Grand Campaign West 39-41 Blind 42-45 Guderian

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Re: Grand Campaign West 39-45 Guderian

Post by hurly » Mon Feb 27, 2017 1:43 am

so what's the Deal about the "Berechnen" Skill ? :lol:

Tell me More Calcu-goose

2 New Replays from GC 40
(18.02.2017) Eben-Emael, Turn
(62.06 KiB) Downloaded 169 times
(21.02.2017) Albert Canal, Turn
(66.07 KiB) Downloaded 165 times

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Re: Grand Campaign West 39-45 Guderian

Post by TSPC37730 » Tue Feb 28, 2017 3:42 pm

goose_2 wrote:9 heroes
That is the total number I can take into 1942 in the West.
Based on this insane cutting back that will happen when I go West, and I start with 8 super heroes that the game will give me, it will take a super nice first 2 heroes for me to take before I take one of leave super heroes awarded.
Wow. I didn't realize it was only 9 units. I thought it was 10. In any case, once you select the units with super heroes, there won't be many other slots left.

But then I've never followed the path over to the west because I get attached to my corps. I like building & improving my units and having to lose most of them would be pretty disappointing.

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Re: Grand Campaign West 39-45 Guderian

Post by goose_2 » Mon Mar 06, 2017 7:35 pm

Yeah TSPC 9 will be a tough pill to swallow.
But I did receive a contender that may make the cut off, especially if I am given a nice 2nd hero.

Albert Canal Guderian 1st Time
Starting prestige 8349 after replacements, Overstrengthening, New Purchase and upgrades 7416.
Purchased new Pz4D and upgraded 3 BF-110C's to D's. (Should have done that last mission.) :oops:
Bringing in the air 2 Fallschimjager’s, 2 Fighter’s, Helmut Lent, and Tac Bomber.
In the Northern section of Albert Canal: 88, 2 Sturmpanzers, 3.7cm pak, Oleh Dir, Inf with truck, Albert Kerscher, SE Pz3F.
In the Southern Section of Albert Canal: 2 Sturmpanzers, 10.5cm arty, 2 Gerbisjager’s, Pz3F, new Pz4D.
Here is my plan: Throwing 2 Fallschimjager’s North to seize Weert and it’s airfield then flying over to Lommel and helping with Northern push to Antwerp. The Northern push is following the Albert Canal towards Antwerp. In the South rushing towards Leuven to seize that airfield but unsure if I will seize Brussels as I may need them to push towards Antwerp.

Here is how I chose to represent this:
All Right! Men the blood is now flowing and we are ready to move further forward into the Benelux Countries. This 2nd Day of Operations, after our monumental First Day of seizing Eben Emael, has us moving forward along Albert Canal to end on the 3rd Day of operations in Antwerp.
We should face greater opposition in the air and with that we are making sure we bring 2 Fighter Wings along with Helmut Lent to help defend the air. Our Superior forces led by Oleh Dir and Albert Kerscher are located to the North of Albert Canal, they have rushed forward through the night but are ready to pounce out of Maastricht towards Houthalen and beyond. We have called up the newly formed 30th Panzer Battalion armed with the Heavy Panzer IV D ready to start earning his stripes against the Belgians to the South of Albert Canal. We may have some units swing South towards the ripe for the taxing Brussels, but are primary focus is to leave enough time and Strength to seize Antwerp. This Campaign is just entering the 2nd Day of Operations let’s not falter now. Onward Meine Freunde!

Battle Report May 11th, 1940 8:00AM
As the sun begins to creep over the Horizon our boys in the Sturmpanzers softened up the 75mm battery guarding the airfield nearest to the Meuse River, which allowed our boys armed with the 3.7cm Pak’s to eliminate it and seize it. :) Our well placed 88’s shot down their CR.42 Fighters as they tried leaving their airfield. (It was like a Turkey shoot) After our fly boys and our 10.5cm artillery battery softened up the Garrison defending Hasselt and seized it. 2 Sturmpanzers and 12th Gerbisjager Division destroyed Division helping bolster the defense of Sint-Truiden. The enemies air force has come out of as we were expecting but they found our boys in the 8th Gerbisjager. :( Our boys flying with Helmut Lent were too close to the enemies 75mm AA battery defending The Albert Canal and sent 4 of their planes to the ground.

Our Fallschimjager are already pressuring Weert. We had the enemy in our sights from 2 AA units, and then followed it up with Helmut Lent to try and bring down CR.42 Fighter, but left them straggling to possibly regroup. :( This however did not stop our boys in our Messerschmitt’s taking down their Potez. Sturmpanzer softened up and allowed the boys in the 12th Gerbisjager Division destroy the Garrison in Sint-Truiden and seized it. In some nice showing of cooperation I used 2 Sturmpanzers and 3 of the Panzer Divisions to take out 2 Belgian Divisions. And yet another Sturmpanzer and the 4th Wehrmacht Division destroyed Dutch Inf. The enemies only successful retaliation was from the 37th Fallschimjager pressuring Weert by assaulting them with an artillery and pushing them back with Garrison in Weert.

Clouds roll in to minimize the effectiveness of our boys in the sky. The clouds did not stop our 88 from taking out their CR.42 Fighter. The remaining Anti-aircraft batteries along with the Messerschmitt destroyed their Potez. My Sturmpanzers are raining death all along the battlefield, 1 even being recognized by noticeably increasing their expected attack value by +3.
Our forces wiped out 2 Cavalry Divisions and the Panhard division, we were able to find and remove a sneaky Dutch division located in our back field without any trouble. Our boys in the 4th Wehrmacht Division were able to eliminate Garrison in Houthalen and then seize it and Hechtel. Our Fallschimjager boys are fully pressuring Weert and were able to seize it’s airfield.
The arty near Weert was unable to dent our forces, and neither was a Hotchkiss who tried hitting our 8th Gerbisjager, but he was guarded by our (+3 attack) lethal boys manning are Sturmpanzers.

Sun is out again and this brought out our 1st SE Pz3F to seize Houthalen and worked together with our Sturmpanzers and boys manning the 3.7cm Pak’s to destroy the Dutch Infantry Battalion and seize the nearby airfield. The sun also shined to help our boys flying with a Fighter wing and the Messerschmidt’s flying with Helmut Lent and the ground boys with Oleh Dir to destroy the Belgian 47MM Anti-tank battery guarding the Canal Bridge. While other air and ground combinations eliminated the Hotchkiss battalion and another Dutch Battalion. Our combined Panzer 4D Regiment worked together to wipe out a group of French Cavalry trying to pressure us. With the Garrison defending Diest this freed us up to seize that as well as an additional Albert Canal Bridge. Not to be left out our 36th Fallschimjager eliminated 7 Veld battery defending Lommel. This overwhelming assault across the entire battlefield left the enemy reeling and unable to retaliate in any way for the next 2 hours of the operation.

As the morning transitions to the afternoon we used our 88 to eliminate the Belgian 75mm AA defending the next Albert Canal Bridge which allowed our boys riding in the 1st SE Pz3F to seize it. 2 of our Gerbisjager Battalions combined together into a regiment to eliminate the Belgian Infantry Battalion hiding in the woods. Our Fallschimjager boys also finished off the morning by eliminating the Garrison in Weert and seized it.

Our Fighter Wing took down the 3rd Blenheim as they were left unescorted and were ripe for the pickings. Our Sturmpanzer combined with Albert Kerscher to destroy Garrison holding Leuven and seized it. A nice combination of Gerbisjager’s, Panzers, and Sturmpanzers worked together to eliminate a British Cruiser, additional combinations worked together to eliminate the 47mm Anti-tank battery defending the Albert Canal Bridge, and Belgian Infantry Battalion. We also walked into Aarschot. This assault finally woke up the defenders as they rushed out with additional air forces that damaged 3 of our SE Pz3F’s and 3 of our very effective (+3 Att) Sturmpanzers. The enemy storming the frontlines in their Matilda’s were unexpectedly ambushed by our 4th Wehrmacht Battalion which unfortunately was followed up by a British Infantry Battalion that found our boys unable to fight back as they ran out of ammo. Our superior defensive stance however prevented us from taking too many losses. Their other British Infantry Battalion tried hitting our boys in our SE Pz3F’s but they only took damage. Their Belgian Division did find our artillery battery, but we gave as good as we got.

Our boys in the air along with our boys armed with 88’s sent the remaining Belgian Fighter wing crashing to the ground. This freed up our other Fighter wing along with the boys flying with Helmut Lent to bring down the remaining Potez Bombers. This freed up our Bombers and SE Pz3F to eliminate the remainder of the British boys manning their Matilda’s. This is when our superior tactics really took effect as we used our newly landed 37th Fallschimjager to surprise assault the garrison holding Lommel and eliminate them. Eliminated the British infantry Battalion pressuring 4th Wehrmacht Battalion with Sturmpanzers and Oleh Dir. Our effective Sturmpanzer’s and 8th Gerbisjager Battalion destroyed Garrison in Westerlo and seized it. The enemy retaliated by trying to assault what looked like our vulnerable 3.7cm pak’s but they were surprised and stopped cold by our artillery protecting them. We also see a new wave of French and British Battalions coming forward, but they are only coming forward to die. :)

Clouds roll in the late afternoon which hampered our air assaults but we hit where we could. We were able to quickly to move in to eliminate British Battalion pressuring our 3.7cm Pak’s. We used the lull in the back field to call up a couple of replacements for the 4th Wehrmacht. We were able to destroy another French Cavalry, Belgian infantry Battalion, French Infantry Battalion, and almost a British Infantry Battalion. This destruction freed us up to seize another Albert Canal Bridge. The enemy combined together to attack our Sturmpanzer’s but they were guarded by another artillery which helped protect our guns from being wiped out, in fact only 2 were disabled. 8)

With the sun back out which helped us to mop up the remains of this 2nd Wave of forces assailed against us. Our Flyboys almost completely eliminated the British and French Forces riding in their Dingoes and their Hotchkisses, but we quickly used our ground forces to mop them up along with another French Infantry Battalion. We used our 37th Fallschimjager Battalion to eliminate another British Infantry Battalion. We have even been so bold as to use some forces to overwhelm an AA battery defending the airfield near Brussels and even to seize part of Brussels. (I have already heard from headquarters that they are stunned by our advancement as they did not even to expect to seize Brussels during this operation.) The enemy rushed forward their boys flying their Whitley’s but were unable to do anything with these unprotected Bombers.

