Field of Glory II 'Table Top Mod' - AVAILABLE NOW!

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Field of Glory II 'Table Top Mod' - AVAILABLE NOW!

Post by Daniele » Wed Jan 10, 2018 10:29 am

The player base of Field of Glory II has proved to be very creative and willing since the release of the game, and numerous mods have been created over time expanding the original content tremendously.

The Community Content for Field of Glory II has now been further enriched with the release of the comprehensive 'TT' (or Tabletop Mod) from Paul Adaway. This is for both FoG II and Immortal Fire (although the latter is not required to use this mod)

IMPORTANT! Please update the game to version 1.1.7 in order to properly play the TT Mod

Paul gives full details below but his 'magnus opus' includes approx. 80 new or modified army lists and in keeping with its miniatures based inspiration many new unit figures e.g. nearly all nations have their own specific pike phalanx, there are amended Greek cavalry, a plethora of new Spanish infantry units and one of my favourites – the Tarantine Light Javelin Horse. In all there are upwards of 140 new or modified unit textures in this mod!
For those of you would like to try this mod but are unsure about its impact on the game, rest assured that Paul has not amended the gameplay, rules or unit capabilities in anyway – its focus is on giving players a wider range of armies to choose from and units to play with


Special thanks are of course due to Paul for putting this together and then making it freely available.

We'd also like to extend special thanks to Stephen Hales (of Little Big Men Studios) for allowing the use of his miniatures shield designs in this mod. Those of you who would like to use his designs with your miniature armies should check out his website :


- Please note that you need FoG II v1.1.7 or later to use this mod.
- Although Immortal Fire isn't required to use the mod, a player who does not own Immortal Fire will not be able to set up custom battles or campaigns using army lists from the Immortal Fire period. (Including those made by Paul). However, they would be able to accept MP challenges set up by someone who does own Immortal Fire

