could bid against each other for Empire's protection in a territory -- with the auction loser often surrendering and the winner paying the full fee, with no troops or bombs ever deployed.<br/><br/>With the private space race in full flight, Chad and Buck saw a new opportunity. They approached the management of Noxium, offering them a simple deal; access to space in return for the elimination of their competitors. Noxium agreed and, in a series of short-lived skirmishes, space became the fiefdom of the two corporations, with Empire absorbing other military firms, and pretty much merging with the US military. An internal marketing-squad renamed the firm Imperium in the late 2060s, in parody of the Solar Dynasty.<br/><br/>Chad and Buck didn't make it through the 2070s -- a loophole in their procurement software saw a disgruntled employee dump a small satellite-rod on their rural Californian home, obliterating it and the local area -- and the company was left in trust for their body-building club. Operationally, it was taken over by a young veteran, James Heid, a self-styled admiral, who'd grown up in the Spartan training camps of Ceres.<br/><br/>Within a few years of Heid's appointment, his first major challenge arrived; the Pandora discovery and the revelation that Noxium was working on transports without the involvement of Imperium. Heid's reaction was characteristically calm. During a conference call with the Noxium board, he raised the issue gently -- and was rejected, explicitly. At which point, Heid panned his camera to reveal that he was on Callisto, already silently conquered by his crack troops under his personal command, and that they had seized the prototype colony ship.<br/><br/>Heid's decision to fly personally to Pandora is pragmatic. His forces don't need Pandora -- but the company's pride couldn't stand the concept of wars without Imperium, and he was sure war was going to come on Pandora."/>
<entry name="MilitaristicLeaderPrename" value="James"/>
<entry name="MilitaristicLeaderSurname" value="Heid"/>
<entry name="MilitaristicLeaderTitle" value="Admiral"/>
<entry name="MilitaristicProperties" value="<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Militaristic: +25% <icon texture='Attributes/Power'/> power<br/><icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Resilient: +100% <icon texture='Attributes/Health'/> healing rate<br/><icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Well-trained: 3 free <icon texture='Operations/PromotionIcon' height='16'/> field training<br/><icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>High-paid: +25% <icon texture='Attributes/Upkeep'/> unit upkeep"/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Technologies: Rigorous Regiment and Adaptive fortifications
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Extra Units: Colonizer, Trooper"/>
<entry name="MilitaristicQuote" value="<style name='Italic'/>"Sure, I'm aware that for our guys this fight was a hellhole, a living nightmare. But for me, for the veterans... it was Tuesday."<br/> -- %1%, The Callisto Conflict<style name='Default'/>"/>
<entry name="MilitaristicTheme" value="Militaristic"/>
<entry name="MilitaristicWelcome" value="You are %1% of the militaristic %2%. Your specialty is warfare with expertise in all of its facets, and your imperial legions are feared across the solar system. Your society follows a strict military code, with members learning discipline and the chain of command from early on in childhood. When on duty, any imperial soldier is expected to excel, but the Imperium rewards that with a very high rate of pay."/>
<entry name="QueenFlyers" value="Comminuotors"/>
<entry name="Random" value="Random"/>
<entry name="Scientific" value="Togra University"/>
<entry name="ScientificDescription" value="Togra University was founded in 2022, with a specialism in cutting edge research in materials science -- that is, valuing practical products over pure research. Despite that, in the 21st century, Togra's professors received more Nobel prizes than the rest of the world put together.<br/><br/>Set up in 2022 by an anonymous donor, initially as a research lab specializing in frictionless material science, the University grew fat on corporate donations for its research. Soon the joke spread that if you wanted to do something immoral, then you asked Noxium -- but if it was immoral and impossible, then you asked Togra. Despite that jibe, the scientists of Togra are mostly good, honest and upright people -- just forgetful and a little too keen to chase truth at the expense of, say, a thousand lab monkeys' brains.<br/><br/>It's hard to show a history of people who sat in a lab for seventy years but, as those Nobel Prizes indicate, Togra has been behind most of the 21st century's transformational innovations. It was Togra that supplied Noxium with the theory that allowed it to develop its expertise in zero-g mining. It was Togra which advised the Solar Dynasty on cloning techniques, so Prime Minister Sheng Xi could rule (in some sense) for ever. It was even Togra which devised the schemata that allowed the interstellar probes and the great colony ships to actually reach near light-speed, without using up the energy of a small sun.<br/><br/>However, Togra's board of governors, chaired by Doctor Alpheus Schreiber, has a severe dedication to information being 'free'. So it was probably also researchers at Togra that helped Terra Salvum build their own interstellar colony ship. It's likely to be Togra that let Imperium know about Noxium's plans for the ship. And it was definitely Togra that supplied the open source AI cores that look like they could save Earth from global warming -- and might eventually take over more branches of government.<br/><br/>Most irritatingly for Togra, it was also these open source software AIs that helped Lilith Vermillion set up the social media / data-harvesting sites that eventually turned into Divine Ascension. Togra's scientists are mostly disgusted with her manipulative, truth-avoiding religion (though, as the saying goes, 'where you have two Togra, you have three opinions'.) On Pandora, their first aim is research; their second is to destroy Lady Vermillion.<br/><br/>Togra's scientists and engineers value the human intellect and academic virtues, particularly respecting personal freedom. While this freedom might result in a lack of discipline or motivation at times, this faction shows unrivaled creativity, with the brightest minds in the known universe. However, just because they're clever, doesn't mean they're all nice people."/>
