NatCon 2015 - NZ National Championships

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Re: NatCon 2015 - NZ National Championships

Post by KeefM » Thu Apr 09, 2015 5:34 am

Results from the 2015 New Zealand National Championships

Overall winner, 2015 Supreme Champion and current holder of the Sharpe’s Eagle trophy:

1st place: Andrew Duncan, 1813-14 Russian Infantry Corps, 114 pts

The rest of us (as mere motley crew, worshipping Andrew’s total supremacy):

2nd: Mike Haycock, 1814 French Infantry, 103 pts
3rd: Keith Marshall, 1812 French Infantry, 102 pts
4th: Kit Goldsbury, 1815 Anglo-Dutch, 84 pts
5th: Brett Preston-Thomas, 1813 French Imperial Guard, 81 pts
6th: Steve Hill, 1813-14 Swedish Mixed Nationality Corps, 80 pts
7th: Philip Abela, 1815 Anglo-Dutch, 66 pts
8th: Stu Todd*, 1813-14 Russian Grenadiers, 48 pts
9th = : Shaun Robinson*, 1812 French Infantry & Alastair Donald, 1812-14 Anglo-Portuguese, each with 36 pts
(NB: * Kendall Blue, 1805 Russian, played the final round as a substitute for Shaun; also, Stu ended up effctively playing Shaun twice - once in his incarnation as Kendall !)

15 of the 30 games in total across the 6 rounds of competition yielded an outright win result.

The “toughest” mix of opponents (based on the final placing of all their 6 opponents) was faced by both Philip and Alastair, with the next toughest mix of opponents being faced equally by Andrew, Keith and Steve.

The “easiest” mix of opponents (on the same basis) was faced by Kit.

Only Andrew (1) and Keith (2) managed to gain outright wins against any player finishing in the top 6 places.

Lastly, and just to underpin his complete dominance of the long weekend's competition: Andrew held 1st place from start to finish through all 6 rounds !

Scoring (points) was as per the FoGN official score sheet (25-0). The compettion comprised two initial rounds of randomly drawn opponents followed by 4 rounds of Swiss Chess draw wherein the highest scoring player at that point in time is matched against the next highest scoring player that they haven't yet faced.

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Re: NatCon 2015 - NZ National Championships

Post by Daemionhunter » Thu Apr 09, 2015 10:42 am

I've posted my after action reports in the battle report section of forum. Apologies if it suffers from a bit of history written by the winner syndrome. Excessive length can be attributed to being on leave with the LoC out of town visiting friends.

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