This mod greatly expands the units in Field of Glory 2. I am calling it the TT Mod. “TT” because I have got most of my inspiration from the original Field of Glory Table Top army lists. I have added back into the lists a lot of the units from the tabletop version that were left out of the PC version of the game. The mod will come in two forms, a sandbox campaign and a skirmish module (with SP and MP versions).
Nearly all nations have their own specific Pike Phalanx. I have created lots of extra Heavy and Light Cavalry units to replace the ubiquitous vanilla versions. Unfortunately I have no 3D modelling skills, but a lot can be done with new textures, new alpha layers and modding the animation/effects unit.txt files.
I have not modded game play in any way. All unit stats are consistent with the vanilla game. I was tempted to put in my Elephant mod, that I have used in some of my scenarios (i.e. Apollonia), but at the moment it is not included. If I get positive feedback about it, I may add it in later.
This is what is new in the mod:
New army lists:
"Indian (Royal) 500 BC – 180 BC",
"Indian (Royal)179 BC – 319 AD",
"Indian (Republican) 500 BC – 180 BC",
"Indian (Republican) 179 BC – 319 AD",
The vanilla Indian list has been split into 4, the Republican armies having no elephants, and the early lists having no light horse archers.
“Georgian 331 BC – 252 AD”,
The vanilla Iberian list has been renamed as Georgian to stop confusion with the “Spanish” Iberians, who now have their own list.
“Iberian 300-10 BC”,
“Celtiberian 300-10 BC”,
“Lusitanian 300-10 BC”,
The Spanish list has been split into the three main tribal groups.
"Pyrrhic (in Italy) 280-272 BC",
"Pyrrhic (in Greece) 280-272 BC",
The Pyrrhic list has been split into two.
“Achaian League 280-209 BC”,
“Achaian League 208-147 BC”,
“Achaian League 146-146 BC”,
“Aetolian 280-146 BC”,
“Boiotian League 280-271 BC”,
“Boiotian League 270-246 BC”,
“Boiotian League 245-146 BC”,
“Athenian 280-146 BC”,
“Eleian 280-146 BC”,
“Spartan 280-228 BC”,
“Spartan 227-222 BC”,
“Spartan 221-146 BC”,
The Hellenistic Greek lists have been split into several state specific lists.
“Gallic Lowland Tribes 300-201 BC”,
“Gallic Lowland Tribes 200-101 BC”,
“Gallic Hill Tribes 300-201 BC”,
“Gallic Hill Tribes 200-101 BC”,
“Gallic Lowland Tribes 100-50 BC”,
“Gallic Hill Tribes 100-50 BC”,
“Gallic Lowland Tribes 390-301 BC”,
“Gallic Hill Tribes 390-301 BC”,
The Gallic lists have been split into separate ones for lowland and hill tribes.
“Galatian 280-279 BC”,
“Galatian 278-228 BC”,
“Galatian 227-63 BC”,
The Early Galatian list has been split into three era specific lists.
“Graeco-Bactrian 250-211 BC”,
“Graeco-Bactrian 210-130 BC”,
The Graeco-Bactrian list has been split into two era specific lists.
“Carthaginian 235-201 BC”,
“Carthaginian 200-146 BC”,
The late Carthaginian list has been split into a Second Punic War and Post Second Punic War list.
“Kushan 130 BC – 24 AD”,
“Kushan 25 AD – 476 AD”,
The Kushan list has been split into two era specific lists.
“Indo-Skythian 95 BC – 24 AD”,
“Indo-Skythian 25 BC – 50 AD”,
The Indo-Skythian list has been split into two era specific lists.
"Parthian (Saka campaign) 129 BC – 129 BC",
The Parthian Saka campaign gets it's own list.
“Athenian 550 BC – 461 BC”,
“Corinthian 550 BC – 461 BC”,
“Boiotian League 550 BC – 461 BC”,
“Aetolian 550 BC – 461 BC”,
“Akarnanian 550 BC – 461 BC”,
“Phokian 550 BC – 461 BC”,
“Syracusan 550 BC – 461 BC”,
"Greek (Western) 550 BC – 461 BC",
"Greek (Asiatic) 550 BC – 461 BC",
“Athenian 460 BC – 381 BC”,
“Corinthian 460 BC – 381 BC”,
“Boiotian League 460 BC – 381 BC”,
“Aetolian 460 BC – 381 BC”,
“Akarnanian 460 BC – 381 BC”,
“Phokian 460 BC – 381 BC”,
“Syracusan 460 BC – 413 BC”,
"Greek (Western) 460 BC – 381 BC",
"Greek (Asiatic) 460 BC – 381 BC",
“Athenian 380 BC – 281 BC”,
“Corinthian 380 BC – 281 BC”,
“Boiotian League 380 BC – 281 BC”,
“Aetolian 380 BC – 281 BC”,
“Akarnanian 380 BC – 281 BC”,
“Phokian 380 BC – 281 BC”,
"Greek (Western) 380 BC – 281 BC",
"Greek (Asiatic) 380 BC – 281 BC",
The Classical Greek lists have been split into several state specific lists.
“Carthaginian 550-411 BC”,
Extended Early Carthaginian list back to 550 BC.
“Spartan 461-381 BC”,
“Spartan 380-281 BC”,
I have split the late Spartan list into two.
“Seleucid 300-280 BC”,
“Seleucid 279-206 BC”,
“Ptolemaic 320-280 BC”,
“Ptolemaic 279-167 BC”,
“Macedonian 320-280 BC”,
“Macedonian 279-261 BC”,
The early Seleucid, Ptolemaic and Macedonian lists have been split into pre and post 280 BC lists. To reflect a number of changes that happened around that date: availability of Celtic mercenaries, shielded heavy cavalry, Thureophoroi replacing Iphikratean Hoplites.
"Spartan (2nd Invasion Peloponnese) 369-368 BC",
The Spartan army at the time of the 2nd invasion of the Peloponnese gets its own list with Spanish and Celtic troops provided by Syracuse.
"Achaemenid Persian (Gaugamela) 331-331 BC",
"Achaemenid Persian (Bessos) 329-329 BC",
Two new campaign specific lists for the Achaemenid Persians.
"Syracusan (Agathokles in Africa) 310-307 BC",
A new campaign specific list for Syracuse.
“Eumenes 321-316 BC”,
A new army list for Eumenes.
"Greek (Xenophon) 401-399 BC",
A new army list for Xenophon's March of the Ten Thousand.