<entry name="ScientificLeaderPrename" value="Alpheus"/>
<entry name="ScientificLeaderSurname" value="Schreiber"/>
<entry name="ScientificLeaderTitle" value="Doctor"/>
<entry name="ScientificProperties" value="<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Scientific: +50% <icon texture='Resources/Research'/> research from scientists<br/><icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Resourceful: -50% <icon texture='Resources/Credits'/> refit costs<br/><icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Curious: free <icon texture='Units/ATVIcon' height='16'/> seeker ATV<br/><icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Free-spirited: -2 <icon texture='Resources/Morale'/> morale"/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Technologies: Analytic Dynamics and Quantization
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Extra Units: Colonizer, Trooper"/>
<entry name="ScientificQuote" value="<style name='Italic'/>"Since the beginning of time, mankind has traveled towards new horizons and discovered new wonders along the way. However, we scholars of Togra University travel even further by discovering the natural laws that exist behind each and every wonder."<br/> -- %1%, Discoveries of a New Age<style name='Default'/>"/>
<entry name="ScientificTheme" value="Scientific"/>
<entry name="ScientificWelcome" value="You are %1% of the scientific %2%. Your faction values the human intellect and academic virtues, highly respecting personal freedom. While this freedom might result in a lack of discipline or motivation at times, your scientists show unrivaled creativity and are among the brightest in the known universe."/>
<entry name="Sharks" value="Sharks"/>
<entry name="Spectator" value="Spectator"/>
<entry name="SpectatorLeaderPrename" value=""/>
<entry name="SpectatorLeaderSurname" value=""/>
<entry name="SpectatorLeaderTitle" value="Spectator"/>
<entry name="SpectatorProperties" value=""/>
<entry name="SpectatorQuote" value=""/>
<entry name="SpectatorTheme" value=""/>
<entry name="Fungi" value="Xenophiles"/>
<entry name="FungiDescription" value="My Description<br/><br/>Continued...<br/><br/>Blahblahblah<br/><br/>yada yada yada<br/><br/>More...<br/><br/>OMG<br/><br/>C'mon<br/><br/>finally"/>
<entry name="FungiLeaderPrename" value="Antwon"/>
<entry name="FungiLeaderSurname" value="Kolisch"/>
<entry name="FungiLeaderTitle" value="Gardener"/>
<entry name="FungiProperties" value="<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Resilient: +100% <icon texture='Attributes/Health'/> healing rate<br/><icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Mushroom harvest: +1 <icon texture='Resources/Minerals'/><icon texture='Resources/Food'/> minerals and food from fungus<br/> <icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/> Technologies: Xenomorph Pheropod and Fungus Cultivation"/>
<entry name="FungiQuote" value="<style name='Italic'/>"I will not be just a tourist in the world of images, just watching images passing by which I cannot live in, make love to, possess as permanent sources of joy and ecstasy."<br/> -- %1%, How To Cook Mushrooms<style name='Default'/>"/>
<entry name="FungiTheme" value="Fungi"/>
<entry name="FungiWelcome" value="Let's kick ass."/>
<entry name="Merk" value="Pharmaceuticals INC"/>
<entry name="MerkDescription" value="My Description<br/><br/>Continued...<br/><br/>Blahblahblah<br/><br/>yada yada yada<br/><br/>More...<br/><br/>OMG<br/><br/>C'mon<br/><br/>finally"/>
<entry name="MerkLeaderPrename" value="Shaleo"/>
<entry name="MerkLeaderSurname" value="Yoodvidia"/>
<entry name="MerkLeaderTitle" value="Doctor"/>
<entry name="MerkProperties" value="
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Fertile: +20% <icon texture='Resources/PositiveGrowth'/> growth<br/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Green Recruits: -15% <icon texture='Attributes/Power'/> power<br/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Combat Cocktail: +25% <icon texture='Attributes/Power'/> power when attacking<br/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>EMT: +200% <icon texture='Attributes/Health'/> healing rate<br/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Healing Packs: 2 free <icon texture='Operations/PromotionIcon' height='16'/> Repair systems<br/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>High-paid: +50% <icon texture='Attributes/Upkeep'/> unit upkeep<br/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Technologies: Area Aid<br/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Extra Units: Colonizer, Trooper, Xeno Flyer"/>
<entry name="MerkQuote" value="<style name='Italic'/>"We are able to find everything in our memory, which is like a dispensary or chemical laboratory in which chance steers our hand sometimes to a soothing drug and sometimes to a dangerous poison."<br/> -- %1%, Journal of Science<style name='Default'/>"/>
<entry name="MerkTheme" value="Merk"/>
<entry name="MerkWelcome" value="Let's kick ass."/>
<entry name="Navy" value="Royal Navy"/>
