Patch 1.02 Available and Changelog

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Patch 1.02 Available and Changelog

Post by Surtur » Thu Dec 11, 2014 9:28 am

Hi guys,

we are pleased to announce v1.02 is now available. It contains a very long list of fixes. More than we thought and were planning.

You can download the patch here, or use the updater tool. The steam version of the game will be updated automatically.

Please note that some balance changes will only take effect when you start a new campaign. For example infantry unit size changes. If you want to continue an existing game you can work around this by upgrading your infantry to a different type and then back again and it will reset all your stats and you can continue with new fully sized squads.

You can see the full list below.

Fixed bugs:
• Game screen sometimes goes black after Alt-Tabbing out of the game, changing desktop resolution or suspending the PC.
• Upon exiting and restarting the game, the voice volume slider resets to default.
• Some edit boxes miss caret.
• The description for Max Hit Points is missing.(IDS_HELP_MAX_HIT_POINTS)
• On square monitors main menu background image is cropped correctly now, but in Loading screen it is still distorted
• Killed unit list does not work
• The game now correctly displays custom scenarios from %My Documents%\My Games\ Warhammer 40,000 Armageddon\Scenario folder in scenario list. Both in single player and multiplayer mode.

• Changes in unit panels in main UI:
o Added unit’s faction icon
o Added tooltip to experience bar
o Added health bar (like in unit list)
o Improved name and type presentation: now, if unit name includes type (as in all auto-generated names), type is not shown and name occupies two lines, and so is never truncated.
o Range now always shown as Min-Max.
o Replaced strength and health stats with cover and morale
o Combat prediction is indicated with blinking red on attacker’s and defender’s health bars.
o Added per-weapon combat prediction (weapon status, firing accuracy and damage).
• Unit which will provide support fire is marked on the map with “support” symbol next to its strength plate.
• Melee impact animations and audio effects have been integrated.
• Added hot seat mode via MP interface (accept your own challenge)
• Added chat screen (accessible via Enter key, also appears automatically at the end of the turn and at the beginning if there are new messages)
• Added FPS limitation (50 FPS max)
• Setting volume to zero disables sound completely, not just sets volume to zero
• Mouse cursor no longer depends on game frame rate – should move smooth on all systems
• Mouse cursor is confined to game’s window (on multi monitor systems)
• Mouse cursor turns to arrow with ? on icons which can be clicked for more info.
Editor changes:
• Added automated tile placement (Tools->Generate Tiles)
• Added firing effects editor (Edit->Efx Editor…)
• Fixed Tools->Validate Scenario command
• Fixed Tools->Show Statistics command
• The Editor should no longer display “invalid scenario” message when saving valid playable scenarios.
• Removed Tools->Options command as it is not used by the Editor.

Unit Balance Changes:
Many infantry teams with only one range weapon have gained increased formation sizes for all factions.
Hive Militia units defense lowered.
Bomber units now have a new 'bomb' weapon to help them destroy Ork Siege weaponry.
Steel Legion support units no longer have 2 HP each, but have gained increased squad size.
Lasgun secondary weapon removed from all Steel Legion support teams.
Leman Russ Demolisher gained a heavy flamer weapon and a slight price increase

Sentinel units have had their base accuracy ratings raised.
All Titan units for all factions price raised again

Nobz are now 2 HP units, but squad size has been reduced
Gretchin returned to size 50 formation
Squiggoth and Gargantuan Squiggoths have had their HP values increased
Several Ork Mechanized units gained increased formation sizes
Ork Weirdboyz have gained a new weapon called Deff Wave
Added Deathrolla weapon and Assault Trait to BattleFortress with Supa Kannon

Space marine bike units now have more varied stats
Basic land raiders are now transport units for heavy space marine infantry
Centurion squad size reduced to 8 maximum.
Increased movement speed for all space marine transports

Weapon file changes:
Flamer Rate of Fire reduced from 4 to 3
Bomb weapon added for Bomber units
Deff Wave weapon added for Ork Weirdboyz
Shoota armor piercing rating reduced to 10
Scenario Changes:
Scenario can only be played from the Imperial side in single scenario mode.
Blood Angel flags no longer appear on this map.
Scenario can only be played from the Imperial side in single scenario mode.
Mannheim's Titan unit is now named Steel Hammer.
Message to retreat has extra text to help guide the player and now reads:
" Multiple Ork Gargants detected inbound, evacuate your forces from the area immediately! Mannheim's Steel Hammer Titan must continue towards the Victory Hex alone!"
Name of all units to destroy in this scenario set as 'Ork Siege Battery' to better match the briefing
Bomber units have transports and a new weapon to make them more useful when destroying Ork Siege Battery units
A pop up message now appears when you have destroyed the first Ork Siege battery
" First Ork Siege Battery Destroyed!"
A pop up message now appears when you have destroyed the second to last Ork Siege Battery
" Almost all Ork Siege Batteries have been destroyed! Find the last one take it out!"

Von Strab's Former Bodyguards AUX unit returned to scenario.
Triggers changed so that Von Strab's Former Bodyguards unit does not break the scenario.
Two auxiliary helper titans have been added to this scenario to compensate for the loss of player owned Titans
Tu'Shan and several Salamander Space Marine units added as auxiliaries to assist in this battle
Von Strab unit AI settings
changed Von Strab's Titan forces have abandoned him and have been replaced by extra Baneblade tank variants
Adjusted some terrain for better graphical appearances
Thraka's personal unit has been made bigger and stronger

Other Changes:
Fixed availability file issues so that units available during the tutorial are now also available at the start of Act 1
Imperial titan availability has been significantly pushed back. Scout titan only available from the middle of act2, reaver titan only available from the start of act3.
Sound files have been added for Assault Impacts
Attack file has been updated for Assault Impact graphics and audio
Leman russ Demolisher gained a flamer weapon
Hive wall turret has animation and sound
Bombers, Ork Weird Boyz, and kommandos had entries added for their new weapons
Stormeagles had entries added for their missing weapons
Changed deathstrike and grot launcher animations
Deathrolla battlefortress entry added for melee weapon

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Re: Patch 1.02 Available and Changelog

Post by nexusno2000 » Thu Dec 11, 2014 11:30 am

Bug: Ultramarine termies not getting Land Raider transports in Act 2 (act 3 normal).

Caused by Unit ID 787 not being included in avail7.whdat

BA and Sala Land Raiders are OK (ID 587 and 687)

Suggested hotfix: add 787 to avail7.whdat

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Re: Patch 1.02 Available and Changelog

Post by produit » Sun Dec 14, 2014 8:27 pm

Seeking Yarrick bug ?

It is strange that you do not win if you kill all enemies. Looking to scenario parameters, you win if you have no unit (side 1) on the map and Yarrick is discovered. Should it not be that Yarrick is found and no enemy units (side 2) are on the map ?

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Re: Patch 1.02 Available and Changelog

Post by zakblood » Mon Dec 15, 2014 6:34 pm

thanks for the update and fixes

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Re: Patch 1.02 Available and Changelog

Post by HoopJones » Tue Dec 16, 2014 6:50 pm

Am I crazy or are Mega Nobz next to impossible to kill now? I keep losing the second Mission in Act 2 because it takes a rediculous amount of firepower to kill them..and I keep running out of turns with way too many opposing units alive at the top 4 objectives

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