We have called up some replacements for our 10.5cm batteries as well as our exceptional (+3 Att) Sturmpanzers. This break did not stop us from a combined Regiment to destroy the Garrison in Heist-op-den-berg. We were also able to eliminate the 75mm arty defending the last Albert Canal Bridge at Herentals, which allowed our boys to begin to pressure the 47mm Anti-tank battery defending it. The sun freed our flyboys to bring down both Whitley Bomber wings to the ground. The enemy rushed forward a Cruiser to assault 4th Wehrmacht but only eliminated 1/10th of our strength.

In the remaining hour of daylight we used this last hour to eliminate the battery in Herentals, and in Mechelen. We even eliminated the brave/reckless Cruiser coming to assault our 4th Wehrmacht. This allowed us to seize Heist-op-den-berg, Herentals, Mechelen, and the last Albert Canal Bridge. All that remains for total Victory is Antwerp itself and we have the morning of the next day to do just that. 8)
Their only assault was shooting down a couple of our boys in our Junkers with their 75mm Anti-aircraft battery.

Day 2 May 12th, 1940 8:00AM
The Morning started off with Helmut Lent raining death on the remainder of the garrison holding Brussels which allowed us to seize the remainder of it. We used our forces in the North of the Canal to eliminate 2 British Infantry Battalion’s as well as Garrison holding Zandhoven and seized it.

Force North finished off Garrison holding Malte and seized it. Used remaining forces to soften and pressure remaining enemy forces as we eliminated another 75mm battery and seized Schoten and Lier.
This leaves only the capture and capitulation of Antwerp left boys and 3 hours to do it.

Beginning to pressure Antwerp and assaulting where I can but using this extra hour mainly to build up ammo and move units into most effective positions.
The Belgians have hit us with an artillery barrage and a couple of Anti-tank assaults on our Pz3F and Pz4D Battalion’s. But it cost them more than it cost me.

The airfield North of Antwerp was overwhelmed by our Sturmpanzers and Oleh Dir in order to seize it and eliminate any chance of any further planes coming.
Our combined Fallschimjager Battalion’s into a bullish Regiment that eliminated both remaining Anti-Tank Batteries defending Antwerp and have placed them under tremendous pressure and even was able to move in another unit to eliminate another battery of Anti-Aircraft units. The enemy was able to garner enough support to man another couple of batteries of Anti-tank units to defend us from seizing the core of Antwerp, but at this point nothing will stop us.
Last hour boys! Seize the Day!

Was there ever any doubt? Our combined forces were able to eliminate their infantry holding Antwerp, 47mm Anti-tank battery, 155mm artillery battery, and even another 75mm Anti-Aircraft battery. We were able to seize all but 2 Secondary parts of Antwerp but enough to cause total capitulation and most important the Decisive Victory to brag back at Command Post.

All right men excellent work but no time for rest now as we need to switch North immediately to assist the beleaguered 22nd Fallschimjager Division that is having a terrible time around the airfields surrounding the Hague. If we double time it we may get a few hours rest before we start the day pushing through the Dutch resistance.

Finished with a Decisive Victory 9526
Starting The Hague with 10026.

I finished The Hague this weekend, and may take some time at home to type that battle report up.
Let me know if I can tweak this AAR in any way, they seem to be getting longer. :roll:
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Re: Grand Campaign West 39-45 Guderian

Post by goose_2 » Thu Mar 09, 2017 9:21 pm

The Hague Guderian 1st Time
Starting prestige 10026 after replacements and Overstrengthening 8799.
I have 13 Rounds or 1 and half days to do this so this is how I am going to do it.
Bringing in the air 2 Fallschimjager’s, 2 Fighter’s, Helmut Lent, HE-111H2, and Tac Bomber.
On the Ground brought: 3 Gerbisjager, including Oleh Dir, 88, 4 Sturmpanzers, including +3 Att, 2 10.5cm arty’s, Albert Kerscher, SE Pz3F, other Pz3F, other Pz4D.
Here is my plan: Throwing 2 Fallschimjager’s North with Oleh Dir to seize Utrecht and the rest to swing North across the Mass River to push at Gouda. In the South swinging around to the South end of Rotterdam to help out the beleaguered forces in Ypenburg. I am going to try and hold Valkenburg and Leiden. Abandoning Ockenburg to concentrate on holding Ypenburg.

Here is how I chose to represent this:
Are you feeling it men! This is what a total route of our enemy feels like and it feels good. I know we are getting weary from all this marching and maneuvering, but we are now being called up to help out the beleaguered 22nd Luftlotte Division. They have successfully garnered the airports surrounding The Hague, but their hold is tenuous. We need to rush forward and assure that the majority of this division survives in order to count this among our long list of Victories. We shall show them the strength and depth of our Armies ability to be everywhere at once let’s move quickly using our own Fallschimjager Regiment along with amazingly versatile 2nd Gerbisjager Battalion to rush North. Albert Kerscher and his combined forces will be swinging around to the South of Rotterdam to overwhelm the forces there. The rest of you will be rushing across the Maas River. God Willing we will all meet in the Hague! CHARGE!!!!

Day 1 5/13/41 8:00AM
Before the sun even creeps up over the horizon and we rushed forward our Fallschimjager’s and Oleh Dir to prepare to pressure Utrecht. After softening up the Anti-tank battery defending Schoonhoven the 8th Battalion finished them off. This freed our other artillery to soften up Dutch Battalion hiding in the woods to allow the 12th Battalion to push the remainder of those defenders onto the Maas River to regroup. :( After our boys in the Junkers softened up a Hotchkiss Battalion our SE Panzers finished them off, we followed that up by using various units to destroy a battery of 47mm Anti-tank units. We finished the first hour by flying our Fallschimjager Regiment (that means 2 units) and the 2nd Gerbisjager to pressure Utrecht. The enemy reacted by seizing Ockenburg as we have moved out the regiment of the 22nd Luftlande Division to help with the defense of Ypenburg. Their bombers found our SE Panzers and eliminated 1 of them. We are seeing a lot more enemy movement than we anticipating. It appears the Dutch want to fight it out, they will not like the results of resisting the German Army.

The sun continues to shine as we eliminate the 70th Strongpoint and Garrison holding Utrecht which allowed us to seize it and Schoonhoven as well as maneuver to eliminate the Garrison holding Dordrecht and seizing it. We also eliminated the unit trying to regroup on the river. Our boys in the air eliminated the enemy’s bombers. Our boys that we were here to rescue in the 22nd Luftlande Division were also key in eliminating a Battalion from the Division moving in on Ypenburg. Who is rescuing whom? :lol: The enemy reacted by sending 2 attacks that were both stopped cold by our experienced units. :twisted:

The Clouds roll in during this hour of combat but this did not stop us from maneuvering in such a way to destroy the Strongpoint next to Utrecht, and spread out to eliminate the Garrison holding Maarssen and in Woerden. Our boys in the South have already swung around and started pressuring Rotterdam and even eliminated 47mm AT battery defending the Southern part of the city. Our boys in the 22nd Luftlande Division destroyed another Battalion of Dutch infantry sent to destroy them and even eliminated the first part of the 47mm Anti-tank batteries defending The Hague. Our 88 guns were used in an effective way to eliminate more of the enemy’s tanks. (Hey I thought these Dutch were not supposed to have too many tanks, but as long as they are this easy to kill, we should have no problems.) We also used various forces to eliminate one of their 7 Veld Artillery batteries sent to defend against our advance. The enemy found a way to make us pay for our aggression as they maneuvered to attack our 22nd Luftlande Division 75mm arty which left us with only 3 effective guns. The enemy continued to pressure our Luftlande Division and is making us realize the peril the Regiment holed up in Valkenburg and Leiden.

Nuts! The clouds that moved in last hour have brought rain for this hour hopefully this does not stay into the remaining hours because this sure makes things more difficult. Our Fallschimjager Regiment partnered with the 2nd Gerbisjager Battalion was able to eliminate the 37MM Antiaircraft Battery that moved into to defend Maarssen. This freed us to seize Maarssen, and it’s airfield, as well as Woerden. The 22nd Luftlande Division eliminated another Dutch Battalion as well as our beleaguered boys in the North were able to punch out a group of Dutch tanks. (Where are all of these tanks coming from?)
All of South Rotterdam is now ours and we have only to push across the Mass River to rejoin the majority of the 22nd Luftlande Division. The Dutch counter attack has left 2 of our Battalion’s of the 22nd Luftlande Division with almost no men within fighting condition and they are poised to take over Valkenburg AFB. All of the rest of the enmy attacks were stopped cold by well placed unseen artillery.

As the morning wains so does the rain enough to bring a break in the clouds to allow our boys in the air the chance to rain some bullets and bombs on the enemy. This fire Bomb of Rotterdam allowed us to eliminate all Dutch units in and around Rotterdam except for the main city square itself. We are poised to bust through and join our forces for a valiant push towards The Hague. Our boys in the 2nd Gerbisjager headed by good ole Oleh Dir were able to eliminate the battery defending Aalsmeer. Unfortunately the Dutch resistance continues as they were able to eliminate 3 Battalions of the 22nd Luftlande Division and seize Ypbenburg AFB and Valkenburg AFB as well as Leiden.

It is with Clouds again that we great this news of the tragic loss of these beleaguered men. But the fight must go on as our flyboys eliminated some Dutch Fighters. Our boys we came to rescue were already able to eliminate the 7 Veld artillery battery defending The Hague as well as another Dutch Battalion. This made it possible to finally seize the Southern tip of The Hague. We took the opportunity to call up a replacement for the 8th Battalion as well as garnered our 75mm artillery pieces back up to full fighting strength. This hampered the Dutch counter attack as nothing they did made any damage to us.

The sun is out again allowing our fly boys free access to eliminate another group of enemy Bombers. Our boys in the Our boys in the 22nd Luftlande Division were able to eliminate the Dutch Battalion holding Ypenburg and retook it. Our Southern Force finally eliminated remaining resistance in Rotterdam and seized it. This breakthrough allowed us to bring up some replacements for one of the Battalions in the 22nd Luftlande Division. The Dutch have brought down some unexpected Northern resistance units to reduce our 37th Fallschimjager Battalion by one third.