<entry name="NavyDescription" value="Note* If you are inland build your city to get your ship to the ocean. <br/><br/>Continued...<br/><br/>Blahblahblah<br/><br/>yada yada yada<br/><br/>More...<br/><br/>OMG<br/><br/>C'mon<br/><br/>finally"/>
<entry name="NavyLeaderPrename" value="Jacque"/>
<entry name="NavyLeaderSurname" value="Crusteau"/>
<entry name="NavyLeaderTitle" value="Explorer"/>
<entry name="NavyProperties" value="
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Beach Mining: +1 <icon texture='Resources/Minerals'/>minerals from Coast<br/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Deep Sea Fishing: +1 <icon texture='Resources/Food'/> food from the ocean<br/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Free-spirited: -2 <icon texture='Resources/Morale'/> morale<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/> <br/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Technologies: Naval Transportation Logisitics and Electric Marine Propulsion
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Extra Units: Colonizer, Trooper, Watercraft"/>
<entry name="NavyQuote" value="<style name='Italic'/>"When I die, it will be a shipwreck, and as when a huge ship sinks, many people all around will be sucked down with it."<br/> -- %1%, Lulls in the Wind<style name='Default'/>"/>
<entry name="NavyTheme" value="Navy"/>
<entry name="NavyWelcome" value="Let's kick ass."/>
<entry name="Red" value="The Peoples Army"/>
<entry name="RedDescription" value="My Description<br/><br/>Continued...<br/><br/>Blahblahblah<br/><br/>yada yada yada<br/><br/>More...<br/><br/>OMG<br/><br/>C'mon<br/><br/>finally"/>
<entry name="RedLeaderPrename" value="Vlad"/>
<entry name="RedLeaderSurname" value="Phutin"/>
<entry name="RedLeaderTitle" value="Great Leader"/>
<entry name="RedProperties" value="
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Draftees: -25% unit costs<br/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Untrained: -20% <icon texture='Attributes/Power'/> power<br/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Crowded: -1 <icon texture='Resources/Morale'/> morale<br/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Small Apartments: +15% <icon texture='Resources/Habitat'/> habitat<br/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Bombardment: 2 free <icon texture='Operations/PromotionIcon' height='16'/> Orbital strikes<br/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Low-paid: -50% <icon texture='Attributes/Upkeep'/> unit upkeep <br/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Technologies: High Velocity Projectiles <br/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Extra Units: Colonizer, Trooper, Sniper"/>
<entry name="RedQuote" value="<style name='Italic'/>"You do not need to leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen. Do not even listen, simply wait, be quiet still and solitary. The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked, it has no choice, it will roll in ecstasy at your feet."<br/> -- %1%, The Last Great War<style name='Default'/>"/>
<entry name="RedTheme" value="Red"/>
<entry name="RedWelcome" value="Let's kick ass."/>
<entry name="Ganiga" value="Warlord"/>
<entry name="GanigaDescription" value="My Description<br/><br/>Continued...<br/><br/>Blahblahblah<br/><br/>yada yada yada<br/><br/>More...<br/><br/>OMG<br/><br/>C'mon<br/><br/>finally"/>
<entry name="GanigaLeaderPrename" value="Sebastiano"/>
<entry name="GanigaLeaderSurname" value="Fair"/>
<entry name="GanigaLeaderTitle" value="Master"/>
<entry name="GanigaProperties" value="
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Warmonger: +25% <icon texture='Attributes/Power'/> power on attack<br/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Prepped Warriors: 2 free <icon texture='Operations/PromotionIcon' height='16'/> Drop Pods<br/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Wellpaid: +25% <icon texture='Attributes/Upkeep'/>unit upkeep <br/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Assault Tactics and Adaptive Fortifications<br/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Extra Units: Colonizer, Trooper"/>
<entry name="GanigaQuote" value="<style name='Italic'/>"The dread of evil is a much more forcible principle of human actions than the prospect of good."<br/> -- %1%, Rants of Madness<style name='Default'/>"/>
<entry name="GanigaTheme" value="Ganiga"/>
<entry name="GanigaWelcome" value="Let's kick ass."/>
<entry name="Watchers" value="The Watchers"/>
<entry name="WatchersDescription" value="My Description<br/><br/>Continued...<br/><br/>Blahblahblah<br/><br/>yada yada yada<br/><br/>More...<br/><br/>OMG<br/><br/>C'mon<br/><br/>finally"/>
<entry name="WatchersLeaderPrename" value="Basl"/>
<entry name="WatchersLeaderSurname" value="Tomsun"/>
<entry name="WatchersLeaderTitle" value="Sir"/>
<entry name="WatchersProperties" value="
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Well-paid: +25% <icon texture='Attributes/Upkeep'/> unit upkeep<br/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Landing Scans: 2 free <icon texture='Operations/PromotionIcon' height='16'/> orbital scans<br/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Technologies: Orbital Reconnaissance and Xenotronium Sensors<br/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Extra Units: Colonizer, Trooper"/>
<entry name="WatchersQuote" value="<style name='Italic'/>"Marketers use big data profiling to predict who is about to get pregnant, who is likely to buy a new car, and who is about to change sexual orientations. That's how they know what ads to send to whom. The Watchers, meanwhile, want to know who is likely to commit an act of terrorism - and for this, will always be needed."<br/> -- %1%, A Disreguarded Pamphlet<style name='Default'/>"/>
<entry name="WatchersTheme" value="Watchers"/>
<entry name="WatchersWelcome" value="Let's kick ass."/>

