Silly Question but, still need it answered

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Silly Question but, still need it answered

Post by LordPunchesALot » Tue Aug 18, 2015 10:03 am

I understand the modding part of it, I have few Ideas too hat I want to try but, am stuck at step 1 :? :cry:

What does this actually mean?
The "Data/" directory in the installation directory is managed by the updater,
do not modify it. Any added or modified files may be deleted or replaced.

For modifications create a "Data/" directory with the same structure in the user
data directory outlined above. Files placed there will be loaded instead of
their distributed equivalents.
Does this mean that, if I mod a file, I should save it in the same directory with a modified name? eg: Automatic0.xml the original file after modding should be saved as Automiatic0_mod.xml in the same folder or do I need to create a different directory altogether? eg: the folder Weapons which has original Automatic0.xml Will now have a ssiter folder Weapons_mod containing Automatic0.xml & other files but present in the same parent directory as the original folder "Weapons." Or do I need to replicate the entire Directory named Data to Data_mod which will store all my modified files?

Please help, this might be the most basic & stupid a question but, for a non coder, this is where I am stuck :(

(Am not a programmer, or even a coder, I just like messing with things & seeing if it breaks or something cool happens.)

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Re: Silly Question but, still need it answered

Post by Xilmi » Wed Aug 19, 2015 7:50 am

This question is not silly at all because finding the folder where to do the modding really is the most unintuitive part about all it and noone could really do it without getting it explained beforehand.

Open your Explorer and type in "%appdata%" in the directory-bar.

This shall bring you to an otherwise hidden folder like:


There you'll find a folder ProxyStudios which includes folders like "Pandora" and possibly "Pandora Beta"

And this is where you create a new "Data" folder. You can either copy the whole content of the games Data-Folder or just the files you wish to modify while mirroring the structure of the original.

For example if you want to Modify "Automatic0.xml"

You create the folder:
C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Proxy Studios\Pandora\Data\Weapons

and then copy Automatic0.xml into it.

The game will now prefer this file over the original. No need to rename it or the original.

The best "tutorial" is to get Blackarchons Factions-mod, install it like stated on its Homepage and then look how things are done there. It has something of almost everything you might want to know. Adding new stuff and modifying existing stuff.

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