This unexpected attack was brought low however by our Junkers who eliminated yet another Dutch Tank battalion. This meant we could call up some replacements for the damaged 37th. Our boys in the Henkels started raining death on the Dutch ships eliminated 1 Destroyer. It took quite a valiant effort but used many units including finishing them off with the help of helmut Lent the garrison holding Gouda which allowed us to seize it. This attack illustrated the (+1) attack capability of the 16th Sturmpanzer unit. We also were able to move forward to eliminate another Dutch Battalion helping in the defense of Zoetermeer. The Dutch reaction was to hit us where they could but with minimal results.
(Unfortunately it is about here that I am starting to wish we had more time to complete this mission, but you know your orders men, 1 more hour today and the 4 more hours tomorrow before they are shipping us to the real front in France.)

Boys in the Henkels sank yet another Destroyer as our airforce removed the last of the Dutch Fighter and Bombers. The air is now ours exclusively. :mrgreen: We brought up some more replacements for our 22nd Division folks as well as eliminated yet another Dutch Battalion. (Let’s rest and resume this in the morning) Unfortunately the evening brought an unexpected attack on our boys in the 2nd Gerbisjager as a Tank Regiment (SERIOUSLY WHERE ARE THE DUTCH GETTING ALL OF THESE TANKS) reduced them to half of their fighting Strength. :evil: :shock: :x

Henkel brought down last Dutch Destroyer, I am sure glad we brought him. ;)
We were able to set up our units in such a way as to seize all of The Hague next hours as only one unit left defending and all other units defending The Hague have been eliminated. Southern Force was able to eliminate the Regiment called up to defend Zoetermeer and seize it. We were even able to wipe out remaining forces defending Ockenburg Air Force Base and seized that as well as Massluis. Unfortunately we were unable to remove the pressure mounting against Oleh Dir and they were brought down to a Dangerous fighting strength and the enemy found and destroyed 5 of our artillery in trucks. :x :evil: :oops:

Almost on que to mimic our pain from the previous hour rain moves in and prevents us from helping eliminate the threat facing Oleh Dir and his men, However our forces do enough damage to their units that cause them to have to try and refit and regroup next round rather than keep attacking our forces. We still eliminated 2 Regiments (4 units) of Dutch Infantry and only have the Valkenburg Air Force Base and The Hague which has nothing defending preventing us from getting a Decisive Victory. 2 Hours left

Sun brought death to the remainder of the Dutch tanks except for the versatile Matilda 1’s still managing to hold on. We destroyed another Dutch Regiment (2 units) but called up some replacements to help in the final hour of attack. The enemy used their time to call up a whole regiment and 7 Veld around Valkenburg.

It was at this point that I thought we were going to have to settle for a Marginal Victory, but watch this our boys used their overwhelming artillery support and maneuverability to destroy 3 Dutch Battalions and 2 batteries of 7 Veld artillery’s. This allowed us to seize The Hague, Leiden, and Valkenburg Air Force Base. For this we noticed that our boys in the Junkers were showing extra skill in attacking (+1) (Not enough to make the cut, but not worth selling and trying again)

Finished with a Decisive Victory 10,023

For all of the bravery during these first 3 difficult scenarios Helmut Lent, 7th Bf109e, 36th Fallschimjager, and 25th 88 Battalion is being presented with Iron Cross 2nd Class; Helmut Lent and what his unit was able to accomplish even though he was under tremendous pressure has been awarded the Iron Cross 1st Class.

We are now to hop aboard our trains as we are transferring over to the French front to help in the break out in Sedan. (There is no way that the same units could have participated in all of these battles but it is a game. :roll:) I am pleased to report to you that Hans Graf von Sponeck sends his personal thanks for saving his butt here in the Netherlands, now get some rest as we ride the rails to our next battle front.
Oh this campaign is just getting started. :twisted:

I finished The Hague on Manstein last night and will post this weekend.
Time to get to work.
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Re: Grand Campaign West 39-45 Guderian

Post by hurly » Mon Mar 13, 2017 2:26 pm

New Fodder for Serial Killers without remorse :D
(05.03.2017) The Hague, Turn
(67.73 KiB) Downloaded 178 times
(09.03.2017) Sedan, Turn
(66.4 KiB) Downloaded 185 times

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Re: Grand Campaign West 39-45 Guderian

Post by goose_2 » Sat Mar 18, 2017 4:14 am

Ok let's type this up before I get too far ahead :)

Sedan Guderian 1st Time
Starting prestige 10623 after the Replacements, Upgrades, and Overstrength 9778
Upgraded Regular Inf with a truck to a Pioniere with a truck.
In the air bringing 3 Fighters, 3 Bf-110D's including Helmut Lent, 2 JU-87B's, and He-111H2. Oh yeah and 2 Fallschimjagers.
Near Bouillen bringing Oleh Dir, 8th Gerbisjager, Recon, and 2 Sturmpanzers.
Near Herbaumont bringing 1st SE Pz3F, 2 Sturmpanzers including +3 Att Hero, 1 10.5cm arty, Albert Kerscher, Pioniere, and 31st Gerbisjager.
My plan is to take all 3 Northern Ferry Docs, then taking over North Eastern Cities and Vivier-au-Court, then rushing across the Meuse in Ferry's to help seize Sedan.
My Southern Force around Herbeamont is going to push South to get the Ferry Docs as well as Margut to acquire the Somua, then to rush across to help take over the rest of the Main Objectives.
In the Air rushing across to at least take Poix Terron.

Here is how I chose to represent this:

Ok men! Wake Up! I hope your train transport was a comfortable ride as we have been pulled from Army Group B to be a part of the Sickle Stroke with Army Group A. This is where it is at boys. This will be the thick of it.
When we breakthrough here and rush forward we will trap the forces rushing forward to attack our forces we just left to finish assaulting through the Low Countries.
We shall send 2 Battalions in the air to surprise their ground forces near Poix-Terron.
We shall send a powerful Regiment, which includes the amazing Oleh Dir to conquer all of the North then to swing through Charleville to assist the Brave Fallschimjagers in their assault.
The majority of our Division will be pushing South to capture the ferry Docs and swing around the Meuse to overwhelm the Sedan from all sides.
This should assure us the breakthrough we need to bring this war to our enemy on their home turf.
You know your objectives men. Now make it happen!

Battle Report
Day 1 5/15/1940 8:00AM
As the sun dawns in the sky we rush forward to seize all of the Northern Ferry Docs within the very first hour. Our Air Force rushed forward to Poix-Terron to devestate the French Fighters still on the runway. This allowed us to wipe out their entire Fighter force and cripple their Strat Bombers. The rest of our air force is raining death everywhere it can, as our Ground forces move forward.
The enemy was so caught off gaurd they could not respond at all to our assault. :twisted:

Sun continues to shine to help eliminate more enemy planes on the ground. This means we were able to finish off another Fighter as well as the rest of the Strat Bomber's near Charleville. Our Southern forces pressed forward as we eliminated the Anti-aircraft battery defending the airfield and seized it near Messincourt. Helmut Lent and other BF-110D eliminated a group of Panhard's and Hotchkiss tanks. With our artillery softening up along with our forces pressing South we were able to eliminate all forces in and around Messincourt which allowed us to seize it. In the North Oleh Dir combined with the 8th Gerbisjager eliminated Cavalry Battalion near Pussemange but our troops have spotted the Guns surrounding the Fort near Charleville. (This is forcing us to change our plans. Instead of swinging through Charleville, we instead will push through with Ferry's to surprise the French accross the Meuse.) I am now pressuring Gaulier.
:oops: We were worried as our men dug in from the expected barrage coming from the Fort's guns, but they missed a majority of our men. :D

Sun continues to help our boys in the air eliminate their Potez Bombers as they rise from the runway, as well as eliminating the defenders in Gaulier seizing it and Carnigan.
With artillery softening up their Anti-Tank Battery near Messincourt as well as other units destroying the Anti-tank Garrison defending near Sedan.
Northern Force doing well as they eliminated the Garrison defending Pussemenge and in Vivier-au-Court.
The enemies only attack was an unexpected attack from theiur Char-B's against our 37th Fallschimjager in the Thick Forest, but our boys gave as good as they got.

The sun continues to shine as we bombed that Char B off the map. 36th Fallschimjager eliminated Anti-Tank battery defending Poix-Terron.
Who should appear in the sky, but another Fighter wing led by the incomparable Heinrich Bar. :twisted:
Our boys in the 8th Gerbisjager Battalion seized Pussemange and eliminated the 75mm artillery battery trying to regroup in the forest. Oleh Dir walked into Vivier-au-Court.
Based on the success of our assault around Sedan we are beginning to press as we were able to eliminate our first Strongpoint around Sedan with our newly upgraded Pioniere units. :twisted:
Uh Oh! Our 37th Fallschimjager battalion was wiped out by an effective Counter Attack. :evil: :cry: :oops:
The combination of artillery and French Infantry were able to damage 4 of our 1st SE Pz3F's and they were able to reseize Carnigan with their Engineer's.

The sun shines on our revenge for eliminating the entire Battalion of Fallschimjager's used to rush forward.
This helped us to eliminate Garrison holding Alle. Wrath continued to be meeted out on artillery unit and their 47mm anti-tank battery in Sedan. The tanks running with Albert Kerscher continued the retribution as they eliminated the Garrison holding Margut.
The enemy nicked our 31st Gerbisjager Battalion.

The Clouds roll in as we seize Alle, Flize, Carnigan, and Margut.
We eliminated another French Infantry battalion on the Eastern side of The Meuse, and the foolish group of Engineer's which were caught on the bridge over The Le Chiers.
The enemy again nicked our 31st Gerbisjager Battalion; Potez bombers flew out of nowehere to rain death on our Sturmpanzer, damaging 2 of our machine's; Anti-aircraft guns found boys flying with Heinrich Bar knocking 2 out of the sky.

Sun is out again helping me to hit enemy units starting first with those unexpected Potez.
Our boys found enough abandoned Somua's in and around Margut. :D
The rest of the Southern Ferry Docs are now in our hands.
Our SE P23F found and eliminated last Cavalry battalion on the Eastern Meuse hiding in the Forest, after our Sturmpanzers softened them up. :twisted:
We used the moment to call up some replacements to bring up our 31st Gerbisjager back up to full Strength.
Enemy had nothing to bring to bear against me.