Some changes to vanilla side names, and 15 new ones added. In some cases giving unique side names to some vanilla armies that share with other nations in the vanilla game:
IDS_SIDENAME_603,“Achaian League”,
Some existing units have been renamed, of these the two Greek cavalry units have new textures:
IDS_UNITNAME18, “Numidian Light Javelin Horse”,
IDS_UNITNAME21, “Gallic Armoured Cavalry”,
IDS_UNITNAME34, “Iberian Scutarii”,
IDS_UNITNAME38, “Veteran Greek Armoured Cavalry”,
IDS_UNITNAME104, “Greek Armoured Cavalry”,
New units, the vast majority with new textures:
IDS_UNITNAME401, “Italian Armoured Cavalry”,
IDS_UNITNAME402, “Italian Citizen Hoplites”,
IDS_UNITNAME403, “Eastern Irregular Foot”,
IDS_UNITNAME404, “Eastern Light Javelinmen”,
IDS_UNITNAME405, “Eastern Massed Archers”,
IDS_UNITNAME406, “Eastern Light Archers”,
IDS_UNITNAME407, “Eastern Light Javelin Horse”,
IDS_UNITNAME408, “Ligurian Spearmen”,
IDS_UNITNAME409, “Apulian Cavalry”,
IDS_UNITNAME410, “Italian Veteran Armoured Cavalry”,
IDS_UNITNAME411, “Tarantine Light Javelin Horse”,
IDS_UNITNAME412, “Illyrian Spearmen”,
IDS_UNITNAME413, “Thracian Armored Cavalry”,
IDS_UNITNAME414, “Macedon Chalkaspides Phalanx”,
IDS_UNITNAME415, “Macedon Peltastai Phalanx”,
IDS_UNITNAME416, “Macedon Agema Phalanx”,
IDS_UNITNAME417, “Macedon Guard Xystophoroi”,
IDS_UNITNAME418, “Seleucid Chalkaspides Phalanx”,
IDS_UNITNAME419, “Seleucid Argyraspides Phalanx”,
IDS_UNITNAME420, “Seleucid Xystophoroi”,
IDS_UNITNAME421, “Agema Cavalry”,
IDS_UNITNAME422, “Companions”,
IDS_UNITNAME423, “Ptolemaic Regular Pike Phalanx”,
IDS_UNITNAME424, “Ptolemaic Agema Phalanx”,
IDS_UNITNAME425, “Ptolemaic Xystophoroi”,
IDS_UNITNAME426, “Mercenary Galatian Warband”,
IDS_UNITNAME427, “Ptolemaic Guard Cavalry”,
IDS_UNITNAME428, “Egyptian Levy Pike Phalanx”,
IDS_UNITNAME429, “Hispanic Heavy Cavalry”,
IDS_UNITNAME430, “Hispanic Light Cavalry”,
IDS_UNITNAME431, “Celtiberian Warband”,
IDS_UNITNAME432, “Caetrati light javelinmen”,
IDS_UNITNAME433, “Heavy Caetrati”,
IDS_UNITNAME434, “Pontic Levy Pike Phalanx”,
IDS_UNITNAME435, “Tarantine Pike Phalanx”,
IDS_UNITNAME436, “Pyrrhic Agema Cavalry”,
IDS_UNITNAME437, “Pyrrhic Pike Phalanx”,
IDS_UNITNAME438, “African Light Javelinmen”,
IDS_UNITNAME439, “Libyphoenician Armoured Cavalry”,
IDS_UNITNAME440, “Euzonoi light javelinmen”,
IDS_UNITNAME441, “Greek Pike Phalanx”,
IDS_UNITNAME442, “Early Cataphracts”,
IDS_UNITNAME443, “Armenian Levy Pike Phalanx”,
IDS_UNITNAME444, "Raw Hastati/Principes",
IDS_UNITNAME445, “Pedites Extraordinarii”,
IDS_UNITNAME446, “Roman Armoured Cavalry”,
IDS_UNITNAME447, “Soldurii”,
IDS_UNITNAME448, “Gaesatae”,
IDS_UNITNAME449, “Bactrian Light Horse”,
IDS_UNITNAME450, “Graeco Bactrian Pike Phalanx”,
IDS_UNITNAME451, “Iranian Lancers”,
IDS_UNITNAME452, “Graeco Bactrian Xystophoroi”,
IDS_UNITNAME453, “Graeco Bactrian Cataphracts”,
IDS_UNITNAME454, “Spartan Pike Phalanx”,
IDS_UNITNAME455, “Freed Slave Pike Phalanx”,
IDS_UNITNAME456, “Numidian Foot”,
IDS_UNITNAME457, “Libyan Foot”,
IDS_UNITNAME458, “Civic Militia Light Javelin Horse”,
IDS_UNITNAME459, “Seleucid Cataphracts”,
IDS_UNITNAME460, “Indo Greek Armoured Cavalry”,
IDS_UNITNAME461, “Indo Greek Pike Phalanx”,
IDS_UNITNAME462, “Cretan Levy Foot”,
IDS_UNITNAME463, “Nubian Mercenary Cavalry”,
IDS_UNITNAME464, “Graeco Bactrian Pike Phalanx”,
IDS_UNITNAME465, “Chalybes Spearmen”,
IDS_UNITNAME466, “Pontic Chalkaspides Phalanx”,