Corporal - Strongpoint
Corporal - Strongpoint
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Re: New Faction's

Post by mrowka » Thu Jun 26, 2014 9:14 pm

Thats so long to read, there is here a mod that add new factions just base on it.

Private First Class - Opel Blitz
Private First Class - Opel Blitz
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Re: New Faction's

Post by SheepJust » Fri Jun 27, 2014 1:28 pm

I am basing it off the previous one what i mean is when i add a new faction i get this,

Standard exception thrown:
StringManager.cpp:115: void_thiscall
proxy::core::StringMManager::setFromFile(const class std::basic_string<char,struct std::char_traits<char>,class std@@allocator<char> > &,bool): Error:
C:/users/{user}/appdata/roaming/proxy studios/Pandora/data/core/languages/English/factions.xml(197)@expected =

When i have added everything needed for a new faction in the right place etc the audio,video,factaion data etc and then added

<entry name="Chameleon" value="Chameleon"/>
<entry name="ChameleonDescription" value="My Description<br/><br/>Continued...<br/><br/>Blahblahblah<br/><br/>yada yada yada<br/><br/>More...<br/><br/>OMG<br/><br/>C'mon<br/><br/>finally"/>
<entry name="ChameleonLeaderPrename" value="Chameleon"/>
<entry name="ChameleonLeaderSurname" value="Lord"/>
<entry name="ChameleonLeaderTitle" value="King"/>
<entry name="ChameleonProperties" value="
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Ecologic: +2 <icon texture='Resources/Minerals'/> minerals from forests and fungus<br/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Frugal: +20% <icon texture='Resources/Habitat'/> habitat<br/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Sympathetic: -70% <icon texture='Factions/NativeIcon' width='16'/> alien aggression<br/>
<icon texture='GUI/Bullet'/>Peaceful: -50% <icon texture='Attributes/Power'/> power when attacking
<entry name="ChameleonQuote" value="<style name='Italic'/>"Chameleon Text Do Later?"<br/> -- %1%, More Text <style name='Default'/>"/>
<entry name="ChameleonTheme" value="Chameleon"/>
<entry name="ChameleonWelcome" value="You are %1%, leader of the Chameleon's %2%. Reckless development and the war for natural resources bled old Earth white. Our once rich and abundant home world is now nothing but a shadow of its former self. While other factions might be on a path to repeat those mistakes, you and your followers have respect for the environment and humanity, treating the planet and its children with the care they deserve."/>

But something is wrong in this string of data, im more hopeing there is some one else on here who has tried modding this game before or xml not just copy and pasting what some one else has done?

Corporal - Strongpoint
Corporal - Strongpoint
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Re: New Faction's

Post by mrowka » Fri Jun 27, 2014 8:37 pm

Thers something wrong at line 197 it expect = somwhere around that area.
It dont means it needs =, thers might other typo error that make it think that way.
Just look on line 196,197 and 198 for typos:)

String is resposible mostly for text type so like in your case the stuff on faction you do now is string like:

Code: Select all

<entry name="string" value="string"/>
<entry name="Chameleon" value="Chameleon"/>

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