Sun continues to help as whittle down more enemy units including their 75mm artillery battery, and helped the 36th Fallschimjager Battalion eliminate another Cavalry Battery. (These boys seem to have a bonus when it comes to Defensive posture) +1 Def. :)
We used our combined artillery barrage to suppress the artillery defending Sedan which allowed our newly landed Oleh Dir, Pioniere, and 31st Gerbisjager almost completely wiping out all of their Artillery batteries as well as the Anti-aircraft. This allowed us to seize the Center of Sedan. Our Pioniere's seem to be extremely effective at assaulting the enemy. (+3 Att hero awarded, might be a keeper. :twisted:)
All of the enemies assaults were inneffective. :P :roll:

With the last rays of the sun shining on this first day of the assault which allowed our boys in the air great advantage to continue assaulting in and around Chehery. This allowed us to wipe out the enmies Somua's.
Our Pioniere boys eliminated last Strongpoint around Sedan, this allowed us to rush through and seize the rest of Sedan and eliminate Garrison holding Wadelincourt and pressure Donchery.
The last hours of the day allowed their Anti -aircraft to hit 1 of our boys in the air.
Our first day of the assault has left us with the feeling that Victory is assured as we are continueing to pressure Chehery, have crossed the Meuse in the South, as well as in adn around Sedan.

Day 2 5/16/1940 8:00AM
Sun shines on the next day which find Albert Kerscher moving forward to Raucourt-et-Flaba and destroyed the 75mm arty there.
Eliminated Anti-tank battery defending Donchery and seized it and Wadelincourt. We also were able to eliminate the remaining Engineer's and almost the Anti-tank battery in Chehery.
This assault is overwhelming leaving them with nothing left to counter with.

More death rains from above as the sun shines.
Somua seized airfield near Raucourt-et-Flaba.
I was able to suppress and destroy the Anti-Tank Battery defending in Bulson and seized it as well as the last Ferry Dock.
36th Fallschimjager was alsoe able to decimate another Chasseurs Battalion.
Uh-Oh: The enemy suddenly rushed down from the North to reseize Poiz-Terron and Flize.
Vistory may have slipped from our fingers. Boys dig deep and let's make these last hours count.

We used sun to start ruining the few remaining units which allowed us to eliminate another Hotchkiss H39 and Anti-Tank holding Chehery and seized it.
Oleh Dir able to eliminate Cavalry that seized Flize. Sturmpanzer and Pioniere eliminated Chasseurs Battalion defending Roucourt-et-Flaba. Somua eliminated remaining Anti-aircraft Battery hiding in the forest. This freed up Albert Kirscher and 30th Gerbisjager eliminate last remaining group of Hotchkiss's.

Last hour upon us, and we spent it by eliminating the last Panhard and Chasseurs Battalion and seized Raucourt-et-Flaba and Poix -Terron for the Decisive Victory.
:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

The French never had a chance as our superior tactics win the day.
It is a sad day to suffer the loss of the 37th Fallschimjager, but we are pleased that their loss was not in vain as it was their sacrifice that helped us secure a final Decisive Victory.
As we rest and prepare for the next days assault we have heard word the French are bringing an assault from the South. We will rest and refit so that tomorrow we can rout our French foes and take more control of the battleground.
For now prepare for tommorrow, the asault continues.

Decisive Victory starting Stonne with 13388 Prestige

I will try to type it up this weekend.
For now I need to rest so I can start Suez Canal tomorrow morning.
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Re: Grand Campaign West 39-45 Guderian

Post by hurly » Sun Mar 19, 2017 12:30 am

Replay for above listed AAR

(15.03.2017) Stonne, Turn
(66.29 KiB) Downloaded 160 times

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Re: Grand Campaign West 39-45 Guderian

Post by goose_2 » Thu Mar 23, 2017 11:40 pm

Hey it is after Lenten services, and spending over an hour trying to reteach some Algebra 2 to my 16 year old son.
What better way to unwind then to type up another update. ;)

Stonne Guderian 1st Time
Starting prestige 13388 after the Replacements and Overstrength 12367
In the air bringing 3 Fighters including Heinrich Bar, 3 Bf-110D's including Helmut Lent, 1 JU-87B, and 2 He-111H2.
On the Ground bringing 3 Sturmpanzers inc +3 Att, SE Pz3F, Pz3F, Somua, Albert Kerscher, and other Pz4D, 2 88's, 2 10.5cm arty's, Oleh Dir, +3 Att Pioniere, and 3.7cm Pak.
The Plan is let them run into my wall and then to push hard and fast South.

Here is how I chose to represent this:

All Right men! As you have heard in the night the French have come out in full force and have forced us out of Raucourt-et-Flaba. We shall rectify this shameful turn of events. They are poised to continue their pressure but we have laid out our experienced forces in such a way that they will not be able to penetrate our forces. After their initial push we will counter by systematically devestating each force that rushes forward into our trap.
Last minute preparations, lock and load for we are waking up to them assaulting us.

Battle Report
Day 1 5/17/1940 8:00AM
As the sun dawns in the sky they rushed forward into our well placed fighter group who shot many of their assulting wing directly out of the sky.
We followed this up with our boys in our 88's taking out the rest of them. We moved forward to pressure Raucourt-et-Flaba, and also forced the surrender of the remainder of the Hotchkiss's on the frontline battle lines.

The enemy responded by hitting our Pz3F Battalion hard destroying 4 of their starting strength.
We responded by eliminated 2 Fighter Wings and even their Potez Bombers.
Oleh Dir and hios aggressive Gerbisjagers wiped out 75mm battery defending Raucourt-et-Flaba, the rest of their front line forces were crushed by suppressing them with our artillery guns and mopping them up with our ground forces, this included their 25MM AA battery, 2 Cavalry Battalions, and 155mm Arty.

As the 3rd hour started the enemy had nothing left to throw at us.
We however continued our assault as the sun shining helped our flyboys bring down a group of Panhard's and softened up a bunch of other Front Line units. We were able to eliminate the resistance holding out in Raucourt-et-Flaba as well as Mouzen and seized them. Our boys in the 2nd Gerbisjager were also able to rush forward and eliminate the first Chasseurs Battalion near Beaumont-en-Argonne.

The only reaction to my brazen advance from the enemy was a fruitless attack against our captured Somua by their Somua units leaving them with 2 fewer machines.
The sun continues to shine allowing our tanks to continue to rain death on their Tank units.
This combined with our coordinated forces pushing South eliminated almost 2 entire Somua Battalions and a Hotchkiss Battalion as well as a Chaussers battalion.
We were even able to eliminate resistance in Chemery which allowed our auxiliary Anti-tank battery to seize it.

This brazeness brought out their Anti-Tank battery up to assault our ill prepared Anti-tank units that seized Chemery.
As the Clouds rolled into the afternoon which hampered our airforce's ability to effectively assault the enemy. Albert Kerscher able eliminate another group of Somua's.
We also brought our 22nd Pz3F's to bear against the Anti-tank battery assaulting Chemery.
Oleh Dir able to eliminate Garrison holding Beaumont-en-Argonne which allowed our 30th Pz4D to seize it and eliminate the last Battalion of Chasseurs defnding the outskirts of the city.

Thier Anti-tank battery came into a surprise when they moved up to assault our artillery battery guarded by 2 groups of Sturmpaner's. :twisted:
This allowed our Anti-tank Battery's to finish them off.
The rest of the hour was spent preparing for the seizure of Stonne.

Unfortunately our auxiliary units crossing the LaBar River were severely wounded by a regiment of Cavalry hiding in the Western woods.
The enemy tried following this with an unsuccessful attack with their Char-B's hitting our Pz3F but ended with them having 2 fewer Char-B's.
Our boys in the air used the sun to eliminate the Char-B's and a group of Somua's from the battlefield.
The enemy also had a random AA battery that we were able to suppress with our artillery and eliminate them with ourt planes.

The enemy moved units to bolster the defense around Stonne, but this will not help. :twisted:
In fact, this did not stop us from forcing the surrender of the Garrison stationed their.
Our 88's eliminated their Hotchkiss units, Battalion Chasseurs, and a Battalion of French Infantry. Unfortunately, our Somua boys were unexpectedly ambushed by a French Battalion which fortunately hurt mostly our pride. :oops:

Their relentless assault severely crippled our Pz3F which means they will be withdrawing these units from the Battlefield, for now.
Their last minute air force did more of our units on the Battlefield did my units some damage.
It is now time to give them some payback.
Oleh Dir and the 2nd Gerbisjager got us started by eliminating a pesky Cavalry Battalion hiding in the Eastern Forest.
Our 88's eliminated the remaineder of their airforce along with our boys in the air.
We still were able to use bombers to eliminate another Hotchkiss from the Battle field.
We even had enough strength to give our Pz4D time to eliminate another French Battalion.

The enemy ganged up to eliminate our auxiliary 3.7cm Pak Brothers in Arms. :evil: :oops:
Sun still shines as we continue to rain death on their Somua, Hotchkiss, and 155MM artillery battery.
Oleh Dir eliminated Las Cavalry in Eastern Woods and our SE Pz3F was able to eliminate another Cavalry hiding in the Eastern Woods.

With the last flickering rays of the day drifting below the Horizen they tried to assault our 3.7cm Pak but failed miserably thanks to some well placed defensive artillery.
The onset of this first evening did not stop Albert Kirscher from destroying the artillery battery defending Belleville. Our promoted Pioniere's decimated the last Cavalry Battalion coming out of the Western Woods.
Our Panzers overwhelmed yet another French Infantry battalion along with our boys manning our anti-tanks to eliminate another French Battalion. Our Engineer's restored our Somua's back up to fighting trim.

(I actually waited until the next morning to finish typing up as I got tired.)

Day 2 5/18/1940 8:00AM
Their Engineer unit was thwarted in their assault against our 88's as they lost more than a third of their units while only being able to disable one of our guns.
As the sun rises we used our combined forces to eliminate another set of Panhards as well as another French infantry Battalion off the Battlefield.

I am pleased to report that their last Hotchkiss was stopped dead by our effective Pioniere Battalion, as the sun continues to shine which allowed us to continue our devestation, as we were able to rain death on Hotchkiss's and the Garrison defending Vaux-en-Dieulet, as well as the unfortunate Engineering Battalion.
This allowed us to set up shop in Vaux-en-Deulet as our BA Pioniere's blew up the Anti-tank battery defending Belleville, even our tanks got into the act by destroying yet another battalion of French forces.

An unexpected group of Char B's moved up to hit my Pz4D but was surprised by our Sturmpanzers and as such only able to nick one of those units. (I am not understanding tehe enemies use of their tanks, it is almost as if they do not understand modern armoured warfare.) :lol: :lol: :lol:
This unfortunately set it up so our Sturmpanzers were again nicked by yet another Chasseurs battalion.
But as the sun shines on these last hours of this battle we used our boys to rain terror on another group of Panhard's, Engineer's, Chasseurs and even seized Buzaney.