IDS_UNITNAME467, "Germanic Warband (Loose Order)",
IDS_UNITNAME468, "Germanic Warband (Close Order)",
IDS_UNITNAME469, “Galatian Warband”,
IDS_UNITNAME470, “Pontic Imitation Legionaries”,
IDS_UNITNAME471, “Macedonian Armoured Cavalry”,
IDS_UNITNAME472, “Macedonian Guard Cavalry”,
IDS_UNITNAME473, “Macedon Leukaspides Phalanx”,
IDS_UNITNAME474, “Ex Seleucid Pike Phalanx”,
IDS_UNITNAME475, “Freed Helot Pike Phalanx”,
IDS_UNITNAME476, “Arab Light Javelin Horse”,
IDS_UNITNAME477, “Perioikoi Hoplites”,
IDS_UNITNAME478, “Spartiatai Hoplites”,
IDS_UNITNAME479, “Gladiators”,
IDS_UNITNAME480, “Persian Heavy Chariots”,
IDS_UNITNAME481, “Phrygian Foot”,
IDS_UNITNAME482, “Phrygian light javelinmen”,
IDS_UNITNAME483, “Raw Hoplites”,
IDS_UNITNAME484, “Lydian Raw Hoplites”,
IDS_UNITNAME485, “Lydian Light Cavalry”,
IDS_UNITNAME486, “Lydian Light Chariots”,
IDS_UNITNAME487, “Thracian Swordsmen”,
IDS_UNITNAME488, “Citizen Hoplites”,
IDS_UNITNAME489, “Greek Cavalry”,
IDS_UNITNAME490, “Armoured Spartiatai Hoplites”,
IDS_UNITNAME491, “Spartiatai Hoplites”,
IDS_UNITNAME492, “Saka Foot”,
IDS_UNITNAME493, “Phoenician Marines”,
IDS_UNITNAME494, “Armoured Theban Hoplites”,
IDS_UNITNAME495, “Theban Sacred Band Hoplites”,
IDS_UNITNAME496, “Theban Hoplites”,
IDS_UNITNAME497, “Theban Pike Phalanx”,
IDS_UNITNAME498, “Carthaginian Sacred Band”,
IDS_UNITNAME499, “Poeni Cavalry”,
IDS_UNITNAME500, “Italian Mercenary Hoplites”,
IDS_UNITNAME501, “1st Class Roman Spearmen”,
IDS_UNITNAME502, "2nd & 3rd Class Roman Spearmen",
IDS_UNITNAME503, “Mixed Class Roman Spearmen”,
IDS_UNITNAME504, “4th Class Roman Foot”,
IDS_UNITNAME505, “Roman Cavalry”,
IDS_UNITNAME506, “1st Class Latin Spearmen”,
IDS_UNITNAME507, "2nd & 3rd Class Latin Spearmen",
IDS_UNITNAME508, “Mixed Class Latin Spearmen”,
IDS_UNITNAME509, “4th Class Latin Foot”,
IDS_UNITNAME510, “Italian Cavalry”,
IDS_UNITNAME511, “1st Class Etruscan Spearmen”,
IDS_UNITNAME512, "2nd & 3rd Class Etruscan Spearmen",
IDS_UNITNAME513, “Mixed Class Etruscan Spearmen”,
IDS_UNITNAME514, “Etruscan Cavalry”,
IDS_UNITNAME515, “Devoted Foot Spearmen”,
IDS_UNITNAME516, “Etruscan Light Chariots”,
IDS_UNITNAME517, “Etruscan Axemen”,
IDS_UNITNAME518, “Crescent Shield Spearmen”,
IDS_UNITNAME519, “Greek Light Javelin Horse”,
IDS_UNITNAME520, “Iphikratean Hoplites”,
IDS_UNITNAME521, “Theban Sacred Band Hoplites”,
IDS_UNITNAME522, “Italian Veteran Armoured Cavalry”,
IDS_UNITNAME523, “Italian Citizen Hoplites”,
IDS_UNITNAME524, “Guard Apple Bearers”,
IDS_UNITNAME525, “Persian Guard Lancers”,
IDS_UNITNAME526, “Illyrian light javelinmen”,
IDS_UNITNAME527, “Spartan Armoured Cavalry”,
IDS_UNITNAME528, “Rowers disguised as Hoplites ”,
IDS_UNITNAME529, “Foot Companions Phalanx”,
IDS_UNITNAME530, “Hypaspists Phalanx”,
IDS_UNITNAME531, “Companion Cavalry”,
IDS_UNITNAME532, “Agema Cavalry”,
IDS_UNITNAME533, “Thessalian Armoured Cavalry”,
IDS_UNITNAME534, “Agrianian Light Javelinmen”,
IDS_UNITNAME535, “Accensi”,
IDS_UNITNAME536, “2nd Class Etruscan Pilum Foot”,
IDS_UNITNAME537, “3rd Class Etruscan Pilum Foot”,
IDS_UNITNAME538, “Antigonid Pantodapoi Phalanx”,
IDS_UNITNAME539, “Lysimachid Pantodapoi Phalanx”,
IDS_UNITNAME540, “Antigonid Veteran Phalanx”,
IDS_UNITNAME541, “Lysimachid Veteran Phalanx”,
IDS_UNITNAME542, “Eumenes Pantodapoi Phalanx”,
IDS_UNITNAME543, “Eumenes Veteran Phalanx”,
IDS_UNITNAME544, “Eumenes Argyraspides Phalanx”,
IDS_UNITNAME545, “Hypaspists Phalanx”,

