Check Your 6 brings you in the middle of the World War II battles, with a turn-based strategy game that carries the spirit of the dogfights.
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Post by nats » Thu Mar 15, 2018 1:48 pm

Well it looks sort of ok. But do those planes represent a flight or an individual plane? We had loads of planes in Rowans Battle of Britain Wings of Valour game and it was superb but if they are individual planes then the skies are far too empty. I presume as this is a strategic/tactical game that they are flights not separate planes.

Also cant say I am enamoured by the graphics much - too gloomy and dark. Especially for bright August English days. Needs to be attractive to play.

the main issue with the BoB is its a very limited conflict that could only go two ways - either the Germans carry on hitting airfields and win, or they dont like they did historically and the British win. I found this with Rowans simulation game that although it interesting to do the flying in the end the result will generally always be pretty much the same. Its not like there is much variation likely. Now if you provided extra air battles like Pacific, Vietnam, Stalingrad, Korea, possibly some WW3 ones now that might be more interesting.
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Re: Hmmm

Post by Solaristics » Fri Mar 16, 2018 2:46 pm

nats wrote: Also cant say I am enamoured by the graphics much - too gloomy and dark. Especially for bright August English days. Needs to be attractive to play.
Mate, which England do you live in? I'm moving to Pocklington.

Although, I do find the graphics on the preview videos a bit, I don't know, harsh perhaps ... its the primary red and blue overlays and the white stalks and hex borders. Needs more shading or something.

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Re: Hmmm

Post by Damascus » Fri Mar 16, 2018 4:12 pm

Green planes flying over green fields in scenario one makes it difficult for me. Too many icons and things clutter the screen. Can't figure out what many mean. Example: scenario shows oblong box with ABCDEF and a yellow star on the left. E is red, B & C are blue. What does all that mean? Stands are useless in flight but desirable during setup. At least options are available during play. Yoke lets you climb by pulling back but not dive (I know you can use numbers on right, which are easier). Yoke also has dots for each possible location of yoke but some are dark and some light. What's that? Yoke sometimes has switches saying "pilot reaction" and "+1 hex." Rules mention altitude bands (CAB & TAL). The number on the aircraft readout is the CAB (I think), but what about the TAL? What are these? And where did you find the answers? Happy to go there myself and look. Rules mention QRC card, where is that? Rules mention setting up formations, how? Game needs seriously more documentation.

I'd like to see: 1) Easier recognition of which plane's turn it is to move. When several are close together the diamond above the plane is not a clear indicator. 2) A yellow box around the current plane in the list on the side instead of the pale color it is now. 3) Planes suffer damage even when there is no shooting (lucky hits?). Impossible to tell which plane is hurting. Perhaps British damages should be in blue while German are in red? 4) As others have said, some sort of scenario generator. 5) The ability to finish a scenario already won (or lost).

So far, for version 1.0, this has a great deal of promise. Keep working on it.

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