This hour found their weakened Char B moved up to hit our Pz4D that was out of ammo which allowed them to disable 2 of our machines. :(
As they moved forward in a desperate attempt to push us back and keep us from Victory, however this is assured, as we are using these last couple of hours to destroy as many units left on the Battlefield as possible.
This included another 75mm artillery unit, 25mm AA battery, and the Char B assaulting our Panzer 4d.

This last hour brought all of their forces out of the woodwork bought this last desperate attempt was in vain as all units survived their assault and we decimated the rest of their forces and seized Belleville for the Decisive Victory. The only thing left on the Battlefield was a lonely Battalion of Cavalry hiding in the Southern Forest.

This counter assault was thrown back with extreme prejudice as I had no doubt in our victory. Now word has been handed out that the following units are being awarded with the Iron Cross 2nd Class for their bravery over the past 4 days.
This includes 33rd Sturmpanzer; 20th BF110D; 30th Pz4D; 1st SE Pz3F; 22nd Pz3F; 19th Bf110D; 28th Bf109E; 31st Gerbisjager; and finally 3rd Ju-87B.
Wait we have just been handed a new special assignment.
Oh Joy of joys! This is excellent News!
Gather round men.
It appears that the French defense is in disarray no thanks in large part to our efforts here and elsewhere.
Well we have just received word that General Giraud is at the front.
We are going to rush forward with a brazen strike force seize him and bring him back to "interrogate".

This happens before first light tomorrow so rest up and reload, it is back to the front for us.

Decisive Victory starting Wassigny with 14566 Prestige

I actually needed to finish typing this up after work.

I hope to get some time to type up another manstein Report, hopefully soon.
Aw man! I was awarded an SE grenadier. I would have preferred a tank but will keep it until I finally get that precious tank.
I have a question about Wassigny that I will be posting on the regular side of the website, please help out there or here with any advice for Wassigny.
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Re: Grand Campaign West 39-45 Guderian

Post by goose_2 » Fri Mar 31, 2017 7:36 pm

I have been doing some thinking about the write up for this playthrough as these are getting extremely time consuming and not that interesting as now that I am able to put up replays, I am not sure the way I am at least doing Guderian is as interesting. I think a better way is to break it down in phases to get the basic gist without becoming overburdened with typing/reading a lot of text and instead summarizing the major points, which interested parties can watch the day by day in the replay. I plan on still doing day by day in my other 2 playthrough’s as it is habit, but for this playthrough I believe a summary will suffice.

Wassigny Guderian 1st time
Starting prestige 14566 after replacements and overstrength 13383.
I have 15 Rounds or 1 and half days to find General Giraud and transport him back to my base.
Here is how I did it:
Bringing in the air Heinrich Bar and 2 other Fighter’s, Helmut Lent and 2 other BF-110D’s, and 2 JU-87B’s.
Around Vervins: +3 Att Sturmpanzer, another Sturmpanzer, 2 10.5cm arty’s, new SE Grenadier, +3 Att Pioniere, Oleh Dir, SE Pz3F, Albert Kerscher, and other Pz3F.
In the North brought: Pz4D and Somua, 2 Gerbisjager’s, 2 Sturmpanzer’s and Recon.

Here is my plan: My initial thoughts were that I needed to be able to seize Wassigny by Round 10 to guarantee success on this one, and my goal was to try and seize as many of the other Primary and Secondary Objectives in order to maximize Prestige and Experience.

Here is how I chose to represent this:
All Right, Men! I cannot wipe this smile of my face, this whole operation is coming off better than we even hoped, we never thought we would get this far this deep this quick, and our accelerated pace has paid off with an exceptional opportunity. It has come to our attention that the enemies Generals are close enough to the frontline to make capture possible. To further this continued rout and disorderly defense from our French enemy we will rush forward with our units to seize their General Staff and rush them back to headquarters for “questioning”. Once this is found out by the enemy expect a frenzied counter attack, but I am confident that we will stymie anything the enemy can throw at us. Forward men and let’s not let this opportunity pass.

Battle Plan: (I broke this summary into 3 Phases)
A) First Phase: Searching for enemy General’s.
B) Second Phase: Assault and capture of General Staff.
C) Third Phase: Evacuation and securing the General and his staff back at headquarters.

Day 1 5/19/40 First Phase 8:00am through 12:00pm
The Morning hours of this 1st day were met with mostly sun and much destruction…for the French.
This destruction included more units than I care to list, but includes the seizure of Laigny, Tertry, La Capelle, Sains-Richaumont, Guise, Macauigny as well as nearby airport, Vadencourt, and Origny Saint-Benoite. Our forces almost exclusively dominated the map, the only damage that needed to be repaired were from our Sturmpanzers and Panzer 4D’s

Day 1 (Second Phase) 1:00pm-4:00pm
It was in the afternoon hours that we found the command post at Wassigny, and spotted General Giraud himself. The heavy fortification and multiple troops surrounding it gave it away. We spent the next 4 hours systematically destroying each one of those defensive units and seizing the Headquarters as well as the General staff. We also were able to requisition the following other cities: Anor (Unfortunately to the North of Anor stood a mess of Chasseurs and Renault’s, that would prevent further appropriation, and actually trapped our 1st Recon from immediate retreat) :oops: , Sains-du-Nord, Le Nouvoin-en-Thierache and it’s airfield, Grougis, Bohain-en-Vermandois, Trelon, and Boue, we were even able to get as far as pressuring Busigny and Fourmies, but upon seizure of Wassigny we braced for the expected assault. This meant repair of Somua and a few more units to make sure we had proper ammo and equipment ready. We will discuss the results of this in the Third and final phase.

Day 1 and 2 Final Third Phase 4:00pm counter attack until 11:00 am the following day 5/20/40
Unfortunately we mishandled the placement of one of our 10.5cm batteries as their retreat was caught by the enemies advance and suffered some serious damage, and eventual loss as they were not able to avoid the enemies advance once trapped by their advance. :cry: :( :evil:
The enemy was able to take back Sans-du-Nord, Trelon, Seins-Richaumont, Origny, Saint-Benoit, Macquigny and it’s airfield, Guise, Grougis, Laigny, and Vadencourt.
They put huge pressure on Wassigny and Anor, which I finally allowed them to seize by 10:00am on the 2nd day, but we eventually stabilized and even were beginning to repulse their advance before we allowed our reconnaissance with captured enemy leadrers, including the General and his staff to be brought back to base in the 11th hour. We could have done it by 10:00 am but we allowed our units to continue to fight for more experience, we could have allowed 1 more hour of fighting, but we wanted to ensure Decisive Victory.
Many , many French tanks, and men, and equipment litter the battlefield, with our only permanent loss being our 10.5cm artillery battery, the only other close calls were with our Somua’s and our recon unit but we continue with our growth in experience and prestige.

Albert Kerscher and his team of Panzer 4D’s were awarded the Iron Cross 1st Class for their continued assistance on the Battlefield.
Our 27th and 28th Bf109E were recognized as having units that have nice defensive capabilities with the 27th +1 and 28th +2. (These will not make the cut, but make for nice bonuses at this point)

Next will be the battle plan for Amiens, but that will be for tomorrow, for now men rest, refuel and allow our Engineer’s to get us back up to fighting strength. Dismissed.

Decisive Victory 14245 Prestige
Next will be Amiens with 15145.

Let me know what you think of this more abbreviated style. I just feel it streamlines it more and gives me more time at work and will give me more time at home to play. (Hopefully)
I am about halfway through Syria in Afrika Korps and hope to finish that this weekend as well as some Multiplayer goodness. I will be shooting these replays to my pal Hurly to post.
Thanks for the continued comments and encouragement, it is much appreciated.
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Re: Grand Campaign West 39-45 Guderian

Post by Cerberus51 » Fri Mar 31, 2017 8:15 pm

You asked for some feedback on write up style. Having tried (poorly I think) a day to day approach in my Allied Corps AAR I found it simply became a rather uninformative list of kills and I found it difficult to explain the course of the battle, particularly what was going on where. What interests me is what strategy you followed (what force went after which objectives in what sequence) and any notable encounters and losses. If I want to follow what happened in detail I will watch the replay file - but a write up that gives a general outline of what happened and what to look out for helps make sense of the replay.

How exactly you do that only you can decide as, whatever you do, it has to be something you are comfortable with.

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Re: Grand Campaign West 39-45 Guderian

Post by hurly » Fri Mar 31, 2017 11:06 pm

I think we should campaign for a better replay and documentary function for Panzer Corps 2

I'm thinking of something that is a protocol of the hard kills and fights as well as being capable to produce more user friendly replays

I don't think a video app is of any use, as I can't see me talking while I'm playing, and if I do I'm sure you don't wanna hear it :oops: and how should I know what I think before i can hear what I say :lol:
And for me personally a video would be unwatchable as about every 20 minutes one of my felines would interrupt the video cause they wanna get some food or wanna get a scratching an cuddling session in between

Replay for Wassigny attached here
(29.03.2017) Wassigny, Turn
(70.09 KiB) Downloaded 200 times
Replay for Amiens AAR is right below this post
(01.04.2017) Amiens, Turn
(66.99 KiB) Downloaded 161 times
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Re: Grand Campaign West 39-45 Guderian

Post by goose_2 » Mon Apr 03, 2017 9:14 pm

This summary playstyle is saving me a ton of time in actual playthrough, and in typing up an AAR so it will be my go to style at least for Guderian.

Amiens Guderian 1st time
Starting prestige 15145 after replacements, new purchases, and overstrength 12797.
I bought 4 Fallschimjager’s and another Bf-109E.
In order to pull this off I am going hard and fast in the air to rush across the map and send enemy into total disarray.
Here is how I did it:
Bringing in the air 5 Fallschimjager’s, 5 Bf-109E’s, 3 Bf-110D’s, and 2 JU-87B’s.
In the North brought: 8th Gerbisjager, +3 Att Pioniere, and Sturmpanzer.
Around St. Quentin brought SE Grenadier, Pz4D, Albert Kerscher, 1st SE Pz3F, Oleh Dir, 2 Sturmpanzer’s including +3 Att Sturmpanzer.

I should have wrote down my plan of action and then how my actual attack panned out, I will get better about that, instead I rushed through this entire battle and destroyed units without mercy, it felt pretty awesome.