Known Issues:
Some of the new units use modded or swapped unit.txt files that don't quite match the animations of the 3D models, causing slight jumps in the animation if you look closely. This effects the Euzonoi, the new Galatian warbands and a few others. Also the Euzonoi do not actually throw javelins.
The Persian Guard Lancers and Apple Bearers, Crescent shield Spearmen, Etruscan Axemen, Ind-Greek Heavy cavalry, Etruscan Chariot, Lydian Chariot, and Persian Chariot models and textures are all currently “placeholder”
The new Roman banners usually start the scenario “full length”, the alpha layer then kicks in, sometimes when you zoom into them, and then it is fine for the rest of the scenario.


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Re: Field of Glory II 'Table Top Mod' - AVAILABLE NOW!

Post by 76mm » Wed Jan 10, 2018 2:06 pm

This looks great and sounds cool, but I really don't understand what effects it will have on gameplay...

Will I be able to play standard MP games if I install this mod? Are there going to be separate MP leagues, etc with this mod, or what is the point of installing it for those of us who have never played the tabletop game?

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Re: Field of Glory II 'Table Top Mod' - AVAILABLE NOW!

Post by rbodleyscott » Wed Jan 10, 2018 3:40 pm

76mm wrote:This looks great and sounds cool, but I really don't understand what effects it will have on gameplay...
None, apart from variant army lists.
Will I be able to play standard MP games if I install this mod?
Yes. The standard mod system in FOG2 quarantines mods so they don't affect other stuff. (Global Mods are different, but we have not yet made any of those available).
Are there going to be separate MP leagues, etc with this mod, or what is the point of installing it for those of us who have never played the tabletop game?
You can put up MP challenges using the mod and they can be picked up by other plays who also have the mod installed.

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Re: Field of Glory II 'Table Top Mod' - AVAILABLE NOW!

Post by Hendricus » Sat Jan 13, 2018 8:42 am

Those units look great.

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Re: Field of Glory II 'Table Top Mod' - AVAILABLE NOW!

Post by Vargas78 » Sun Jan 14, 2018 9:56 pm

Wow, a lot of content there!

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