Here is how I chose to represent this:
After a day of rest and recovery we have been shifted to help continue our push west all the way to Abbeville, to get there we will have to go through much countryside and French cities. To help out the Wehrmacht assigned us an entire Brigade of Fallschimjager’s led by our amazing 36th Fallschimjager Battalion to fly forward and throw the enemy into total disarray. To help accomplish this we will be using the full force of our air power to eliminate any remaining French Air Force, as well as our boys in our Bombers to decimate their Ground Forces. This leaves the remainder of our Ground Forces to push forward and seize all needed cities and objectives to secure Total Victory within 2 days.

Battle Plan: (I broke this summary into 4 Phases, mainly based on time periods, I will try and make it more logistical in future AAR’s :oops:)
A) First Phase: 1st day Morning Battle.
B) Second Phase: 1st Day afternoon Battle.
C) Third Phase: 2nd Day Morning Battle.
D) Fourth Phase: 2nd day Afternoon Final Battle

Day 1 5/21/40 First Phase 8:00am through 12:00pm
Rushing Forward with Fallschimjagers to drop around Neufchatel-en-Bray and repulse any assault by holing up in the woods and Bocage. I am rushing all Fighter air force to destroy as much of the enemy air force as possible before they even leave their airfields. :twisted:
In the morning alone our forces were able to seize Roye, Compiegne, Corbie, Senlis, and airfield near Vignacourt. We were able to pressure Vignacourt, but our assault around Neufchatel-en-Brayis delayed as many units attacking our forces as expected, but holding our ground as we rush forward continued replacements for our beleaguered frontline forces with the Fallschimjager Brigade. Our greenest flyers with the 23rd Flier Wing also needed replacements, as well as our newly deployed 2nd SE Grenadiers.
The morning hour included 1 hour of rain but this did not throw off our assault. :)

Day 1 (Second Phase) Afternoon fighting
Our goal in the afternoon on this First day of action is to link up with our Falschimjager’s and therefore to seize Neufchatel-en-Bray, Amiens itself, as well as Grandvillers. Planning on saving Rouen, Dieppe, Gamaches, and Abbeville for the 2nd day of action.
Our boys were able to seize Neufchatel-en-Bray, Breteul, Vignacourt, all of Amiens, and Gamanches, and even airfield around Grandvillers, as was able to pressure but not seize Grandvillers, but we were able to seize Gamanches early.
Most of our casualties were coming upon the continually assaulted Fallschimjager Brigade as we lose one of our Battalions to the enemies continued counter attacks. Their loss was not in vain as we continued to fly in reinforcements and take ground, including the key Neufchatel-en-Bray, which actually turned out to be a key axis point to hinge our assault around.
The 7th Fighter wing has been recognized at showing exceptional attacking skill as they seem to kill 3 more than expected on every assault. (+3 Attack) :twisted:

Day 2 5/22/40 Third Phase Morning Attack
Finally brought forth another Sturmpanzer for the lost Fallschimjager Battalion.
Action this morning is going to center around seizing Grandvillers, Abbeville, Dieppe, then bringing everything to bear against Rouen to seize that in the afternoon.
In a brazen and unexpected work around for the enemy they were able to repatriate Neufchatel-en-Bray, but their repatriation was short-lived as we took it back the very next hour. :twisted:
Ground forces were able to actually seize Grandvillers, Beavais, Le Treport, Dieppe, Doudeville, as well as pressuring Abbeville and Totes.
Our units are holding up remarkably well, except for the over used tanks running with Albert Kerscher and 1st SE Pz3F.
11th Ju-87B’s have been recognized at destroying an additional enemy units in most attacks. (+1 Attack hero)
We were not able to seize Abbeville but am poised to take it as was able to secure it’s airfield, this leaves nothing left to secure except Rouen.

Day 2 5/22/40 Final Phase Afternoon Attack
By this phase in the battle the enemy had been completely neutered and we were able to secure all objectives, and destroy all enemy units 3 hours early and as such gave us additional time to rest and refit as we prepare to rush forward to eliminate as many retreating enemy units rushing across the English Channel at Dunkirk. We have not received orders, but are taking it in our own hands to eliminate as many retreating units as possible in order to break Britain’s will to resist.

Decisive Victory 14495 Prestige
Next will be Dunkirk, of course, with 15595.
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Re: Grand Campaign West 39-45 Guderian

Post by goose_2 » Mon Apr 03, 2017 9:18 pm

Cerberus51 wrote:You asked for some feedback on write up style. Having tried (poorly I think) a day to day approach in my Allied Corps AAR I found it simply became a rather uninformative list of kills and I found it difficult to explain the course of the battle, particularly what was going on where. What interests me is what strategy you followed (what force went after which objectives in what sequence) and any notable encounters and losses. If I want to follow what happened in detail I will watch the replay file - but a write up that gives a general outline of what happened and what to look out for helps make sense of the replay.

How exactly you do that only you can decide as, whatever you do, it has to be something you are comfortable with.
I will try to detail large counter attacks and where they came from, and what I did to counter them, I am not sure if I will change up my day by day's for Manstein and Afrika Korps as they just seem to be how I am doing things now, but I may reconsider doing it for Manstein as that playthrough has a long way to go.

Thanks Hurly for continuing to post my replay's
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Re: Grand Campaign West 39-45 Guderian

Post by hurly » Mon Apr 10, 2017 5:01 am

goose_2 wrote:
Thanks Hurly for continuing to post my replay's
You're welcome

There is really no need to thank me, it's done in a few seconds

I post this ahead of time as goose is taking a break
I guess he is the Easter Bunny after all :mrgreen:
(05.04.2017) Dunkirk, Turn 12 1st time
(70.35 KiB) Downloaded 168 times

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Re: Grand Campaign West 39-45 Guderian

Post by goose_2 » Mon Apr 17, 2017 3:30 pm

He is Risen!

He is Risen Indeed!

Hallelujah! :mrgreen:

Dunkirk 1st Time

Starting prestige 15595 after replacements and Overstrengthening 14592.

The goal I was trying for here was to earn kills on my 2 3.7cm Pak’s and to secure that Matilda 2 bonus tank at Bray-Dunes, I know it at the other place, but I thought it was at Bray-Dunes, because I never have gotten it before. I always destroyed too many trains, transports, and Destroyers.

Bringing in the air 4 Fighter’s inc Heinrich Bar, +3 Att Fighter, and +2 Def Fighter; Helmut Lent and another Bf-110D; 2 Strat Bombers; and JU-87B.
Around Vleteren brought: 2 3.7 paks; 3 Sturmpanzers; Pz4D, 1st SE Pz3F, Somua, SE Grenadier, Oleh Dir.
In the South of Folquin: +3 Att Sturmpanzer, 10.5cm arty, +3 Att Pioniere, 12th Gerbisjager, and Pz3F.
These guys are going North to seize Grand Fort Philippe.
Here is my plan: My goal is to have 3 items, killed by Turn 3, 6 by turn 6, 11 by turn 9, and 17 by turn 12.
Each 3 rounds was conveniently broken out in 1 day of game time. Yay!

Here is how I chose to represent this:
Now that we have the majority of the British Expeditionary Force trapped around Dunkirk, the Brit’s are attempting to slink off before we can “capture” them. That is not very nice of them. ;)
Let’s take advantage of their disarray and seize this opportunity to capture lots of enemy equipment to use on the remaining French forces to the South.
We have not received any word from Central Command, but we are taking it of our own accord to surround and wipe out as much of the enemy as we can in 4 days. This may send many of their units into frenzy mode, but that is ok, they have nothing left that can hurt us now boys. :P

Battle Report Day 1 May 24th, 1940
During the fighting the 3rd Ju-87B was recognized with +2 Def hero.
Mid Day we were hampered by rain but continued to press on with the attack.
We were able to seize Saint-Folquin and pressuring Hondschoote and Vinkem.
The enemies counterattacks centered around the Southern river to try and flank our position and they also pushed around and south of Saint-Folquin. It was as if they were trying to breakthrough to escape.
Their counterattacks were able to take out our Submarine assaulting their Escaping transport boat’s, some serious damage to our green Bf-109e that we will need to repair on the next day, and some damage to our 3.7cm Pak battery.
In the first day we have already sunk 1 transport group and destroyed 2 evacuation trains.

Day 2 May 25th, 1940
This is the day that our assault really starts taking shape as we were able to seize Vinkem, Hondschoote, Wormhout and it’s airfield. We even were able to seize control of Grand Fort Phillipe.
We were also able to sink 2 more transport’s, 4 Destroyer’s, and even their Light Transport. Even able to destroy 2 additional evacuation trains. (I need to slow down as I only need 4 more item’s based on the count which includes the Light Cruiser, because the counter letting me know I am close came up after I sunk it.)
Enemy destroyed Schnelboote and damaged our 12th Gerbisjager Brigade.

Day 3 May 26th, 1940
Slowed down continued assault by only sinking 1 more transport and train.
Still pushed forward and able to seize Bray-Dunes, Veurne, Bierne, De Panne, and Bergues.
Because of the overwhelming force and seizure of enemy equipment were able to gather enough enemy units to form a Matilda 2 unit. 8)
Only real hardship was from another Spitfire wing messing with our unescorted Helmut Lent.

Day 4 May 27th, 1940
This last day was spent starting to push through the Strongpoints surrounding Dunkirk, as we were able to destroy 3 of them, and used our last round to take out everything but 1 transport and 1 train. Our eagerness to maximize damage did have a cost however as their AA guns did some damage to our fly boys as well as the hits from their strongpoints. Overall though we maximized damage in a 4 day span which garnered us yet another Decisive Victory.

All right Men! Well Done! You have earned some rest as we let the rest of our brothers in arms and leaders up top to pick up the pieces and prepare us for finishing off the French, in the meantime enjoy some much earned downtime and rnr. You will be called on again soon.

Decisive Victory ending with 15364 in prestige
I strongly recommend playing this one cautiously to maximize the destruction of the needed trains, destroyers, and transports so you can maximize the destruction and prestige you can earn on this mission. Since I am playing on this quicker Guderian mode I need to try and destroy as much as I can because I am not getting near the number of kills that I can rack up on Manstein, and I would like to acquire many 2 heroes as I can to make the cutoff needed once I go West that much of a tougher decision. ;)

Next will be Reims with 16614 to play with.

I am a busy little beaver today as I am also going to finish up typing my Dunkirk playthrough of Dunkirk, which I busted out early Easter morning, and finished up Easter evening after all of the fun festivities with the kiddos. Just the picture perfect Easter celebration.

I will be finishing up Guderian Reims, probably either tonight or tomorrow morning.
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Re: Grand Campaign West 39-45 Guderian

Post by goose_2 » Thu Apr 20, 2017 6:59 pm

Reims 1st Time

Starting prestige 16614 after replacements, upgraded, and Overstrengthening 14917.
Upgraded 1 3.7cm pak to a Panzerjaeger.

The goal initially was to push far on the sides and then pull up to the center. That was my initial thoughts, but ended up playing more traditionally by taking small forces on the flanks and pushing hard in the center, I am not sure what I will do on Manstein level, because in my mind it is more important for me to get that free Char B, then it is to bust my butt to try and secure a Decisive Victory. With that in mind I plan on swinging a strong enough force around the East to take Suppes on Manstein, because me thinks that if I try what I did on this playthrough that I will take significant losses. :oops:

Bringing in the air 3 Fighter’s inc Heinrich Bar, +3 Att Fighter, and greenish Fighter; also brought all 3 Bf-110D’s inc Helmut Lent.
Around Crecy-Sur-Serre in the West brought: 2 Sturmpanzers; 10.5cm arty; +3 Att Pioniere; Oleh Dir; 12th Gerbisjager; Pz4D, 1st SE Pz3F, Somua.
In the East around Poix-Terron brought: SE Grenadier; +3 Att Sturmpanzer and another Sturmpanzer, 2 10.5cm arty’s, Matilda 2, Albert Kerscher, Panzerjaeger, 8th and 31st Gerbisjager, and Pz3F.
Now this was not my first time so I now about the Counter attack around Vouziers, so my goal was to crush it quickly.
Let’s see how I did and how I chose to represent it for this playthrough.

All right Men! We have had a decent amount of rest and time to gear up for this next leg of the war. As expected the French continue to resist and have not come to the Armistice table even though they have been abandoned by their allies. Word has even come through the ranks that they have called up some of the old guard from the First World War in a vain attempt to recreate their miraculous defense of 1914, but this is a new era men. One where the German approach to combined force assault has replaced the old guard of create a defense and wait for the enemy to attack. This is our time and we shall demonstrate this by seizing Reims and all of the surrounding area. We are continuing to be able to utilize the enemies equipment against them. Let’s make this happen.

I split this into 4 phases split over 2 days.

Battle Report Day 1 June 9th, 1940 Morning Hours (1-4) (I shall try to give hints on what to expect in parenthesis.)
During the fighting the 1st SE Pz 3F was recognized with +1 Def hero. :? :cry: :(
Sun was the order of the hour which brought out the enemy air force during the first hour and last hour of the morning hours. (Seriously be prepared to handle their assault as you can set up some sweet traps to catch their air force by surprise, which I did not prepare for on this playthrough.)
We ended up taking damage from their bombs and strafes. :(
We were rush forward and able to seize Signy-lAbbaye, Chaumont-Porcien, Le Chesne, Sissonne, Laon, Corbeny, Attigny, and Rethel including its airfield.
(This is the key to triggering their Counterattack, once you acquire Attigny and Rethel, the enemy rushes forward to try and seize those areas. I did not let them on Guderian, but my plan is to let them on Manstein by moving in and moving out with a recon and then parking an 88 backed up with arty to decimate whatever unit seizes that area, as the enemy always attacks an adjacent unit whenever they re take a main objective area, it is a little known trick to trigger the enemy to unwisely attack a more powerful unit. The one problem I can see with this tactic, is that it will greatly slow down my central advance, but hopefully my flank attacks can be more powerful and more effective that way, 2nd is that this will mean I will not take that nicely placed central airfield next to Rethel.)

The enemy air attacks caught me off guard and ill prepared, which caused us to rush in some replacements for our Somua. They also unwisely tried to attack Albert Kerscher with a Char B. :lol: :roll:

Day 1 Afternoon Hours 6/09/1940 (5-8)
I am rushing forward faster and further than I expected. I am going to try and crush the counter attack coming up from the Vouziers region before the end of the day.
Not the best Scenario for heroes as 31st Gerbisjager and 19th Bf-110D both awarded with a +1 Attack Hero, 12th Gerbisjager awarded with a +1 Defensive Hero, but at least the 20th Bf-110D was awarded with a +3 Att hero. :twisted:

The enemy came out in full force as the 5th hour of battle found their tanks pressing on the 2nd Gerbisjager and reduced them to almost 1/3rd of their starting fighting strength. :evil:
However our boys in the air removed all enemy fighters from the battle in the 6th hour.
(Seriously, I underestimated the counter attack they were able to throw at me, and this helped me devise the different plan that I am going to try to implement on Manstein, but if you are playing this battle be cautious after taking Attigny and Rethel, because the enemy is fielding quite a large and potent force just waiting to spring on you.)
This constant pressure forced us to call up reserves for our boys in the 2nd Gerbisjager and our Pz4D Battalion.

Even though I was not able to completely eliminate the Counter attack they are floundering, and I was able to seize Brane, Neufchatel, Fismes, and even have seized 1 of the airfield’s next to Reims, as well as pressuring both Monthes and Berry-au-Bac.

Day 2 June 6th, 1940 Morning Hours (9-11)
Clouds begin to roll into our morning hours hampering our boys in the air’s effectiveness.
The plan is to seize everything North and East of the River La-Suippe to save the remainder of the objectives for the last 4 hours of the day.
30th Pz 4D awarded with a +1 Initiative Hero and 22nd Pz3F awarded with a +2 Attack Hero.
Seized Monthois, and airfield, Berry-au-Bac, Auberive, Witny-les-Reims, as well as most of Reims itself.
Only enemy attacks were in the 10th Round and they were all desperate attacks that were ineffective.
They have run out of steam. Now time to finish them off.

Day 2 June 6th, 1940 last afternoon hours (12-15)
4 hours to seize 3 Main Objectives and 1 important Secondary Objective.
1st Hour: Seized Reims.
2nd Hour: Seized Suppes and last airfield.
3rd Hour: Awarded Char B1 for seizing Suppes and also seized Mourmelon-le-Grand.
Last Hour: Seized Fere-en-Tardenos.

This battle had me worried for a moment men, when I saw the size of the force coming out at us, but we were able to push back and eliminate it with extreme prejudice. Now we have all needed objectives, and a moment for recovery, but this rest will not last long as we need to finish off our hated enemy once and for all. Well Done!

Decisive Victory ending with 16847 in prestige
I will hopefully trying to find time next week to attempt Dijon, as this weekend and next weekend I will be gone and unable to play. I am eager to keep this going and see if I can continue this aggressive approach into Russia.

Next will be Dijon with 17847 to play with.

I will be upgrading all Junkers to Ju-87R’s for fuel. I have 13 Rounds to do this next Round, my plan is to fly down 5 Fallschimjager’s down to seize Moulins and Bourg-en-Bresse. I need to move fast so bringing fast moving units and leaving behind Matilda 2.

Until then stay… Lutheran My Friends. ;)
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Re: Grand Campaign West 39-45 Guderian

Post by goose_2 » Mon May 01, 2017 9:20 pm

Dijon 1st Time

Starting prestige 17847 after replacements, upgraded, new Purchases, and Overstrengthening 16502.
Upgraded a;; JU-87B’s to R’s. Bought new Fallschimjager.
I have 13 Rounds to do this so speed will be of the essence.

The plan was to send all 5 Fallschimjager units south to seize Moulins to get the Char B-1.
Sending group on the right over to seize Nancy and then press South to meet up in Dijon.
Sending group on left just straight South until we can meet up with Right group in Dijon.

Bringing in the air all 5 Fallschimjager’s including +1 Def 3 star super star, 3 Fighter’s inc Heinrich Bar, +3 Att Fighter, and greenish Fighter; also brought 2 Bf-110D’s inc Helmut Lent and +3 Att.
Around Provins in the West brought: Sturmpanzer; 10.5cm arty; +3 Att Pioniere; 1st SE Pz3F +1 Def.
South of Vitry-le-Francois brought: Char B1, +2 Att Pz3F, 2 Sturmpanzer’s, 1 10.5cm arty, and Regular Inf.
In the East around Saint-Dizier brought: SE Grenadier; +3 Att Sturmpanzer and +1 Att Sturmpanzer, , Albert Kerscher, Somua, Oleh Dir.

Let’s see how I did and how I chose to represent it for this playthrough.

The rumors are true our Italian allies have finally shown up to the battle trying to push their way into French territory. Just like the Soviets did with Poland, Italy is kicking a wounded dog in hopes that this will grant them some negotiating power when armistice is surely signed. Our job is simple; take as much territory as possible before negotiations commence. Word is we have 5 days tops to get this done, so we are using our boys in the air to rush as far South as is operationally possible to get and seize all Southern Objectives. 5 days Men! Make them count.

I split this into 5 phases split over 5 days covered in time scale.

Battle Report Day 1 June 14th, 1940 (I shall try to give hints on what to expect in parenthesis.)
(Let me start by saying you only need to worry about 1 Bomber Potez and 1 Fighter type was not discerned as it ended up attacking my guarded Fallschimjager and 1 shotted it right out of the sky. :twisted: )
Morning hours had Sun but clouds came in hampering my air force’s effectiveness.
We were able to seize Troyes, Toul, as well as most of Nancy, also able to end the day by pressuring the rest of Nancy, Epinal, Sens, and Chaumont.
Their only attack came from weakened cavalry battalion coming to damage artillery units caught in their trucks. :oops:

(I am hopeful that we will be able to avoid some brazen attacks even on Manstein as we are facing a severely weakened enemy.)

Day 2 6/15/1940
2nd Day the plan is to surround Auxerre and Chatillon-sur-Seine, in the South need to seize Moulins, and in the East work south towards Vesoul.

The enemies only counter attack consisted of an AA battery taking down 2 of the planes flying with Helmut Lent.
(Seriously, the only units you really need to fear are the Somua located in Nancy, near Auxerre, and the accumulation of forces located around Dijon, other than that this is a cake walk.)
Seized the rest of Nancy, Chaumont, Sens, airfield near Moulins, Epinal and its airfield, Joigny, Saint-Florentin, Moulins, Nevers, Lexeuil-les-Bains, Langres, Vesoul, and even part of Auxerre.
This routing is proving even greater than I could have hoped as our Fallschimjager boys found enough abandoned Char B’s located in Moulins to man them into a new Battalion, that is being used to seize the Southern objectives.

Day 3 June 16th, 1940
Sun continues to shine on all of our plans as the continued shattering of everything coming before us is making this too easy
The plan is to push towards pressuring Dijon itself from both sides, as well as hopefully be able to seize Bourg-en-Bresse.
Seized Auxerre and its airfield, Chatillon-sur-Seine, Avallon, and finally Bourg-en-Bresse.
The enemy was able to pull together a heavy Counter attack on the Fallschimjager Battalion pressuring Chalon-sur-Saone, so we needed to fly in replacements to bolster the 4th and 3rd Fallschimjager Brigade.
The enemy also was able to throw an unexpected attack at our SE Grenadier’s caught in their trucks that came from Besancon.
Before the day was done we were able to keep pressure on Chalon-sur-Saone, Dijon, and even Besancon itself.

Day 4 June 17th, 1940
The goals for this day are simple seize Chalon-sur-Saone and Dijon as we will be saving the last hours of the 5th day to seize Besancon.
We in fact seized Chalon-sur-Saone, Beaune, all of Dijon , and its airfield.
The only counter attacks came from an AA battery nicking our 3rd Fighter Wing as well as an artillery battery hitting our artillery battery.

Day 5 June 18th, 1940 Morning Only
We have only this morning to seize Besancon, but seeing as they are about to feel the full wrath of the entire Wehrmacht this should not be a problem. Seized this final objective easily, for a Decisive Victory!

All Right men, we can relax as we have done what our fathers could not have dreamed back in 1914. We have overcome all of the remaining French forces and have earned some much earned time of re…, what is this?
Oh wait! You have got to be kidding me. Are you sure? All right it will be done sir!
Ok this has just come in, even though the French are clearly done and the resistance is crushed everywhere there remains one more area of resistance.
Men it is time to boarder the trains to be reassigned back to the Maginot Line where there is still an ongoing resistance that needs to be quelled.

Decisive Victory ending with 18382 in prestige
I hope to get some time to start this on Manstein, maybe tonight, but at the very least this weekend.

Next will be Maginot Line with 19082 to play with.

I checked and I finished 1940 on my Field Marshall playthrough with 24000 in prestige and 55 units. I am spending much more liberally in Guderian, but Manstein is going to tough once I get to 44 and 45. :oops:
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Re: Grand Campaign West 39-45 Guderian

Post by goose_2 » Fri May 05, 2017 8:18 pm

Maginot Line 1st Time

Starting prestige 19082 after replacements and Overstrengthening 18336.

I have 11 Rounds to do this so going hard and fast.

Bringing in the air 2 Fallschimjager’s including +1 Def 3 star super star, 2 Fighter’s inc Heinrich Bar, +3 Att Fighter; also brought 2 Bf-110D’s inc Helmut Lent and +3 Att; and 2 Henkels.
Around Nancy brought: SE Grenadier; 4 Sturmpanzer’s including +1 Att; 2 Char B1’s; 88; Matilda 2; Panzerjaeger; and Albert Kerscher.
In the West around Saint-Mikiel brought: +3 Att Pioniere, Oleh Dir; +3 Att Sturmpanzer and 10.5cm arty; 1st SE Pz3F +1 Def, Somua, and 3.7cm Pak.

Let’s see how I did and how I chose to represent it for this playthrough.

This is unbelievable! It is truly ironic that we are now at the end of this Campaign finishing off these last remaining enemy units who have holed up in what they had hoped would prevent us from even considering ever invading them again. The Maginot Line. Do not underestimate the power of the guns now aimed at us my Brothers. These are going to be difficult days ahead to try and crack this nut, but crack it we will. We have been given 3 days. Let’s make each of them count.

I split this into 3 phases split over 3 days covered in time scale.

Battle Report Day 1 June 21st, 1940 (I shall try to give hints on what to expect in parenthesis.)
The plan is to push North and West to seize everything and then turn to Metz with force around Saint-Mikiel.
With Force East going East to seize everything and moving toward Metz last.
Sun shined brightly on the entire first day of attacks, we used this to our advantage.
We were able to seize Lienville, Verdun, Pont-a-Mouson, Dieuze, Bouzonville, Sainte-Marie-aux-Chenes; and 3 Fortifications.
I was able to destroy several Strongholds and 2 Minor Forts; I am even able to begin pressuring one of the Big Forts.
The only enemy attacks were from their artillery units and Big Forts.

(I am not sure how I will be able to handle those Guns of those Overstrengthened Forts on Manstein, I will definitely be bringing 4 Strat Bombers to try and bleed them of their ammo, and use Pioniere’s and 88’s to rape as much of them as I can, but Metz will be extremely tough.)

Day 2 June 22nd/1940
2nd Day the plan is to finish push to the East toward Saverne, but I have already brought most of my forces West towards Metz; and seize everything West of Moselle River along with destroying both Eastern and Western 15 Str Forts.
During the First Morning Hours our units rushed forward to overwhelm the big guns of both the Eastern and Western Forts.
The enemies only counter attack’s were again from artillery units and Forts, which can be very damaging to vulnerable units.
The Somua in the East around Saverne came and brought some pain to our boys manning the captured Char B1’s. Their Forts especially around Metz along with their artillery big guns hit our 33rd Sturmpanzer units, and 5th 3.7 pak battery, and last rounds hit our 6th battery of artillery.
Seized the rest of Thionville, Longuyon, Vinton, Faulquemont, Sarrebourg, and even beginning to pressure Southern Metz. We were also able to seize 12 other Fortification areas.
This leaves only Metz and Saverne in the East left to conquer.

Day 3 June 23rd, 1940
Sun continues to shine on all of our plans as the continued shattering of everything coming before us is making this too easy.
The plan these last hours are to press in on Metz and seize everything to the East.
Early Morning Hours were spent seizing control of the Metz airfield along with last Fortification West of the Moselle River.
Late Morning hours had me finishing off most everything around Metz and poised to seize that and in the East seized Saverne
The last hours of the battle I destroyed everything else on the map and seized control of everything.
Before the day was done we were able to keep pressure on Chalon-sur-Saone, Dijon, and even Besancon itself.

Decisive Victory ending with 20348 in prestige
This was super fast and much easier than I remembered. I finished with 4,000 less than I did on my Field Marshall run and I have been spending like it does not matter.
I am not sure why people have trouble accumulating prestige in this game. :?
I will lay out my army that I am taking into 1941 next time.

Here are the final words of my fictional commander.

You have not let me down and have restored the pride of Germany by your actions the past few months. Now we can rest and relax as I am sure our remaining enemy Britain will soon be at the Negotiating table to move past the idea of continuing this war now that they no longer have any foothold on Europe to speak of. We have done well and can now enjoy the fruits of our labors. Dismissed!
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Re: Grand Campaign West 39-45 Guderian

Post by hurly » Sat May 06, 2017 12:34 am

here are the replays
(17.04.2017) Reims, Turn 15 1st
(70.69 KiB) Downloaded 157 times
(30.04.2017) Dijon, Turn 13 1st
(73.04 KiB) Downloaded 167 times

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Re: Grand Campaign West 39-45 Guderian

Post by goose_2 » Thu May 11, 2017 4:32 pm

Here is the Guderian Army Imported into 1941 48 units 21148 prestige

First off I am getting screwed with SE Units, as I have only been awarded 2 through my first 2 years of this playthrough. I have never had this happen before, and I am not sure if this is part of playing Guderian or just part of my bad luck. (I want tanks, but at this point I just need units) :oops:
Units that I am considering making the cut Once I start 1942 are bolded, the number again is 9 I can take into 1942

12 Total Infantry
This is 1 less than in Field Marshall run
1 Regular Inf with 2 Stars
5 Fallschimjager: 3 with 0 stars, 1 with 2 stars, 1 with 3 stars and +1 Def hero
4 Gerbisjager: 2 Stars Oleh Dir; +1 Def 2 Stars; +1 Att 2 Stars; +1 Initiative 2 Stars
1 Pioniere +3 Att 2 Stars
1 SE Grenadier 2 Stars (I am hoping that I will be able to sell him off because I have been awarded with tanks, but I am probably going to have to take him along for the ride.) :oops:

9 tanks
This matches my Field Marshall playthrough
3 captured French tanks only the Somua +1 Spotting with 2 stars and 2 Char B-1’s with 1 star
+1 Def Pz38(t)a
+2 Att Pz3F 3 Stars (I am considering if they get a super awesome 2nd hero, maybe :roll:
+1 Initiative Pz4D 2 stars
Albert Kerscher 3 Stars
Matilda 2 2 Stars
SE Pz3F +1 Def 2 Stars (I would have liked a better 1st Hero, but I will take what I can get now with my SE tanks

1 2 star recon without a hero

2 AT units without a hero
1 3.7cm Pak 3 Stars (Since I am experimenting I will upgrade to a 5cm to play around with that unit to see how it plays)
1 Panzerjaeger 2 Stars

8 artys
4 less than my Field Marshall playthrough
All with 3 Stars
3 10.5cm artys
5 Sturmpanzers including 1 with +1 Att and another with +3 Attack (I am considering taking this +3 Att arty into the cut off

2 AA units
1 with 2 Stars 1 with 3 Stars

5 Fighters
1 less fighter than my Field Marshall Playthrough
4 with 3 stars and 1 with 2 stars, Heinrich Bar 1 with +3 Attack hero (I will have to get a great 2nd hero like +3 Def in order to consider using him for the cut), 1 with +2 Def and 1 with +1 def hero.

7 tac bombers
Recon Rudel with 1 Star (Waiting for Minsk)
Helmut Lent (I will need to get a pretty crappy 2nd Hero to keep him off the list)
3 +1 Att heros
1 +2 Def hero
1 +3 Att (Have to get a great 2nd hero)

2 Strat Bombers both with 3 stars

This means I am considering 9 heroes that are already on this list, but I still haven’t received Uber Rudel, Helmut Wirnsberger, Heinz Rondorf, or Otto Kittel. So 2nd heroes are going to be key to my decision.

I have finished The Maginot Line on Manstein on my 2nd try, those 88’s were the key, they are beasts on the field. +1 Movement is the absolute best 1st hero for 88’s.

I hope to get time to type up the report tomorrow and I wrote down where my Afrika Korps Army is at this stage of the war. I have 4 Scenarios left and I have some thoughts on what to do with my remaining prestige after I purchased replacements, but I will post to get your thoughts. (You guys are my best advisors)

Blessings to you and yours this Easter Season.
He is Risen!
He is Risen, indeed! Hallelujah! :mrgreen:
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